Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of May 1st)

Hi Carson Ward, Family and Friends,


"Church members can begin their home storage by storing the basic foods that would be required to keep them alive if they did not have anything else to eat. Depending on where members lives, those basics might include water, wheat or other grains, legumes, salt, honey or sugar, powered milk, and cooking oil."..."When members have stored enough of these essentials to meet the needs of their family for one year, they may decide to add other items that they are accustomed to using day to day." ... "Families who do not have the resources to acquire a year's supply can begin their storage by obtaining supplies to last fora few months. Members should be prudent and not panic or go to extremes in this effort." The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, January 20, 2002

It does not take a natural disaster in order for us to need our Food Storage. As I see loss of jobs, lower incomes, and gas and food prices rising quickly, I see the wisdom in this counsel from our Church leaders. They have been counseling since the reorganization of the Church, to be prepared. I continually hear on the news and read in the newspaper and on the Internet that foods like corn, wheat, legumes and other items have increased 45%. Emergency Food Storage companies are running out of number 10 cans of freeze dried and dehydrated foods due to a high volume of demand. They are trying to increase production to meet the heavy demands, but it will take weeks to restock the emergency food storage companies. Their prices are also continually rising due the cost of produce they get are rising. It may even get to a point that they may no longer be available. Grocery stores usually keep a two week supply, but who knows when their supplies may be unavailable too.
Times are definitely tough! But do not panic as the quote above states. Just start and continue to add to your food storage. Heavenly Father will bless you as you strive to follow the commandments. D&C 78:22 states--"And he that is a faithful and wise steward shall inherit all things...." The more self-reliant we become the more we will feel at peace, secure and not fear!

Weekly Assignments:

First Assignment--For those of you working on your 72 Hour Emergency Food Kits- 72 Hour Emergency Food Kit (Remember, you need one for each family member. You will need 3 of each time because we are using the same menu for each day, makes it much easier. This kit along with the other 2 kits should be placed in a backpack. Each kit should be in a large plastic zip lock bag to protect the food from water damage.)

This week add the following (if you are just starting, check out the other three blog postings after this one). See blog posting Week of August 22nd for more details:
a) Trail Mix (you will need 3 small bags or one extra large one you can divide into 3 portions, do not divide until you open it)
b) Gum (3-5 sticks for each day)

Second Assignment--

Add some items to your Food Storage or replace items that need rotated and use the older rotated items in your daily cooking.

Weekly Challenge:


If there is a disaster you may not be able to stay in your home, you will need some type of shelter. If you have a tent(s), get them out and look them over for any damage. Repair any damages. If you do not have a tent or some type of way to build a shelter (a large water proof tarp with rope and duck tape could make a shelter) then either purchase a tent big enough for your family, or several small tents, or items to make a shelter. If you do not have the money then start saving for one. May be skip a night out to the movies or dinner so you can use that money to put towards or purchase a tent. This is a great time of the year to purchase to a tent. Many sporting good stores and other stores like Target, Walmart have them on sale due to the camping season starting.

Note: This week Big 5 has a 4 person Columbus Sunridge 8'x8' tent on sale for $30, regular price $64.99. Sports Authority has tents on sale too, 3 person tent $39.99, 5 person tent $49.99, and 9 person tent $109.99. These are great deals! Leave out a trip to the movies or out to dinner with the family this month and you could pay for this tent.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of April 24th)

Hi Carson Ward, Family and Friend,
Congratulations to the Perkins Family! They won the April FREE Monthly Giveaway Drawing. They won a Butane One Burner Portable Stove with 2 Butane cans of fuel.
"We encourage families to have on hand this year's supply; and we say it over and over and over and repeat over and over the scripture of the Lord where he says, "Why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?" (Luke 6:46) How empty it is as they put their spirituality, ..., into action and call him by his important names, but fail to do the things which he says. A man should not only be prepared to protect himself physically, but he should also have on hand sufficient supplies to sustain himself and his family in an emergency. For may years the leaders of the Mormon Church have recommended, with instructions, that every family have on hand at least a year's supply of basic food, (now they recommend at least 3 months, but more is better if possible), clothing, fuel (where possible), and provisions for shelter. This has been most helpful to families suffering temporary reverses. It can and will be useful in many circumstance in the days ahead. We are need to get out of financial bondage's, to be debt-free." ("God, Family, and Country" by Ezra Taft Benson, page 331.)

