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Weekly Assignment and Food Storage Ideas (Week of August 14th)

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"The Lord has warned us of famines, but the righteous will have listened to the Prophet and stored at least a year's supply of survival food." President Ezra Taft Benson

"Let us be in a position so we are able to not only feed ourselves through home production and storage, but others as well." President Ezra Taft Benson

Wise counsel from a Prophet of the Lord!

Seychelle Water Filtration Pump--Last Sunday (August 14th) to order! It filters out 99.9999% of bacteria and contamination. These fit into your 55 gallon water barrels, but also breaks down for small container. You can even use the nastiest water from a stream, lake or even your pool and it will filter out the bacteria and contamination. They are usually $40 each but I was able to get a special deal for $25 (includes taxes and shipping). Please give your money (cash or check made out to Nancy Cuppett) to Sister Nancy Cuppett this Sunday.

Temporal Assignment:

Family Emergency Medical Supplies (please add the following this week):

a) Pepto-Bismol (check with your doctor for children's dosage and write on the bottle)
b) Diphendyramine (Benadryl) (This is an antihistamine used for hives, allergic rhinitis, etc. Check with your doctor for children' dosage and write on the bottle)
c) Lighter or matches (to sterilize items like needles if you have no gas burner)

Spiritual Assignment:

When our children were young Robert took the family to the cemetery for Family Home Evening and we sat by my parents gravesides. The children could not figure out why we were there for Family Home Evening, even I was puzzled. He gave the most awesome lesson on The Plan of Salvation and Eternal Life. Even though we may become separated in this life, we will be together for eternity and see our family again. Afterwards we got ice cream.

My challenge this week, take a trip to the cemetery with your family or a friend, visit a loved one's graveside and have your Family Home Evening there just as we did. If you do not have a loved one there, then just sit under a tree by a graveside. Talk about no matter what happens in this life you will always be together for eternity. Read some scriptures about eternal life and eternal families. This is also a good time to explain the Out of State Contact Person emergency cards and how they work. Even when you are separated in a disaster situation, you have a contact person to call to let them know you are ok, where you are and find out where other family members are. Each family member will carry one in their wallet, purse or backpack.

Food Storage Ideas:

Sugar and Honey:

Sugars are high in calories and low in nutrients. Sugar will keep forever. It will become hard but can me broken up to its original consistency. I store several bags in a large plastic container with a lid.

Honey kept for many months may darken slowly and become stronger in flavor, but will still be usable. Honey keep indefinitely. Honey and corn syrup may crystallize as they get order, but may be melted over hot water for use. Try to only heat up what you need, it is not good to heat up honey to often. It is best to turn your honey over every 6 months. The Honey Association recommends that infants under one year old should not be given honey because it is a raw product and may contain naturally occurring bacteria their systems cannot handle.

Honey is sweeter, weighs more and is moisture than sugar. It takes less.

Equivalents of honey for sugar:

Use 3/4 cup of honey for every cup of sugar.
Use 1/2 cup less of liquid for every cup of honey you use, more moisture and will make moist receipts more runner and not cook as well.

I would also store good organic maple syrup, jams and preserves for sweetening.

How much to store per person for a year: 60 pounds of honey. I have a conbination of regular sugar and honey.

Please read Sister Holt's comment on last week's blog posting regarding why you need an "out of state contact person" and how the cell phones and the internet worked after the Japan disaster. Some very good advise from personal experience!

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