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Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness and Weekly/Monthly Assignment (Week of June 1st)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,


This is a photo of a city without electricity
How many of us are dependent on electricity, gas, electric or propane heating, running water right from our faucets, sanitation, shelter, local grocery stores, doctor's offices, hospitals, pharmacies, drug stores, medications, public transportation, cars, computers and the Internet, and cell phones?

What would you do if these things were no longer available to you, may be for months? Could you take care of seriously injured family members and neighbors? Could you survive without food, water and your prescription medications? Could you keep your family warm? Would you be able to cook and have some source of light?

I think the majority of us would struggle immensely without these things! How prepared are you and your family if you no longer had assess to these things? Could you survive?

It really scares me how little each of us are prepared if we lost these things for a long period of time. Each
time I speak with others most of the time they are not prepared, not even with enough food and water for 1-2 weeks. We all think we have time on our side! We think our local and federal government will step in and take care of our needs. Think again! As we have watched on television and listened on the radio we have seen how long it takes for the local and federal government and first responders to step in with help. Some times they cannot get to us for weeks due to torn up roads and roads blocked with debris.

It only takes a second for things to change drastically in our lives! Are we prepared for that?

Our son and daughter-in-law recently visited New Orleans, Louisiana USA on vacation. They walked and drove by areas where Hurricane Katrina hit in August of 2005. They were shocked and amazed at how little has been rebuilt in the area. Many have not come back to the area. There are many more areas in the United States and other countries that have been devastated by natural disasters, many lives have been lost and property and peoples homes and livelihood destroyed.

Would you be able to take care of you and your family, would you be able to survive?

Being prepared brings peace of mind and saves lives! 

We need to learn skills and teach our children and grandchildren skills

How many of us know skills like cooking, baking, sewing, repairing things around the house like plumbing,
electrical and carpentry, basic first-aid, doing things without the aid of a computer, how to do maintenance on and fix a car, fix appliances, survival (how to set up a shelter, build a fire, cook outdoors, filter water, etc.) and many other skills? There many come a time when we may need to rely on our skills to survive. Are we learning new skills and teaching our children and grandchildren? Skills can provide a way for us to barter for food and things.

A Friend's Personal Story . . .

One friend shared this personal story with me . . . "My son in San Diego (California USA) did not have to evacuate (due to the all the fires around him) but he housed several families who did have to evacuate.  I am glad he had extra food and water on hand.  We never know when we will need it."

The same friend goes on to say . . ."Last night we had intermittent power outages.  I kept getting up and resetting the clocks and finally decided to give up.  I am concerned that our lives are so dependent on electricity and computers and such.  I don't know how we would survive if we were without these things for any length of time. My children don't even balance a checkbook, they just do everything financial on the computer.  That really scares me." (She lost the use of her electricity, computer and phone for many hours.)

How many of us are dependent on electricity, our computers and the modern conveniences of today? I think the majority of us in the United States and throughout the world are very dependent on them!

When I was in high school many years ago we lost our electricity due to a storm through the night. I typed, we did not have computers in those days and we typed on an old conventional typewriter, my entire term paper by candle light. Was that a challenge!

Cute Emergency Preparedness Story . . .

Another friend shared this  . . .

"Last Sunday a parent brought a cake to Primary (our children church organization) to honor her child's birthday.  It was great as we were cutting it up and placing pieces on paper plates.  Then we realized we had no silverware.  I came to the rescue by going to my car trunk and breaking open my 72-hour kit with plastic knives, forks, and spoons. Perhaps not a life-threatening situation, but I was glad I was prepared."

You never know when your emergency supplies will be needed. If you are prepared you can help others!

Keep them coming!

I love when you share your personal stories and experiences. We can all learn from each other and the importance of being prepared. You can email them to me at "" or leave them in the comment section below.


Weekly Assignment: Family Emergency Medical Kits
Many of us have some sort of medical supplies in our homes like band-aids, alcohol, peroxide, anti-infection creams, pain killers, etc.. Some of us have limited first-aid kits in our cars and home that we probably have not checked in months, years. Medications do expire!

