Friday, January 25, 2013

Weekly Assignment, Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness (Week of January 27th)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,

Are you ready?

"Therefore be ye also ready; for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh." (Matthew 24:44)

""And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars; see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." (Matthew 24: 6-7)

For the past three plus years I have shared, in this blog, with you all the information I know, and new things I learn along the way, to help you become better prepared. You can have all the information possible, but if you do not act upon it, it means nothing!

The scriptures above warn us, as have our prophets, church leaders, government and local leaders and other scriptures, to be ready. There are countless websites giving us information on how to prepare. As we see the recent extreme weather conditions from droughts to freezing, stronger hurricanes and tornadoes, and more earthquakes, we can see how the world is changing. We have watched nature pour out its furry with Hurricane Katrina, the Joplin tornado, Hurricane Sandy and drought in the Midwest. We have watched on TV, heard on the radio and read in the newspapers and magazines how these natural disaster have effected hundreds of thousands of people just here in the United States. Then there are those throughout the world who have also been effected in some way, which also effects us. I strongly feel things are only going to get worse. There may be food and water shortage, more and stronger natural disasters and other situations that may cause us to need our food storage and emergency supplies. I have said this before, I would rather have food storage and emergency supplies and not need  them, than need them and not have them.

What does it take for us to always be ready? How long will it take us to set up a 72 Hour Individual Emergency Backpack Kit for each family member? How long will it take us to buy a few extra cans and packages of food when we go grocery shopping? How long will it take us to inventory what we have and what we need? How long will it take us to prepared?

It only takes adding one item a week for our 72 Hour Individual Emergency Food Kits. It only takes adding a few extra cans to our weekly grocery shopping and putting them away for an emergency. It only takes adding one emergency supply a month, like flashlights with extra batteries or purchasing a tent for shelter.

In Isaiah 28: 10 "... line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little." We can apply this to emergency preparedness, adding one thing at time until you have completed your goal.

Are you ready? Why not? What is stopping you from starting? When you are prepared you have no need to fear.

72 Hour Individual Emergency Food Kit Questions:

A few of you have asked me about the food in the Food Kit, what if you are diabetic or have allergies to some of the foods? If you are diabetic, consulate with your doctor, and then substitute as necessary. If you have allergies to any of the foods, like peanut butter cracker, then substitute with other foods, like cheese crackers.

These foods are high in calories and fiber because it is all you will probably be eating if you have to evacuate or are far from home when a disaster hits. Here is the menu (which is the same for each 3 days)...

Breakfast: Instant Oatmeal, Raisins, Hot Chocolate
Lunch: Peanut Butter or Cheese Crackers, Fruit Cup, Trail Mix
Dinner: Instant Soup (Chicken Noodle, etc.), Granola Bar, Fruit Drink
Snacks: Fruit Snacks, Gum, Hardy Candy
Water throughout the day
Note: Some of these items you can purchase as sugar free, but you may need the sugar to keep your glucose level  up. Check with your doctor. Whole Foods, Sprouts and Trader Joe's is a good source for these types of foods and drinks. They will probably be more expensive.

Weekly Assignment...72 Hour Individual Emergency Food Kit:

1) This week add the following: 3 packages of instant oatmeal per family Food Kit.  Now you should have the follow: 3 granola bars, 3 juice/fruit box drinks, 3 small boxes of raisins, 3 packages of instant hot chocolate and 3 packages of instant oatmeal for each family member. Place all these items in a large zip lock bag with the family members name written on the bag.

Emergency Preparedness:

What do we need to do? So far the past few weeks I have talked about electricity, lighting, emergency medical supplies and shelter. This week I will discuss cooking.

When there is no electricity many of our electric stoves and gas stoves with igniters will not work. Of course, you can start a gas stove with an electric igniter with a match, but be careful of gas leaks, it could cause an explosion. What if you cannot stay in your house, how would you cook? You will need a way to cook. Check out the blog posting on the right side under "Postings", under "Cooking, Heating and Lighting". There are many ideas of ways to cook and emergency cooking supplies you might want to consider and should have on hand when an emergency hits. It may be better to have more than one way to cook.

Comments: All your comments, ideas, suggestions and experiences are welcome! We all learn from each other.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekly Assignment, Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Ideas (Week of January 20th)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,


When things are calm we become complacent with things that have happened before, like natural disasters and other emergency situations in our lives. It amazes me how many times, when hurricane season comes upon the South and East coast of the United States, people are running frantically to the store for supplies (water, canned foods, flashlights, batteries, boards/nails to seal up windows, etc.), when they know this happens every year. What not always be prepared? Why do they let the supplies they gathered either get used and not replace them, or throw them away? Why do they do this?

