Saturday, December 29, 2012

Weekly Assignment, Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Ideas (Week of December 30th)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,

We are back...

After an extended health issue and the holidays we are back to help you with your 2013 Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness goals and questions. We are excited for the new year and all it holds, and for the past 2012, which has taught us the importance of being prepared both spiritually and temporally as we have watched the events of 2012 unfold.

As I have watched how little our nation and the world, and its people, are unprepared for natural disasters, civil events, job losses, and the events of the world, I see how much work we have to make sure each of you, your family and neighbors are prepared for what may lie ahead this coming year. Natural disasters are intensifying, governments around the world are collapsing, and the world economy is uncertain! We all need to be better prepared!

This year, 2013, I have decided to go back to the basics. After watching all the disasters and events of 2012 unfold, I have noticed many people do not have 72 Hour Individual Emergency Backpack Kits with food, water, and other items they need. So, we are going to concentrate for the next few months on helping you set up a 72 Hour Individual Emergency Backpack Kit for each person in your household, and a 72 Hour Emergency Family Bag. We are only going to add one item each week to make it easier and more economical for each family. Each week when you go grocery shopping pick up the item we are adding, easy. This will take us 14 weeks (3 1/2 months) to accomplish. If you want to  move faster, I have have the complete Food Kits list this Sunday,or you can find it under the "Postings",  "72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Backpack Kit".

If you already have a 72 Hour Individual Emergency Food Kit for each family member, then get them out and replace any expired items. If you do have them, then work on adding items to your long term Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness supplies. All the previous "Weekly Assignments" and "Postings" on the right side of the blog will help you accomplish these goals. Of course, we encourage everyone to work on these goals too.

A new year means new goals! Make the 72 Hour Individual Emergency Kits, Food Storage and Emergency Supplies a part of your personal and family goals this new year! Below are two great links that will help you with charting your Food Storage goals.

3 Month Food Storage Plan chart (printable):


"Knowing what we know...we must---use our talents, strengths, energies, abilities, and means to prepare for whatever may befall us and our children.... We do not know when the calamities and troubles of the last days will fall upon any of us...The Lord deliberately withholds from us the day and hour of his coming and of the tribulations which shall precede it---all as part of the testing and probationary experiences of immortality. He simply tells us to watch and be ready. We can rest assured that if we have done all in our power to prepare for whatever lies ahead, he will then help us with whatever else we need." (Bruce R. McConkie, "All Other Creatures", Ensgin, May 1979)

Weekly Assignment...72 Hour Individual Emergency Food Kits

This week add the following to each family's 72 Hour Individual Emergency Food Kit...

1) An extra large zip lock bag for each family member (I have seen these at Target, some grocery stores, and even some discount stores). Write each family members family on a bag.

2) 3 granola bars for each family member.  Place the granola bars in an extra large zip lock bag with the family members name on the bag. Each week we will add items to each kit (bag). A box of granola bars comes with 6 in each box. Please make sure you check the expiration dates, especially if purchasing them at the 99 Cent Store, the Dollar Tree or any other discount store. You want them to be good for at least a year.

Important Note: If you work away from home it is a very good idea to have a 72 Hour Individual Emergency Backpack Kit there too. You never know when a disaster or emergency may happen while away from home. We keep ours in our car, so if we are away from home we will have them. But remember, if you keep them in your car, you will need to replace the food kits probably twice a year because of the heat in the car.

72 Hour Individual Emergency Backpacks: Once you have the 72 Hour Individual Emergency Food Kits completed you will place the kit in a backpack. If your children have old school backpacks, and they are still in some what good condition, no holes, wash them, hang them out to dry and then place your Food Kits in them. You will need a backpack for each family member. Another good place to purchase them, besides a regular store like Target, is the Good Will, Salvation Army or any used discount center. It will need to be big enough to hold the Food Kit, water, the Hygiene Kit, and Stressor Kit (which we will work on  these after the Food Kit) and a change of clothing. A regular size school backpack should be large enough.

Emergency Preparedness Ideas:

After watching the disaster events of 2012 unfold I have also noticed some items that are very important to our survival and comfort. They are food, water, some source of light and electricity, shelter, heat and a family evacuation plan.  Please use the resources under "Postings" and the weekly postings under "Blog Archives" on the right to help you prepare for what ever may come your way. Let us all strive harder and set goals this year that will help each of us become better prepared!

FREE Monthly Giveaway Drawing:

I have also decided to change how we do the "FREE Monthly Giveaway Drawing" since some of you do not have home computers and some have not been able to access the blog site. You will no longer need to leave a comment below, which I still enjoy reading from you, or answer a question and email me the answer. Now, anyone who attends church on the 4th Sunday will enter their name in the drawing. At the end of Gospel Doctrine I will draw a name. This way everyone has a chance to win!

"Postings" and "Blog Archives": On the right of this blog you will find "Postings" and "Blog Archives". Under these you will find "Weekly Assignments, Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Ideas", information on Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness, Evacuation, and so much more. Scroll through them and you find all the information you will be to be better prepared.

Comments: Your comments are most welcome, and helps us know what you are interested in learning about and what experiences you have had personally with Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness situation. We all need to help each other be better prepared. Please leave your comment below.


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  2. I found while creating the backpacks for my family when they were young, I used a orange home depot bucket for myself. Purchased new for around $3-$4 with a the lid at home depot I was able to create my 72 hour kit along with the dual use of having a place to sit, also a place to store cold items with ice as a cooler if needed, another use as a makeshift toliet if needed using disposable plastic store was also large enough for shoes, comfort goodies and was able to keep things completely dry and take a licking. I kept this by the door then. When I was over the YW in my ward, I had them make one for their Parents and use foods that would be their parents favorite for comfort and we invited the families to mutual night to give it to them. The YW decorated the pails with stickers and markers and they were lovely. We gave out personal disaster challenges to a few families like, go without electricity for one week, no car for one week, no television or running water for one week. These families were then ask to return and report on the next Sunday the progress of the thier week in Sacrament meeting. It was very interesting and never forgotten. Anyway, just sharing.
    Florita Davis-Smith

  3. Thank you for your comments and ideas. The buckets are a great idea, but if you have to walk I like the backpack since they would be easier to carry, especailly for younger children. The bucket might be too heavy and hard to carry. Both are great ideas. Use what works best for you and your family.