Notice: There is a rumor going around and on the Internet that FEMA has bought a billion dollars worth of #10 cans of freeze dried foods from major emergency supply companies, like Mountain House, and there are no #10 cans of this food available. This rumor and the article on the Internet are not true. I checked with Mountain House and checked out there company on the Internet. They are not selling the #10 cans of freeze dried foods right now due to they have shipped all their supplies to major emergency preparedness companies like Emergency Essentials to fill their stock and they are in production to fill their own stock as soon as possible. Due to the recent disasters and high demand for individual orders for the #10 cans of freeze dried foods they supplies are exhausted for the time being. Go to Google and put in, go to the 4th one (Mountain House: Freeze Dried Food, Food Storage, Camping...) and read their notice regarding this matter. I went to and was able to order the Mountain House brand on their website. There may be a back order due to the high demand right now, but you will get your freeze dried #10 cans.

Weekly Assignments:

1. Those working on their 72 Hour Emergency Individual Kits, this week add the following (remember, you need 3 of each items for each kit you are working on):

a) Instant oatmeal (3)

b) Fruit cups (3)

2. The week purchase, if you do not already have, some type of lighting source like a propane with the propane, Coleman or battery operated lantern and/or candles. You should have a least two types of lighting source. Check out the blog posting on the right side under "Cooking, Heating and Lighting" for more ideas.

Weekly Challenge:

I was listening to a program on TV about earthquake preparedness and learned some things that might keep you from being seriously hurt and your life during an earthquake. Discuss these with your family this week and have an earthquake and fire drill. The more you practice, the more you and your family will know what to do, act quickly and be protected.

At home:

1. If in bed, stay in bed, cover your head with your pillow and cover your body with your blankets. Keep sturdy shoes under your bed and a flashlight (life the LED hand squeeze ones the Hannemann's won last week) between your mattress. Stay in your bed until the shaking stops. If you have objects above your headboard, make sure they are secure and will not fall on you. Once the shaking has stopped, grab your flashlight, put on your shoes (there may be glass over other harmful objects on the floor and in your way) and evacuated.

2. Do not get in a doorway or lie down next to a piece of furniture (the triangle theory). Get under a sturdy table or piece of furniture and hold on.

In the car:

1. Stop and move over as soon as possible. Stay away from tall buildings, trees and other objects that could fall on you. Stay in your car until the shaking stops. Keep a sturdy pair of shoes in your car in case you have to walk a distance. If there are live wires down around your car, stay in your car until someone can help you. If they are hitting the car, avoid touching anything metal in your car. Keep emergency 72 Hour Kits in your car. You may be a long ways from home and may need to leave your car.

In tall rise buildings:

1. Move away from windows.

2. Get under a sturdy desk or table and hold on.

3. Once the shaking has stopped evacuate the building as soon and as safely as possible, do not take the elevator, use the stairs. Move away from the building as far as possible.

4. Know your surrounds, evacuation procedures and escape routes.

Movie/concert theatre/spots arena

1. Get under your seat the best you can, protect your head. Stay there until the shaking has stopped.

2. Leave the theatre as soon and as safely as possible. Move as far away as you can from the building.

3. Know your surrounds, evacuation procedures and escape routes.

In a place like Costco or Sams Club (warehouse stores)

1. Be aware of open areas or areas you can access for protection and an area you can duct into.

2. Know your surroundings, evacuation procedures and escape routes.

Check out for more helpful information.