If there was a major disaster or emergency situation would you have the proper emergency medical supplies to take care of you, your family and help your neighbors. I would say most of us do not! Right?

The next few weeks we are going to work on our Family Emergency Medical Kit. We have done this before but I am sure there are some of you who did not do it, never completed it and some things need to be replaced due to expiration dates.  Some of these items can be found at discount stores and drug stores. Make sure you check the expiration dates before purchasing them, you want them to last for at least a year or more.

Note: Make sure you keep this out of the reach of your young children and explain to the family is your Family Emergency Medical Kit/Supplies. If you need to use an items from it, make sure you replace it right away!

This week do the following:

1) Purchase a large sports bag or medium to large plastic container with a lid. I have found the plastic containers at department stores like Target and Walmart for around $5-$10. A dark one is best to keep out the light. Mark on the bag or box with a permanent marked---"Family Emergency Medical Kit".

2)  4-5 Old magazines. They make great splints for broken arms and legs. Paint stir sticks from the hardware store or small branches or dowels about 12-18" long also work great for making a splint. You will need some type of cloth strips (from old clothes or fabric you have) or an Ace bandage to tie the magazine or sticks in place and to hold the broken bone securely. Personally I like the magazines, they are easier to use and I think they hold the broken bone better in place.


June Monthly Assignment: Paper Supplies

This is a great time to work on storing paper supplies since most stores have them on sale due to the many holiday and summer activities, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Graduations, Summer BBQ, Labor Day, etc..

Figure out how many paper products you will need for your family for 3 months, 6 months or a year. Remember, there are 3 meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Most of us use large paper plates, small paper plates, paper bowls, paper cups for hot and cold drinks, plastic silverware and napkins. You can also include paper towels. 

Here is an example: Lets say you are going to store enough large paper plates for 6 months. That would be about 183 large paper plates per person. If you have 5 people in your family, you would need to store 915 large paper plates for 6 months. But remember, that is only for one meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Multiply the number of meals a day you would use the large paper plates. Do the same thing for the other paper products you need to store.

Watch for sales. Sometimes the sales at regular grocery stores and department stores like Walmart are better than the big box stores. Compare the prices and save!

This week do the following:

1) Store large paper plates for each family member for the number of months you are preparing for. You can store these in your garage or a home storage shed.

Emergency Preparedness Ideas:

 Love this idea . . .

How to grow 100 pounds of potatoes in 4 square feet

For those of us with small back yards, or even large back yards, this is such a great idea. I watched several You Tube videos on how to do this. Some people had great success while others did not. Click on the link above to see how to do this and watch the video below and others on You Tube.

Comments: Please post you comments below. We love to hear about your experiences with emergency preparedness and food storage. We all learn from each other. Thank you for your comments.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness and Weekly/Monthly Assignment (Week of May 25th)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,

Spiritual Insurance...

Last week I blogged about "Food Insurance" and why it is important, but we also need "Spiritual Insurance" or "Spiritual Protection". On Sunday a member of our Stake High Council gave a talk based on a talk given by President Boyd K. Packer, President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, at the 2013 183rd Semi-Annual General Conference, "The Key to Spiritual Protection".

Why do we need spiritual insurance/protection? How will it help us in a natural disaster or emergency situation? How do we obtain spiritual protection?

1. Read the scriptures daily (individually and as a family)
2) Pay daily (individually and as a family)
3) Trust in the Lord
4) Endurance

During our trails and challenges, whatever they be, "Peace can be settled in the heart of each who turns to the scriptures and unlocks the promises of protection and redemption" (President Boyd K. Packer) 

How do to we gain "Spiritual Protection"?

By reading our scriptures daily! As an individual and as a family! Even when their is turmoil all around us, the world is falling apart, there seems to be no hope, the scriptures will bring us the peace and comfort we so seek. They will help us through the trails and challenges of life. "The scriptures hold the keys to spiritual protection." (Pres. Boyd K. Packer)

As I watch and hear natural disasters and other emergency situations unfold on the news I can always spot those that have a knowledge of the scriptures in their lives. Even though there is turmoil about them, they have a special spirit of peace.