We are continually admonished by our prophet and church leaders to be prepared. We always need to be on the look out and be ready for what ever may come our way. Not just when the storm is on the horizon.

"The greatest events that have been spoken of by all the Holy Prophets will come along naturally as the consequences of certain causes, that unless our eyes are enlightened by the Spirit of God, and the spirit of revelation rests upon us, we will fail to see that these are the events predicted by the Holy Prophets." George Q. Cannon

"The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it." Proverbs 27:12

Let us each prepare better and continually rotate our food and water storage and our emergency supplies. Do not become complacent, thinking all is well! Things can change quickly!

Weekly Assignment: 72 Hour Individual Emergency Food Kits

This week add the following:

1) 3 hot chocolate drink mixes for each family member's food kit: Place the 3 hot chocolate drink mix packages, along with the 3 granola bars and 3 juice boxes, and 3 small boxes of raisins in a large zip lock bag with the family member's name on the bag. Hot chocolate usually comes in a box of 8 or 10 packages.

Emergency Preparedness:

What do we need to do? So far the past few weeks I have talked about electricity, lighting, and emergency medical supplies. This week I will discuss shelter.

Shelter is a very important part of emergency preparedness. What if you could not stay in your home or you had to evacuate to an unknown place? What if it was very cold, as many of us have experienced the last several weeks, or it was hot? You will need some type of shelter to protect you and your loved ones from the elements of nature. Many of the "Sandy", and other disasters, victims could not stay in their homes. Please see the "Shelter" posting under "Postings" on the right for ideas.

Besides our 72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Backpack Kits, we carry a small tent and a quilt in our car. You never know when you might be away from home when a natural disaster or emergency situation arises and you will need shelter.

New Solar Fuel Less Generator Company: I just discovered a new company that carries the solar fuel less generator for a great price. This one even has a wind power system. Yes, you may say it is expensive, which it is compared to a gas generator, but you do not have to store gas or worry about trying to purchase gas when the pumps do not work or there is none to purchase. And you can use it inside your home and it is quiet while running. It is powered by solar panels and/or the wind power. Check it out at the link below.


Comments: All your comments, ideas, suggestions and experiences are welcome! We all learn from each other.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekly Assignment, Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Ideas (Week of January 13th)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,

Storing up for winter...

I have a close friend who lives in Idaho, close to the Washington border, in a remote forest area, one hour by car to the city. In the late Autumn she watches the squirrels on her property gathering acorn nuts. If there is going to be a mild winter they do not gather and store as much, but if there is going to be hard winter, they gather and store more. Heavenly Father has instilled in the creatures of the earth to prepare for what may lie ahead.

We may not have instilled in us a natural warning system, but Heavenly Father has given us prophets, a living prophet today, the Holy Ghost, church leaders and the scriptures to warn us to prepare for a "hard winter". We have been warned for many years to be prepared with Food Storage, Water and Emergency Supplies. We may never need them, but I would rather be secure in knowing I am prepared for what could come my way. When my husband was in a serious car accident while on the road for work, he spent three months recuperating. Disability checks do not cover all the bills. I am grateful we had followed the prophet and church leaders and prepared by having Food Storage, at the time we had about six months and a little savings. We never had to ask for assistance with bills or food. What a great blessing that was for our family!

Storing spiritually...

As I watch the unfolding of natural disasters around the world, I also watch the people and how they react. Of course, they are scared and many have lost precious family heirlooms, family photos and many special treasures, even loved ones. But as I watch them and their reaction to the situation, I can see who is spiritually prepared. It is important to be temporally prepared, but being spiritually prepared is even more important. Yes, we might loose precious worldly treasures, but if we are spiritually prepared we will be at peace and know blessings are to come. “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (Matthew 6:19-21) To be spiritually strengthened and prepared we need to be reading our scriptures daily, saying our prayers daily, following our prophet and church leaders, and be very close to the Spirit. We will receive comfort at a very difficult time and be able to overcome the challenges we are facing.

Weekly Assignment: 72 Hour Individual Emergency Food Kits

This week add the following:

1) 3 small boxes of raisins for each family members Food Kit: Place the raisins, along with the 3 granola bars and 3 juice boxes, in a large zip lock bag with the family member's name on the bag.

