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Weekly Assignment and Food Storage Ideas (Week of October 23rd)

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Paraphrased from a talk given by Carl B. Cook Of the Seventy, October 2011 General Conference---

" 'It is better to look up' )President Thomas S. Monson). Looking up leads us to God. Looking up can be a metaphor to remember Christ. We can be released of our burdens, stresses, sins, trials, hardships that are holding us down in life. Always remember him, always look up. We need to have a hearing ear, a seeing eye, look up, God wants us to be happy, he wants to heal our wounds, he leads us along, are burdens are lightened and our sins are forgiven. It is better to look up."

I would like to tie this to Spiritual and Temporal Emergency Preparedness, of course! I love the statement from President Monson, "It is better to look up". What great advise for when we are going through trails in our lives. What a great thing to remember when a disaster hits our lives, either personal or natural. This statement will give us hope and faith in a loving Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ who are always there for us. It reminds me of the talk given by the Temple President's wife at Stake Conference last Sunday when she asked a temple worker how she was doing and she said there was "only one set of footprints today". No matter how difficult things can be or get, our Savior is there holding us up through the most difficult trails. Keep looking up and you will receive his strength and feel his love and guidance.

Temporal Assignments:

Since some of you already have your 72 Hour Individual Emergency Kits/Backpacks I thought I would give another Temporal Assignment for you, really for everyone.

1) 72 Hour Individual Personal Hygiene Kits (add the follow this week):

You can purchase all of these at the 99 Cent Store, the Dollar Tree or $1 bin at Target/Walgreens/CVS, etc.

1) Comb and/or brush (this should not be too big, need to save space)
2) small bar of soap or liquid soap (put the bar of soup in a small zip lock bag and include a small wash cloth)
3) small bottle or tube of hand lotion

2) Add some plastic sheets (or roll of plastic) and duck tape to your emergency supplies. You may need to seal your windows and doors to keep as much contamination/germs from coming in as possible. Figure out how much you will by the number of doors and windows you have in your home.

Spiritual Assignment (This week read the following in the Book of Mormon):

Date---Page---- Thru Chapter

24----- 143------ Omni
25----- 151------ Mosiah 2
26----- 157------ Mosiah 4
27 -----162------ Mosiah 7
28----- 167------ Mosiah 10
29----- 174------ Mosiah 13
30----- 180------ Mosiah 17

Food Storage Ideas---Warning!:

Potato Pearls Excel: I had a case of some Potato Pearls Excel (they come in bags) stored, you can purchase them from the LDS Dry Pack Cannery in Los Angeles, buried in the back of a closet. I did not write the expiration date on them and called the company that makes them to see when they will expire or expired. Turns out they expired in 2007, oh dear! I also learned from the company, they only store for 8 months. I was told by the LDS Dry Pack Cannery they store for 2 years, not the case. They said they are usually used by restaurants and not meant to be long term food storage. OK if you rotate them every 7-8 months. This product is not cheap. They are about $45-50 a case. A costly experience!

I am not saying to not store them as a part of your Food Storage. I love the Potato Pearls Excel, they are really good! You just need to remember to ROTATE them about every 6 months. I would start then since they expire in 8 months. One bag makes a really huge bowl of mashed potatoes and so easy to make. Just add water, or you can use milk, but water works great.

The best way to store instant potatoes for long food storage is dyhdrated or freeze dried, usually good for 20+ years depending the tempature stored.

If you go to the Basic American Foods website, "", who produces the Potato Pearls, there are some great recipes there and ways to use their, or other, instant dyhdrated and freeze dried potatoes (perals, slices, shredded).

I cannot say enough, I learned even I need to remember this rule of Food Storage--ROTATE, ROTATE, ROTATE WHAT YOU STORE AND CHECK THE ITEMS ABOUT EVERY 3-6 MONTHS!

Post you name and comment at the end of this blog posting to have your name entered into next Sunday's, October 30th, FREE Monthly Giveaway Drawing, it is something for your 72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Family Bag, a must for all families.

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