Prayer is another way to bring peace and hope into our lives when there is turmoil and the world seems to be falling apart around us. Heavenly Father hears our prayers. "That which thou hast prayed to me . . . I have heard." (2 Kings 19:20) "Pray always, and I will pour out my Spirit upon you, and great shall be your blessing. . . ." (Doctrine and Covenants 19:38) Heavenly Father may not answer our prayers right away, but he will answer our prayers in his time and the way He knows best for us.

Next, we need to trust in the Lord. He is aware of us and loves us. "If ye have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me . . . . For it s by faith that miracles are wrought; and it is by faith that angels appear and minister unto men; . . . . " (Moroni 7:33,37) Even when things are tough, there is always "hope"!

A great quote from Orson F. Whitney (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Quorum of the Twelve Apostles)

“No pain that we suffer, no trial that we experience is wasted. It ministers to our education, to the development of such qualities as patience, faith, fortitude and humility. All that we suffer and all that we endure, especially when we endure it patiently, builds up our characters, purifies our hearts, expands our souls, and makes us more tender and charitable, more worthy to be called the children of God . . . and it is through sorrow and suffering, toil and tribulation, that we gain the education that we come here to acquire and which will make us more like our Father and Mother in heaven.”

May each of us have the strength to endure what ever trails and challenges that come into our lives. "As we temporally endure the challenges we can solve and as we continue to endure the challenges we cannot solve, it is important to remember that the spiritual strength we develop will help us successfully endure all the challenges we face in life." (Elder Richard J. Maynes, Of the Presidency of the Seventy, "The Strength to Endure") "My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; An then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high." (Doctrine and Covenants 121:7-8)

Weekly Assignment: Water Storage

I have some great concerns about the water drought and shortage in the United States this year! I keep hearing about towns who are running out of water. Extreme water rationing may be on its way. I would strongly suggest you store water. Either purchase the large 55 gallon water barrels or different size water bottles/containers you can purchase at big box stores like Costco or Sam's Club or your local grocery stores.  Do not be caught without water!

This week do the following...

1) Add more drinking water to your water storage. Either purchase and fill up your 55 gallon water barrels or purchase drinking water in bottles/containers from the big box stores like Costco or Sam's Club and your local grocery stores. Or, purchase both types, barrels and small bottles/containers.

Check the postings for May 4th, May 11th and May 18th regarding Water Storage and some great ideas.

May Monthly Assignment: Fire Safety

Last week for this monthly assignment . . . 

How many of you have a fire escape plan in your home? Are you aware of the fire escape plan at work and how to get out of your building? Do you know how to put out different types of fires out? Do you know how to put out a car fire? This month we will be discussing all of these questions and the things you need to have in your home to protect your family and home.

Go back to May 4th, May 11th and May 18th to see information on fire safety for your family and home. Also to watch a great video for the whole family on fire safety.

Keep your family safe!!!

Emergency Preparedness Ideas

A Valuable Lesson Learned . . .

While serving in one of our Temples (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) this week the lights went out in one section, which were out for about thirty minutes. Those serving in that part of the Temple were caught in the dark. Each room of the Temple has emergency flashlights for times like this but for some reason they could not find the flashlights in this area. 
One member serving there said she keeps a small LED pin light flashlight in her pocket. Me always talking about being prepared, and here this member taught me a valuable lesson! No matter where you are you should always have a small flashlight with you, in your purse, attached to your keys, in your suit jacket or pants pocket. You never know when you might be in a situation where there is no light and you need to find your way out safely.

A few years ago a friend of ours was at work when a good size earthquake hit the area causing things to fall and fly off the shelves and the electricity to go out. She dropped under her desk during the earthquake for safety. After the shaking stopped she realized she needed to find a way out. It was pitch black! She crawled along the floor feeling her way as she went ago, crawling over cut glass and sharp objects. She was finally able to get out to help but had received several cuts and bruises as a result. She said if she had had a flashlight in her purse or desk she could have seen her way out and possibly have avoided her injures. 

Lesson learned . . . always keep a small flashlight with you, on your key ring, in your purse or pocket! 

Do you have a plan?