Emergency Preparedness Ideas:

The last two weeks I have talked about being better prepared for a disaster or other emergency situation. Last week I talked about electricity and lighting, this week we will discuss emergency medical supplies.

Why do we need emergency medical supplies? For the same reason we need a source of electricity and lighting. When there is an impending disaster (like a hurricane warning, etc.), disaster, civil unrest or an emergency situation people usually rush to the stores to stock up. What happens is the stores run out quickly. They only stock enough products for about two weeks. When every one rushes for supplies, they run out in hours, sometimes in minutes. People riot because they cannot get what they need. Why not have emergency medical supplies on hand ahead of time, like we have food and water on hand? Also, if there is an emergency medical situation the fire department and other medical help may not be available and you may not have time to rush to the store, you will need them immediately to attend to the injured. You may be on your own!

Please see the "First-aid Kit" in the "Postings" section on the right of this blog. I have also listed the Kit I am working on below. Of course, you cannot do this all at once. Carry a list of the items in your purse or wallet. Each time you go out to the store check to see what is on sale and purchase the item(s). Set up a large plastic box with a secure lid that says "Emergency Medical Supplies" on it. Keep it in a closet in your house, the garage is to hot for some of the ointments and medications. Of course, keep this out of the reach of children.

Note: A regular First-aid Kit like you keep in your car or home will not be sufficient for a major disaster. There will be minor and major injuries. You may need to take care of your family and neighbors injuries.

Emergency Medical Supply Kit: (Should have the follow items)

1. Band-Aids (many assorted sizes)

2. Antiseptic/alcohol wipes
3. Hand sanitizer (2)
4. Topical antibiotic ointment
5. Hydrogen peroxide
6. Petroleum jelly
7. Sunscreen
8. Thermometer (for adult and infant/child)
9. Latex gloves (several pairs and possibly sizes)
10. Sterile gauze pad (various sizes)
11. Adhesive bandage tape, hypoallergenic, 1 inch
12. Triangular bandages (3) (made your own from left over fabric, hem, 36x36)
13. Bandage scissors (EMT scissors)
14. Maxi sanitary pads (5+) (great for major wounds)
15. Irrigation syringe
16. Eye wash solution
17. Ace Bandages—2”, 3” and 4” (2 each size)
18. Two tweezers (one regular size, one small)
19. Needle (consider including suture material and set—I got this from
20. Scalpel with extra blades
21. Pepto-Bismol ( check with your doctor for children's dosage and write on the bottle)
22. Antacids
23. Pain relievers (non-aspirin type, acetaminophen, ibuprofen for both adults and children)
24. Stool softeners
25. Antifungal ointment/cream
26. Visine eye drops
27. Cough and cold medications (for adults and children)
28. Contact lens wearers—extra pair, solution
29. Dihendyramine (Benadryl) (this an antihistamine used for hives, allergic rhinitis, etc) Check with your doctor for children's dosage
30. Epi Pen for sever allergic reactions (insects, food) (requires a prescription)
31. Ophthalmic antibiotic (requires a prescription)
32. Lighter or matches (to sterilize items like needles if you have no gas burner)
33. Alcohol
34. Any prescription medications family members take (high blood pressure, insulin, extra needles, etc)
35. Old magazines or paint sticks from paint store (2-3) (make good splints for broken arms & legs)
36. Instant ice packs (3-4)
37. Instant hot packs 3-4)
38. Burn kit
39. Aspirin (smash, dissolve in a little water, put on inspect bites, takes out the sting)
40. Potassium Iodine Tablets (found on (if radiation fallout and advised to take, do not take unless advised)
41. First-aid book (review regularly so when a situation comes up you will know what to do)

Most items can be found at the 99 Cent Store, the Dollar Tree, CVS, Rite-aid, Walgreens, Target, WalMart and Watch the expiration dates. I have even found some items at estate and yard sales.

Remember: To rotate the ointments and medications as needed. Check every year and replace as needed.

Comments: Your comments, suggestion and ideas are most welcomed. Please leave them below. We are all hear to help each other.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekly Assignment, Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Ideas (Week of January 6th)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,

Who doesn't want great blessings!

When we are obedient to the commandments and teaching of our Prophets we are richly blessed. In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we are taught to follow the prophets. "Wherefore, meaning the church, thou shalt give heed unto all his words and commandments which he shall give unto you as he receiveth them, walking in all holiness before me: For his word ye shall receive, as if from mine own mouth, in all patience and faith." (Doctrine and Covenants 21: 4-5).