Important: You should always keep a small flashlight (LED hand squeeze type) in your purse or on your key ring so you can see where to go if the lights are out. Know your surrounds, escape route, and evcauation procedures.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of April 18th)

Hi Carson Ward Family,

"God moves in a mysterious way

His wonders to perform;

He plants his foot-steps in the sea

And rides upon the storm.

Ye fearful Saints, fresh courage take;

The clouds ye so much dread

Are big with mercy and shall break

In blessings on your heard.

His purposes will ripen fast,

Unfolding every hour;

The bud may have a bitter taste,

But sweet will be the flower.

Blind unbelief is sure to err

And scan his works in vain;

God is his own interpreter,

And he will make it plain."

(Hymn # 285, LDS Hymn Book)

I love this hymn, it gives us courage and faith to keep trying. We will not be without challenges and trails. I know some of you get discourage trying to pull your 72 Hour Emergency Kits and Food/Water Storage together. I know it all seems overwhelming when you think of it as a whole. Set small goals, and before you know it you will have your 72 Hour Emergency Kits for each family member and at least 3 Months Food Storage and Water. As long as we are striving to be obedient to the gospel and follow our Prophet and Apostles teachings and warnings, Heavenly Father will bless us with the things we need to provide for our family.

Weekly Assignment:

1) those working on their 72 Hour Emergency Individual Kits add the following this week (remember--you need 3 of each item for each family food kit:

1) Hot chocolate instant drink mix

2) Small box of raisins

Weekly Challenge:

Review how you will cook if you cannot use your stove or oven. Do you have stored at least two different ways to cook if there is no gas or electricity? See the "Cooking, Heating, and Lighting" post on the right side of the blog/website for ideas.

If you have a least one way to cook outdoors, add another way to cook, a Butane Burner Stove with cans of Butane Fuel, a BBQ with charcoal and/or propane, a solar oven (expensive but great), Dutch oven, etc.. If you have no way to cook outdoors, add one of the items listed.

Note: You will need enough charcoal, propane, and/or butane fuel to cook for several weeks, may be even, several months. Keep them all in a well dried cool place.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of April 10th)

Hi Carson Ward Family,

Congratulations to the Stan and Rata Hannemann Family who won the March FREE Monthly Giveaway Drawing today during Relief Society. They won 5 small 3 LED hand squeeze flashlights.

They are great to put in each family individual 72 Hour Emergency Kit, one under each mattress in your house hold in case the lights go out, and to have in your purse or desk at work. A sister in our Ward many years ago who was at work when an earthquake hit this area, causing things to fall from the ceiling, walls and off shelves. The room was pitch black. She had to crawal over broken glass, mental and other objects cutting her quite badly. If she had had a flashlight with her she could have seen were she was going and avoided possible injures.

You can currently purcahse the 3 LED Squeeze Flashlights on sales for $2.79 at I am not sure how long the sales will last. Just put in the name in the search box at the top right and hit enter.

Sunday, April 24th will be the next Drawing.


"How on the face of the earth could a man enjoy his regilion, when he had been told by the Lord how to preoare for a day of famine, when, instead of doing so, he had fooled away that which would have sustained him and his family." (Elder George A. Smith--Journal of Discoures, vol. 12, page 142)

"The time will come that gold will hold no comparison in value to a bushel of wheat." (Brigham Young in Journal of Discources, vol. 1, page250, 1943 ed., page 298.)

Brothers and Sister, how true this last quote is becoming! I just read in "LDS Living", "Prices of LDS Food Canneries show food inflation up 11-49%." It also said they are one of the last commercial food producers that increases their products. The president of "Food for Health" in Utah said he had to raise his emergency food bucket prices significantly due to higher ingredient prices increasing 25-49%. Wow! As things go on in the world around us and within our own economy, I feel food price will continue to rise. Who knows how high prices will go.

I know from my own experience at the grocery stores, food continues to cost more and more. A few months ago I order the 2oo serving bucket from "Food for Health" and it was $54, now it is up to $115. I am also finding it takes longer to get food from the emergency food suppliers like "Emergency Essentials" and "Shelf-Reliance" because people are starting to take notice of higher food prices and concerned the food might not be there in time. Many things are on back order due to a high rise in orders. And what will happen to our food sources if there was a major disaster? Look at the shelves in Japan, they are empty!

