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Weekly Assignment, Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Ideas (Week of November 10th)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,

We can't even imagine what it will be like...

I think unless we have lived through it, we cannot imagine what it would be like to live through a natural disaster or emergency situation! Watching and hearing about the devastation from Katrina (2005) and Sandy (2012) Hurricanes (USA), from the Japan earthquake and Tsunami (2011) and many others we just do not totally understand what they went through. Even speaking with those who have, we still do not really know what it is like until we have personally lived through it. We have a daughter who lives in a small town just outside of Joplin USA and was headed home from church in Joplin USA when the 2011 EF5 tornado hit. We had a son who was serving a mission for our church when the category 5 Hurricane Mitch hit Honduras in 1998, setting the country back 50 years per the Honduras President. Even with them sharing their experiences we still do not really understand how the devastation they experienced effected their lives. (These places are still recovering from the devastation that hit these area!)

Only until you live through something like this do you really understand. This is why we need to learn from others experiences and be as prepared as we can before a natural disaster or devastating event personally effects our lives. It does not have to be a natural disaster, it could be the loss of a job, a major health issue that keeps us from providing for our family, loss of our home, anything that would take away our way of living. What would you do if you were without the basics we are so use to, food, clean drinking water, shelter, electricity, heat, a way to cook, medical help, emergency help, your city infrastructure? What would you do, could you take care of yourself and your family on your own for weeks, maybe even months?

We just need to start...

So many people say I just do not know where to start, it is so overwhelming!

Just start by setting a goal of how much food, drinking water and emergency supplies you want to store, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, a year. Start by adding extra cans and packages of food your family will eat each time you go grocery shopping. Before you know it you will have meet your goal and set another goal to add more. One woman in my church mentioned how her mother had set aside extra cans of food each week, and when the time came that they needed it, it was there to provide food for her family.

It just takes starting by adding one or two cans of food each week! Do not worry about the long-term food storage (dehydrated and freeze-dried) until you have the basics for your family.

Weekly Assignment: Family Emergency Bag

A few weeks ago we started working on our Family Emergency Bag. This bag, either a sports bag or backpack, is kept in your car(s).  If  you need to evacuate it needs to be taken along with your family's 72
Hour Individual Emergency Preparedness Backpacks we worked on this year. If you have not completed one for each family member go back to the December 30, 2012 posting and follow through until you have complete a backpack for each family member in your household. You only need one Family Emergency Bag, possibly one for each family car in case you are not together when an emergency situation arises.

This week add the following:

1) Heat cell fuel ($3.50 on       
I would purchase two of these.

2) Flat fuel folding stove ($9.95 on

Note: You can purchase the stove and two heal cells together for $15.95. To save on shipping, go in with another family. These make great Christmas gifts for other families in your family.

Christmas and Gift Ideas:

Why not give food storage and emergency preparedness supplies for Christmas this year, and as gifts other times too? Check our for great idea. Best prices I have found around.

Emergency Preparedness Ideas

I just discovered another great way to preserve food for long-term storage. So simple and less expensive...

You can preserve foods like flour, oats, other grains, beans and lentils, baking mixes, spices, salt, baking soda, etc. and powdered milk (shorter storage). You cannot preserve sugars (it will  melt in the oven) or whole wheat rice or pastas (they have too much oil in them) this way. Your can purchase large packages at local box stores and then you store them in Mason Canning Jars by heating them up in your stove. The oven canned dry foods will last for 20 to 30 years. Click on this link to see how to do this and more information.

I like this idea because they are in smaller amounts. When you open a #10 can of dehydrated or freeze-dried food you have to use it within 30 days. Plus it keeps moths and bugs from getting into your pantry and dried foods.Like all stored foods, keep in a dry, dark, cool place.

Other great ideas....

Fruit Tree-T-Pees

I just learned about these on a program called "Shark Tank". Johnny Georges in Florida wanted to find a way to save on water and protect his young fruit trees. He invented a tree-t-pee that protected the young fruit tree and allows you to use less water and fertilization. If you are interested click on this link and learn more. It looks like the minimum you can order is 5 tree-t-pees, about $90. Maybe go in with  friends or other family members. I am going to call him to see if I can order just 1 or 2. I love this idea.

Cat Litter

Being that we are coming up on winter and many people live in areas where there is snow or travel to the mountains to play in the snow, here is another great idea I just learned.

Keep a bag or two of cat litter in your trunk during the winter months. If your tire gets stuck in the snow, put the cat litter behind the tire(s), back up and then you should be about to get out.

Comments: All your comments, ideas, suggestions and experiences are welcome! We all learn from each other. Thank you for your comments. 

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  1. Great tips !
    Maybe R.S should do a Oven drying night for one of their
    Tuesday night meetings. Bring in a jar or two of oats, etc

    And who would of thought that some cat litter could save your life...

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    bro. holt