Do you and your family know what to do in the event of an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, typhoon, tsunami, flooding, landslide, biological or chemical threat, pandemic, fire, wildfire, evacuation? Every family and individual should have a plan in any of the areas that effect where you live. At work you should know the building emergency exists, escape plan and be aware of the different ways to take cover and get out if necessary. We aware of where you are in stores, their exists and if you needed to take cover where would be the best place. Be aware of your children's school emergency plans, their emergency cards are up to date and those listed on their emergency cards are aware of what to do. Always be aware of your surroundings!

This month we are working on fire safety in our homes and at work. Review the information on the last several blog postings to make sure your family and loved ones are protected. Encourage other families and co-workers to do the same thing. Share this blog with them so they can be safe and protected too.

The best plan is to have a plan(s) in effect before the situation occurs! 

Things to do . . .

1) Discuss your different family emergency plans often as a family. Make any adjustments as needed. 
2) Practice your different family emergency plans often, especially if you have young children in your home.
3) If you have family members with special needs make sure to allow for their needs and help required. 
4) Include your pets in the plans.
5) If there is a natural disaster or other emergency situation, stay informed as what to do by listening to the radio or television news. Know what emergency channels to tune into in your local area when there is an emergency.
6) If you have to evacuation make sure to take each family members 72 Hour Individual Emergency Preparedness Backpack. 
7) Check out the blog postings on the right under "Postings" for more information on evacuations, earthquakes and other types of disasters.
8) Attend local community emergency preparedness fairs.

Remember to stay calm during an emergency situation.

For our area (Southern California USA) learn more information about disasters and preparedness at

Saturday, May 31st, 9a.m. - 12 Noon
Emergency Preparedness Fair and Workshop 
Faith Based Organizations & Community Members
CrossRoad Church
2818 Manhattan Beach Blvd., Gardena, California USA
Workshops 9a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
Exhibits 9a.m. - 12 Noon

Comments: Please post a comment below. All your comments, ideas, suggestions and experiences are welcome and greatly appreciated. We all learn from each other. Thank you for your comments.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness and Weekly/Monthly Assignments (Week of May 18th)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,

Food Insurance. . .

How many of us have Homeowners, Condo, Renters, Earthquake and/or Flood Insurance to protect our homes and our precious things? How many of us have Auto Insurance to protect our vehicles, liability and injury to others? How many of us have Health Insurance to help with our medical expenses? How many of us have Life Insurance to provide for our loved ones when we are gone?

Why do we not have Food Insurance?

What is Food Insurance? It is a 1-Month, 3-Months, 6-Months, or even a Year's supply of emergency food and water to provide for and protect our family, our loved ones.

Last Sunday in Sunday School we were studying and discussing Numbers 21-31. We read a verse that caught my eye. In Numbers 21:5 we read, "And the people spake against God, and against Moses. Wherefore have ye brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? for there is no bread, neither is there any water; and our soul loatheth this light bread."

In class I likened this unto food and water storage, of course. We are admonished to liken the scriptures unto us in our day. Many times those in natural disasters murmur against God (Heavenly Father) for their circumstances, "Why did you let this happen to us". They also complain against their local and federal governments for not providing for their needs immediately. Then we murmur about the food and water we do not have. In this scripture they not only complained about not having "no bread" nor "water", but they also murmured about only having "light bread" to eat. A warning, do not just store beans and rice, but have a variety of foods, not only dehydrated beans and rice, but canned and dehydrated vegetables, meats and fruits. Also, water storage, which we are working on right now. This is our "Food Insurance" to protect and provide for our family. If we do our part, Heavenly Father will do his part. It boils down to "obedience"!

A Warning Regarding Disasters. . .   

For those of us who live in Los Angeles County, California USA, or anywhere in the United States, or the world, I would like to quote from a booklet called the "County of Los Angeles Emergency Survival Guide". This can be applied to all of us everywhere. It states,

"The Los Angeles region (as are many areas) is subject to various destructive emergencies including earthquakes, flood, landslides, wild fires, tornadoes, urban fires, tsunamis, hazardous material releases, terrorism, and civil unrest. Major earthquakes have occurred in Southern California causing damage to the County in 1933, 1971, 1987 and 1994. A recent report by a working group of respected scientists estimates an 86% probability of a magnitude 7.0 or greater earthquake in southern California over the next 30 years.