We need to get our Food Storage in order the best we can. Even if you buy just one can or package/bag of something your family eats each week, especially when on sale, you will be continually adding to your Food Storage. Before you know it you will have a month's supply, 3 month's supply, 6 month's supply and even a year's supply. All it takes is one can or one package/bag at a time. If you can buy more when on sale, even better. See the blog positing on "Food Storage" (right side of the blog under "Postings") for ideas.

Another way to get food for our family is to produce our own by having a vegetable garden, no matter how small it is, and fruit trees if possible. You have until May to plant more vegetables for a fall crop. Some either need to be plantes earlier in the Spring or early Fall. Check the seed and plant instructions for planting. time. See the last few blog postings on planting a vegetable (and container) garden and also the blog posting "Vegetable Gardening". This summer I hope to have a class at one of our Relief Society Meetings to show how to can and freeze what you have grown (both vegetables and fruit).

I am sorry to come down on everyone so hard, but we need to change our habits of buying wants to needs. Buying "things" will not provide food in times of need. Talk to any person who lived during the "Great Depression", times were very hard and food was scarce. Most people went without for a long time.

Let's be prepared so we will not fear what may lie ahead!

Weekly Assignment and Challenge (there are three):

1) Continue to work on planting a vegetable (or container) garden. With most summer vegetables you have until May to plant them. Check the vegetable seed packages and plants for last month to plant.

I am going to start the 72 Hour Emergency Individual Kits again. I am also giving you another weekly assignment for those of you who already have your Kits completed. Those who do not have them completed are also encouraged to do the other weekly assignment.

Weekly Assignment and Challenge: 2) Gather all your important documents and papers together in one place.

One of our daughters has put together a great notebook with sheet protectors holding all important documents and papers. Each family member's identification papers are in one sheet protector; Social Security Card, Passport, Certified Birth Ceritifcate, copy of Driver's License, copy of Immuization Record, Medical alter inforamtion (if they wear a bracelet or necklace), a small school picture from each year, health information (alergeries, height, weight, blood type, color of eyes, any disquishing marks like birth marks or scares, swatch of their hair in a small zip lock bag), list of their doctors, address and phone nubmer, and copy of their medical card.

It is also a great idea to add all insurance policies, property deeds, car lienholders/leasing companies, wills/trust, life insurance policies, copies of all bank cards (front and back), bank names, address, phone, bank account numbers for any bank you have accounts with, list of family contact information, emergency contact list, extra set of keys to your house, cars, etc., prepaid phone cards (you never know when your may need them), and a USB flash drive with important things and photos on your computer.

Keep this notebook in a safe place, easy to access and let other family members know where it is in case of an emergency and you are not home.

3) 72 Hour Emergency Kit (Food Kit), add the following:

I am doing the same menu for each 3 days, makes it easier. You will need 3 of each items for each house hold family member kit. Watch the experation dates on the food, especially if purchasing at a 99 cent/discount store. You want the items to be good for at least year. Put the items in a large zip lock bag and continue to add the items as we add them, put the family person's name on the zip lock bag.

1) Granola Bars

2) Fruit juice box drinks

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of April 3rd)

Hi Carson Ward Family,

General Conference was fabulous! The messages were about the 75 year anniversary of the Church Welfare Program, being, serving others, listen and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost, comfort and peace in trails and challenges and blessings that come from them, blessings of having a living prophet and his apostles on the earth today, honoring the Sabbath Day, love of our Savior Jesus Christ and his teachings, resist temptations, forgive and letting go, the light of Christ, attending the Temple more often and many more things. I encourage all to read the May Ensign Conference report when it arrives or read the talks online at

Quotes (from April 2011 Annual General Conference):

"Everyone is happier and feels more self respect when they can take care of their own families and help others." President Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor of the First Presidency

