Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of September 12th)

Hi Carson Ward Family,

This week we will finish up our 72 Hour Kits if you have been following along the past several weeks. I heard this quote last Sunday in our Relief Society lesson and love it (thank you Sister Lawson).


"To be prepared is one thing, to live prepared is another thing."
Elder James E. Talmage

72 Hour Kit Assignment:

Purchase the following this week. Remember, if you are following the same 3 day menu you will need 3 of each item for each family 72 Hour Kit you are putting together.

Snack--Beef Jerky (one package per kit, this is just an extra snack)
Fruit snacks (like Fruit Roll ups, dried fruits, this is just an extra snack)
Note: I put these items along with the hard candy and gum in a separate plastic zip lock bag.

If you have been following along you should have purchased 3 of each item below for each family 72 Hour Kit:

Granola bars
Juice Box Drink or Fruit Drink mix
Instant hot chocolate drink mix
Small box of raisins
Instant Oatmeal
Fruit Cups or Apple Sauce (or mix)
Trail Mix
Dry Soup Mix
Peanut Butter crackers
Water (either 2 Liter Bottle or 3 regular size drinking bottles, not the small ones)
Hard candy
Beef Jerky
Fruit snacks (like fruit roll ups or dried fruits)

A great place to get items for the 72 Hour Food, Hygiene, and Personal Kits is The Dollar Tree, The 99 Cent Store, and Big Lots. (Thank you Myra Albao for reminding me.)

Congratulations! You have just finished putting together your family's 72 Hour Food Kits. Now put everything together in zip lock bags (remember keep the gum and hard candy in a small bag so the food does not take on the taste) and put in your backpack for each family member. Next week we will start the 72 Hour Personal Hygiene Kits.

I learned from one Sister in the Ward she is putting the 72 Hour Kits together as Christmas gifts for her family this year. What a great idea!

I have discovered a great water family pitcher and individual flip top bottle filtration system product. The church is purchasing thousands of these for our missionaries in the field throughout the world. Go to the Water Storage posting and get more information. It is at the end of the posting.

Car Emergency Preparedness Kit:

Add one item on the list on the Car Emergency Preparedness Kit posting that you have not already added.

3 Month Supply:

Purchase extra cans of an item you buy this week while grocery shopping for your storage.

Weekly Challenge:

Part of being prepared is not only being temporally prepared but also being spiritual prepared. The challenge this week, if you are not already doing it, is to read the Book of Mormon each day with your family. It can be just one verse or one chapter a day. The most important thing to do is just start. If you are already doing this, great job! I know it is really hard with small children and you feel they are not listen, but they are. As I witnessed my son doing this with his young family every night, I saw the struggle, but it paid off, now they are older and love reading with the family and some can even read themselves now. What a great blessing for our family!

Remember: Put your comment at the end of this posting and last weeks and your name goes into the monthly FREE GIVEAWAY drawing to held Sunday, October 10th. You will have 4 chances to win if you put a comment in each week's challenge and assignment.

Also, check out the new Recipe posting and all the Carson Ward Emergency Preparedness posting that will help you with your emergency preparedness and maybe give you some new ideas if you already have your years supply. I will be adding recipes and tips all along that will help you use and rotate your food storage.

The best thing you can do regarding Emergency Preparedness is just start, even if it is just one extra can of food, it is a start!


  1. The Dollar Tree and 99 cent store are great places to find snack stuff and canned food at really low prices. Some first aid stuff also.
    Big Lots can be a good resource also, for backpacks and warm clothing.

  2. So all my family's 72-hour packs are missing beef jerky. I get those late night ESPN emergency cravings.

    Nancy this is awesome...!!! Brother Murphy Su'a