Emergency situations become disasters when they overwhelm the resources here to protect our community. In  a disaster, County departments will do everything possible to provide assistance to residents. However, large disasters may completely overwhelm our responders with multiple incidents and completing public safety needs. First responders will need to focus their efforts in the areas where they can do the most good - helping severely endangered people and heavily impacted areas first. It is possible, even likely, that some areas may not get professional assistance for days after a disaster has occurred.

A major disaster can leave hundreds, possibly thousands, of people homeless and strain food, water and shelter resources for all emergency response and support agencies." (Chief Executive Office, Office of Emergency Management)

This is why we need to be prepared! So many of us think the local and federal government will come in and save you with food, water and shelter. Plan on being alone and having to take care of your family with food, water, shelter and medical supplies. You will also need to help your neighbors and friends. It may not only takes days, but months! This is why I stress so much about being prepared to take care of your own family. If you are not prepared, there is not a better time than now to start!

California Drought and Other States . . . 

As you already know, those of us in California USA and other USA states are facing a severe drought. We need to converse water the best we can. A friend's daughter expressed concern to her regarding the drought and they needed to store water. Even our children are aware of the situations we face. 

Now is the time to store water. It could get much worse and severe water rationing could become a part of our immediate future. Do whatever you can to store water now. The next several weeks we are working on water storage. Go back to May 4th and May 11th to see the first postings on water storage.  

45 Ways to Conserve Water . . .

Click here for 45 ways to conserve water.

Other ways to conserve water in extreme water rationing or emergency situations . . .


1) Use non rinse shampoo


2) Use baby wipes for cleanup. 

Weekly Assignment: Water Storage

One of the most important things we can have in our Food Storage is WATER! We can live without food for several days (30-40 days), but we can only live without water for about 2-3 days. We use water in many ways; drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry, cleaning, watering our vegetable garden and gardens, re-hydrating our dehydrated and freeze dried food storage, etc. The next few weeks we are going to work on Water Storage.

This week do the following:

1) Continue to add water to your emergency supplies (either in water barrels, waterbricks, and/or plastic water bottles)


2) Have some type of water filtration pump, bottles and/or pitchers.  (Click here to see different types of water filtration equipment. I especially love the Seychelle Water Filtration pumps and bottles mentioned. Scroll down to read about these. They filter out 99.9999% containment of all bacteria.Our church uses these for all their missionaries in the filled and the military uses they for their soldiers.)

3) If you store water in the large 55 gallon barrels have a water siphon pump. We purchased our at a major disaster preparedness store for about $10. You can also find them online. Click here on how to use a siphon hose.

Remember to replace the water according to how you are storing it. If you use it, replace it immediately. For more information on Emergency Water Storage click here.

May Monthly Assignment: Fire Safety

This month we are going to work on fire safety.  

How many of you have a fire escape plan in your home? Are you aware of the fire escape plan at work and how to get out of your building? Do you know how to put out different types of fires out? Do you know how to put out a car fire? This month we will be discussing all of these questions and the things you need to have in your home to protect your family and home.

Go back to May 4th and  May 11th to see information on fire safety for your family and home. Also to watch a great video for the whole family on fire safety.

This week do the following:

If you have not made a family home fire escape plan and practiced it, please do so by this week. It will save lives. 

Emergency Preparedness Ideas

Food Storage and food shortages . . .

Many times throughout our history food has either been short in supply or rationed. During and at the end of the United States Civil War there was very little food. During The Great Depression no one had money to purchase what food was available. People stood in long lines for just a little soup. Men roamed the country side looking for work to provide for their families. During the Great Dust Bowl in the Midwest, the farmers could not produce food and most of them were forced to move West for jobs and to start new farms. During World War II there was food rationing in the United States. I remember my mother and grandparents
talking about some foods you could not find, some food items you could only purchase with food rationing stamps. Many times they went without. Sometimes they only had the food they could produce in their "Victory Gardens" or hunt for. Times have been tough throughout our history. Times can get tough again!