"We should not let our fear combat our faith." Russell M. Nelson, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles "Listen to the spirit (of the Holy Ghost) and follow it." Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Second Counselor of the First Presidency

"Self-reliance helps the people help themselves, assume responsibility for our own welfare, assume debt, prepare for time of stress, know the difference between needs and wants, live accordingly." H. David Burton, Presiding Bishop

"We need to readjust our desires to reach our highest priorities. ... What we desire is what we will become and receive eternally." Dallin H. Oaks, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

I would like to liken these quotes to Emergency Preparedness and Self-Reliance. It is our own responsibility to take care of our own family and be prepared for whatever might come our way. How many of us have our 72 Hour Emergency Kits for each family member (at home, in the car, at work, and what about the schools are children attend), Water, Medical Supplies, a 3 Months Food Supply so we can take care of own family? Are we working towards that goal. Where are our priorities? Do we distinguish needs from wants? Are we listening to the Holy Ghost for guidance and are we following Him? Are we self-reliance when it comes to our Emergency Preparedness for our family? Do we expect others with take care of us if there is a natural disaster or other type of emergency? It is our responsibility as parents to provide for our family's needs.

As you are aware and hear there is a lot of talk on the TV and radio news programs regarding earthquakes and Tsunamis in California. This past week I was listening to a new program and they asked the a fellow who works for the California Earthquake Emergency Preparedness Department if California is ready for a large earthquake in this area. His response was, "California is not ready for a huge earthquake." What does this mean, we need to be prepared ourselves to take care of our own family with food, water, clothing, and emergency supplies. We many need to help our neighbors. It could takes days, weeks, maybe even months, before assistance could arrive (food, water, medical help). I strongly feel we need to have a 3 months supply of food.

I know you are probably getting tried of me talking about this but it is only because I care, I want your families to be protected and be prepared with emergency supplies, and I know the more I talk about it you may start preparing. What are we waiting for? Set goals with your family and work on accomplishing them, warn your neighbors as Sister Cummings is doing, start preparing if you have not already done so. Something is better than nothing! This blog provides you with all the information you will need to be prepared.

Weekly Assignment: I have several this week.

1) If you have not planted your vegetable garden or vegetable container garden, do it as soon as possible so your vegetables will have time to grow before the fall cool weather. Even if it is just one tomato plant in a container on your patio or deck, or a small herb garden on the kitchen window sill. When you do this you are becoming self-reliant.

2) If you do not have your 72 Hour Food Emergency Kit start this week. Start with the blog posting August 1st (scroll down until you get to it) and work on each weeks assignment until you have it done.

3) Add more items to your 3 Months Food Supply (see the blog posting on the right side of the blog.

4) Purchase a water barrel and fill it. See the blog posting on water where to purchase it. If you need help with any of these assignments, please just ask me. I would love to help you.

Weekly Challenge:

1) With all the news about earthquakes and Tsunamis, plan, discuss with your family and have an earthquake grill in your home this week. Know where to evacuate to if necessary. Know if you are in Tsunami area, know where to evacuate to, higher ground and inland. Have a plan!

2) Plan, discuss with your family and have a fire grill in your home this week. If you live in a apartment or condo with several units, know the fire escape route and plan.

3) If your family does not have an out of state contact person in case of a disaster or an emergency, set one up. You be the one to instigate it and make a plan, you can do this by email. Help each family within your family set this up this week. If they live in California or out of state, have a family contact person in another state. Email them the contact person, everyone in the family needs to keep this phone number with them and a phone card in case cell phones are not working. They will call the contact person to let them know where they are, if they are alright or injured, where they are going, and how to contact them.

Let's be the best prepared Ward in the Stake and family in your neighborhood.

Once again: "If ye ar prepared, ye shall not fear."

Remember: Post you name and comment at the end of the blog posting for our April FREE Monthly Giveaway Drawing to be help April 24th. I will have the drawing for the March drawing this coming Sunday.