Sunday, October 21, 2012

October/November Assignment (Month of October and November 2012)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,

Due to some health issues I have not published any blog postings for awhile. Since I am still dealing with them I will not publish any blog postings for a few more weeks, but I did still want to give you an assignment for now. I  will be back about the middle of November!

Remember: Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness should be a continual part of our lives. We need to continually add items and "Rotate" those we currently have.

Congratulations! Jay and Laura Jensen won our September Monthly FREE Giveaway Drawing. They on two "Stressor Kits" for their 72 Hour Individual Emergency Backpack Kits. See under "Postings", 72 Hour Emergency Kits for a list of the items in the "Stressor Kit", and why you need them.


"I would rather have something (regarding Emergency Preparedness and Food Storage) and not need it, than have nothing and need it." (Anonymous)

October and November Assignment:

Please review the last nine months of Weekly Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Assignments and work on adding items you are missing or need to increase for your Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Items.