Why not have some extra food on hand for those tough times? Why wait until it is too late? Why not start now? Just a few extra cans or packages of food each time you go grocery shopping will add quickly, quicker than you realize.

Epsom Salt . . .

Epsom Salt is a great item to have in your Emergency Family Medical Kit/Box or your bathroom cupboard.

Click here to read 21 great ways to use Epsom Salt, anywhere from medical, cleaning, gardening and pest control.  

Comments: Please post a comment below. All your comments, ideas, suggestions and experiences are welcome and greatly appreciated. We all learn from each other. Thank you for your comments.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness Ideas and Weekly/Monthly Assignments (Week of May 11th)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers throughout the world. Each of us owes our mothers a deep gratitude of thanksgiving for giving us an opportunity to come to earth and receive bodies so we can complete our eternal journey.  Some of you may feel you did not have had the type of mother you wish you had, but she is your mother, she gave you one of the greatest gifts, life. Each mother desires respect and honor. One of God's commandments states, "Honor thy father and thy mother". The hardest job in the world is being a mother, having the responsibility given to us by Heavenly Father to raise righteous and loving children. But it is also the best job in the world. Women were foreordained in the pre-existence for motherhood. Some have never been given the blessing of having their own children in this life, but they are given the ability to touch the lives all children here on earth by their kindness, love and example. Some of us have had women in our life who is not our mother but has been their for us like a mother. Every woman is a mother to someone! There is an old saying, "God could not be here so he created mothers".

I honor and cherish my mother. She has passed on but is always near. She was the most kind, loving, caring, beautiful and righteous woman I have ever known. Each morning we woke to her angle voice singing in the kitchen while she prepared our breakfast. She never yelled at us or hit us. She taught us to love life, to respect life and this beautiful earth Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have created for us, to treat each other with kindness, never judge others, to serve others, to honor our name, to make wise choices, to love, honor and respect our American flag and country and so much more. She also taught our grandchildren the same things. Thank you Mom and Grandmother for all you did for us, the many many sacrifices you made for us and for all you taught us. We love you!

New Weekly Assignments

Weekly Assignment: Water Storage

One of the most important things we can have in our Food Storage is WATER! We can live without food for several days (30-40 days), but we can only live without water for about 2-3 days. We use water in many ways; drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry, cleaning, watering our vegetable garden and gardens, re-hydrating our dehydrated and freeze dried food storage, etc. The next few weeks we are going to work on Water Storage.

Did you take The Water Challenge? How did your family do?
Let us know by putting a comment below or emailing us at We would love to hear how you did and what you learned from this challenge. If you have not done it yet, go back to last week's posting to the see "The Water Challenge".

This week do the following 3 things...

1)  Decide on how you will store water. Purchase 15/30/55 gallon water barrels, 5-10 gallon water barrels/containers, waterbricks (see below), cases of individual plastic 16 oz water bottles, or larger.

For local South Bay Californians USA--I purchase my 55 gallon water barrels from a fellow in Long Beach, California USA. They come from companies that sell Hawaiian Punch or juice concentrate. He cleans them out thoroughly. You will need to call Marion for the current price. Last time I purchased them they were about $22. Do not purchase them from survival stores, they are very expensive, about $80. One will fit in the back seat of a Honda Civic. When you get them home put in about 1-2 gallons of bleach and roll them around, do not forget to swish the top and bottom. If you have several barrels you can transfer the bleach to each barrel. This helps disinfect them. Then add the water.

M&M Containers
1700 Santa Fe Ave (between PCH and Anaheim)
Long Beach, CA 90813

Ask for Mario Salgado (nice fellow)