Throughout the ages we have been taught and warned by the prophets and our church leaders to be prepared for difficult times ahead. Hopefully, we will never need our 72 Hour Emergency Backpacks, our Food Storage and our Emergency Supplies, but I would rather have them and not need them, than need them and not have them. Remember, "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear" (Doctrine and Covenants 38:30).  Being prepared brings peace of mind, knowing you will be able to provide for and protect yourself and your family.

Weekly Assignment: 72 Hour Individual Emergency Preparedness Food Kit...

This week (January 6th-January 12th) add the following to your Food Kit:

1) 3 juice boxes (100% fruit drink like apple juice)---add 3 for each family member's Food Kit. Place in the large zip lock bag with the 3 granola bars we added last week. Remember to write their name on the bag. Watch the expiration dates on the juice boxes. You want them to be good for a year.

Emergency Preparedness Ideas:

Last week I mentioned some areas we need to be prepared in if a natural disaster hit our area. I would like to expound on one of these this week, electricity.

What would you do if the whole nation's power grid infrastructure failed or their was a natural disaster that caused there to be no electricity for several days, weeks, or even months? What would you do? Could you provide electricity, light, heat, ways to cook for you and your family? How prepared are you for something like this.

Imagine if the nation's power grid infrastructure did go down, or there was a natural disaster. Here is what would happen...

1) No electricity anywhere, no light in the evening.
2) Your bank cards would not work at the ATM or stores.
3) Grocery stores only carry enough food (water) for about 3 days. The shelves would empty in hours. No way to resupply their stock.
4) How would you get gas, especially if you needed to evacuate or you needed it for your gas generator, their pumps work on electricity.
4) Stores would probably not be able to give you change for your large bills of money. They would run out of change quickly.
5) No running water since the pumps at the main water station run on electricity.
6) No way for trucks to bring food since all warehouses depend on electricity to check stocks and send out food. Trucks would probably be attacked by people wanting food and water.
7) How long would hospitals be able to keep their generators going?
8) No Internet, TV or radio access to see what is going on, unless you have a solar radio or batteries on hand. But if there is no electricity because the nation's power grid went down, they would not work anyway, they would not be able to transmit.
9) Most land lines use electricity. Would your cell phone work since the main power plant runs on electricity
10) Home emergency medical equipment would not work.
11) Elevators would not run, maybe trapping you for days, weeks, months.
12) Maybe no emergency response teams like the police department, fire department, medical help, ambulances.
13) Street lights would not work, causing chaos.

What else would not work? What would you do?

What you need to do to protect yourself if this happens... 

1) Have at least 2 weeks-3 months supply of food and water on hand. Also keep some food and water at work (72 Hour Emergency Food Kit).
2) Have medical supplies on hand.
3) Keep extra medical prescriptions on hand.
4) Have a way to provide light (lanterns, flashlights with extra batteries, gas or fuel less (solar, see below) generator, etc).
5) Have a way to cook (Charcoal BBQ, Butane stove with fuel, fire pit, solar oven, etc). If you have a propane BBQ you may not be able to get propane.
6) How will you communicate, radios, computers, phones will not work?
7) Have cash in small bills and change in your home, car and at work since your bank card will not work. Small change so you do not have to over spend for a necessity since they will probably say they cannot make change.
8) Always keep at least a half a tank of gas in all your vehicles at all times in case you need to evacuate and gas is not available.
9) Have a meeting place for family members to meet (best place is at home)  if happens while at work, school or away from home
10) If you cannot stay in your home due to damages from a disaster, have some way to provide for shelter, cooking, sanitation, heat

Remember, "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear".

IMPORTANT: Check out the blog postings under "Postings" for ideas and different types of emergency equipment you might need.

Fuel Less (Solar) Generator:

Here are some great links regarding information on Fuel Less (Solar) Generators. We have done a lot of research on this subject and found these to be the best deals.

They have 3 options. Uses a deep cell battery with a solar panel. We have spoken with this fellow several times. Very nice fellow and will answer any questions you might have. His name is Silas at 440-840-4856.

They have a few options too. Uses a Lithium battery. More expensive than above.

They have one option with several accessories. When you order from this site part of the cost goes towards his ministry. They call the price you pay a "love gift".

Comments: Please leave your comments, suggestions or ideas. All are appreciated and may help someone else.