Cell: 310-489-4485
Office: 562-983-3155
Waterbricks: I love these. The small ones holds 1.6 gallons of water and the large one holds 3/5 gallons of water. They interlock and stack well, up to 4 feet high. You can even create end tables with them by placing a board on top and covering with a table cloth. Honeyville sells the small ones for $15.00 and the large ones for $19.99.They have a 10% off sale until May 9, 2014. Click here to see their website and read more about waterbricks. There phone number is 888-810-3212. If you live in Southern California USA there is a Honeyville in Rancho Cucamonga.
How long will the water last in the 55 gallon water barrels and how do you treat it to last longer? If you do not add bleach the water needs to be replaced every 6 months. If you add 1/4 cup of bleach to the water of each barrel the water will last 1 year. Or, you can purchase Activate Stabilized Oxygen (ASO, 10% strength formula). I purchased a 2 fluid oz bottle at Major Surplus and Survival Discount Warehouse on 435 W. Alondra Blvd in Garden,  California USA for about $12-$14 a few years ago. This bottle will protect two 55 gallon water barrels of water for up to 5 years. Personal I think this is a great deal not having to rotate the water every year. I also found it on for $20 (4 oz.). Remember: When you store your water, it needs to be stored in a shaded cool place. If directly in the sun you will need to replace the water more often. The garage is really not a good place to store your water, it gets to hot. If you do, the water will need to replaced more often.

Important: Sunday a sister asked me about storing water. If you store water in cases (like from Costco or Sam's Club), or in any type of light weight plastic, do not set them directly onto the concrete. The plastic will absorb the chemicals from the concrete and ruin the water. Place down 2 2x4 pieces of wood side by side with space in between them. Place the cases or plastic water bottles on the 2x4's. This also goes for those of you who fill their bleach bottles with water. If you fill your bleach bottles with water you do not have to add bleach to preserve the water, there is enough bleach left in the bottle to handle it.

2) Decide on how much water you will need to store for your size family. Do not forget your pets. See "The Water Challenge Test" on last week's posting. If you store the 55 gallon water barrels determine how many you will need. Remember: This is not only for drinking, but for cooking and bathing. I think one per family member is great, or more if you desire.  If you purchase other ways to store emergency water, determine what you will need for each family member. I would store enough for at least 2+ months if possible. If you live in an apartment or condo you could store the 55 gallon barrel on your patio or balcony. Cases of drinking water can be stored in closets, under beds, etc.

3) Start adding emergency water to your family emergency supplies. If you are using the 55 gallon water barrels, find a place for them and fill them immediately. One woman told me it took them 2 years before they filled them, a common problem. Fill them immediately! If you are storing cases of water, purchase some each week when you go grocery shopping until you sufficient for your family.

Remember to replace the water according to how you are storing it. If you use it, replace it immediately. For more information on Emergency Water Storage click here.

Next week we will work on water filtration, water pumps and siphons.

New May Monthly Assignment

May Monthly Assignment: Fire Safety

This month we are going to work on fire safety.  

How many of you have a fire escape plan in your home? Are you aware of the fire escape plan at work and how to get out of your building? Do you know how to put out different types of fires out? Do you know how to put out a car fire? This month we will be discussing all of these questions and the things you need to have in your home to protect your family and home.

See last week's blog posting, May 4, 2014, to find all the information on Fire Safety and the monthly assignments. Click on "Comments" below the posting and read the two comments regarding children and fire extinguishers. Click here.
This week do the following:

1) If you do not already have a fire extinguisher in your home and cars please add them. If you already do, check them to make sure they are charged and working properly. Your local fire department will do this for you.  

Emergency Preparedness Ideas:

May and the Summer months are a great time to stock up on and add condiments and paper supplies to your food storage and emergency supplies. It is a great time for sales with Memorial Day and Fourth of July just around the corner. Watch your supermarket sales papers you get in the mail and newspapers. Make a list of the types of condiments your family uses and calculate how much you use during a year. Then purchase them while on sale. Remember to store them in a dark dry cool place, like your pantry, under the bed or a closet.

Paper products--if there is a disaster or emergency situation who would not want to use their valuable water for doing the dishes. Paper products like paper plates, paper bowls, cups, plastic silverware and napkins go on sale during the Spring and Summer months. A great time to stock up!

Great Tip...How to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard...

Mosquitoes do not like the smell of Lavender or Marigolds. So to keep them out of your yard plant Lavender and Marigolds around your yard. Plus the Lavender smells good and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. If you live in an apartment or condo you can place planters on your patio or balcony.

Comments: Please post a comment.  All your comments, ideas, suggestions and experiences are welcome! We all learn from each other. Thank you for your comments.