Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weekly Assignment, Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Ideas (Week of May 26th)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,

So many thoughts...

My mind is full of so many thoughts due to things that have happened this week. I am going to attempt to share a little of each of them. Please do not forget the "Weekly Assignment" below all my thoughts for this week.

First, A Few Thoughts on Memorial Day...

I am indeed grateful to all those you have fought and stood strong for the freedoms we enjoy today in the United States of America. I am so eternally grateful to all the loved ones and family who have lost loved ones and for those who serve our country far away from home, either in the military or by other ways. I was raised by parents who dearly loved this country and taught us as children to respect and love this country too. My Dad served faithfull in the United States Army for 21 years. He loved this country, he gave his life and his determination to protect this country and its people. He served in WWII, was on the Bataan Death March, was a POW for 3 years in a consentration camp, and served in the Korean War. My husband dutiful served in Vietnam, when many protested, so others could enjoy the freedoms we enjoy. Great great grandparents, uncles, and cousins have fought in the Revoluationary War, the War Between the States, WW I, WW II and the Spanish Amrecian War all because they believed in this country and freedom. I am proud of this country and will always stand for freedom! I am proud to say "I AM AN AMERCIAN!!!". A Salute to all you who have served, given their lives and will serve in the future! I honor you!!!

Oklahoma Tornado...

Once again a state and a community have been hit by a natural disaster. Our hearts go out to all those in the Oklahoma community who have been effected by the tornado. Much has been lost, lives, pets, homes,
precious memories, schools, businesses, and a community as a whole. Please keep these people in your prayers and thoughts.

Each time there is a natural disaster, or any type of disaster or emergency situation, I listen intently for new information that may help me better help you to be better prepared and how to better handle the emergency and survive.

Family matters most...

Our family is precious! Of course, our family matters the most in any emergency situation. Make sure all your family members, especially your children, know what to do before, during and after an emergency
situation or natural disaster. Have family emergency practice drills for whatever type of natural disaster you may have in your area.

Out of State and other contact information...

If your family is separated make sure they all know the family's out of state, or out of country, contact person and their phone number. This information should be on their school emergency card, on a card in their backpack or in their wallet. For young children you might want to even consider putting it on the tongue part of their shoe, under neither in permanent marker, make sure they know it is there and explain why it is there. Also consider putting their name on their underwear or shirt tags, anywhere someone will see it to help identify them, make sure your children know if they are lost or separated from you to ask an adult for help, look for a police officer, a fireman, a rescue search person or anyone that may help they find their way back to you. Teach your children your phone number and their address and ask them periodically to repeat it.

Also, have an emergency location to meet at if your family is separated. In the case of the Joplin and Moore City tornadoes, it may be hard to locate the location your family is to meet due to street signs and other signs may be destroyed. Try to find some place the family will be able to recognize and locate.

Calling on your cell phone...

Only call on your cell phone if you need emergency help or rescue, otherwise, keep the phone lines open for emergency personnel only. If you have texting on your phone, use that to communicate with family and loved ones, it keeps the phone lines open.

First Responders...

You may be the first responder in a natural disaster or emergency situation. DO NOT go into a calaspsed
structure. Everyone should have some first-aid skills. Get a first-aid book, know and practice them. Attend to the most servere enjuries first. If possible, move victims from dangerous areas. Be careful!

We need to be prepared...

As we have seen in previous natural disasters like Katrina and Sandy in the United States, and terriortist attacks throughout the world, it takes the federal and local govenments awhile to respond. We need to have water, food, emergency equipment and medical supplies on hand at all times. We need to be able to take care of ourselves and our families for 72 hours to 2 weeks. Will you be able to do that?

Stay calm...

The best thing you can do before, during and after an emergency situation or natural disaster is STAY CALM AND ACT QUICKLY! Say a prayer, even if it is a silent prayer.

Get out your emergency equipment...

Last Sunday our Ward Elders Quorum President approached me with a great idea which I have mentioned before on this blog. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE EMERGENCY SITUATION IS UPON YOU TO GET OUT YOUR EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT TO USE IT! IT MAY BE TOO LATE!

Many of us have purchased tents, sleeping bags, emergency cooking equipment like a Butane stove and fuel or a Dutch Oven, emergency lanterns (either propane, solar or battery operated), a gas or fuel less generator, and other emergency equipment and never have taken it out of the box to set up the tent, open the sleeping bag, used and cooked on the cooking equipment, used the lantern or turned on the generator. Once you open it you may find there are missing pieces or it does not work. It will be too late to take it back to store if the emergency is upon you.

Take out your tent and set it up. If you do not know how, ask a Boy Scout, or a friend or neighbor. Same thing for the emergency lantern, cooking equipment, etc. Read the instructions before using any equipment you are not familiar with. Keep the instruction booklets in a plastic zip lock bag (to protect it from water damage) with the equipment, either duck taped on or tied on. Know how to use them before you need them.

In a few weeks our Ward is having a Ward Camp out July 25th-27th. What a great time to go along and learn how to use your emergency equipment. There will be many there to assist you. Have a family camp out in the back yard and use your equipment. Remember to replace any fuel or batteries you used.

Just Believe...

So many of us are overwhelmed with even the thought of setting up food storage and emergency supplies. Were do we start? How do we start? What do we need and how much? What resources are there? It cost to much! I have no room! I have no time! That is what this blog is about, to help you get started and become prepared. Read though the blog postings over the years and the different articles under "Postings" on the right side to learn how to get started and how to do it. Do not be afraid or feel overwhelmed. Just believe you can do it! You can do it, make a plan and take small steps or goals to accomplish your final goal, being prepared for what ever emergency may come your way. There are many there to help you along the way and this blog site is one of them. YOU CAN DO IT.

Food Storage Ideas:

Find great ideas for storing your food storage an emergency supplies at Emergency Essentials, click on this link---"Baby Steps: Make room for your food and supply storage".

Weekly Assignment: 72 Hour Individual Emergency Preparedness Personal Hygiene Kit

This week add the following:

This week I am going to give you two items to add. You should already have these on hand. Remember, you need enough for 3 days.
1) Roll of toilet paper for each person
2) Feminine hygiene items or diapers for your baby

Place these item in the large plastic zip lock bag for each household family member along with the other items we have already added: tooth brush, a small tube of tooth paste, a bottle of "no rinse" shampoo (one per every two people in the family), a small bar of bath soap with a wash cloth, baby wipes, hand sanitizer and heavy work gloves. Note: I placed the toilet paper in a medium size plactic zip lock bag separate from the other items, and then put it in the backpack. You may be able to get the toilet paper, femimine hygiene items in a side or front pocket.

Great Emergency Preparedness Medical Tip:

When one of our sons was a whelder he injured his eyes from the welding flash. He could hardly open them, they burned really bad. My husband discovered if you take potato juice and put it in the eyes it eases the pain. Here is how you do it---Shred a potato and place the shredded potato in a small wash cloth, squeeze out the juice and place the juice into the eyes. You will feel almost instant relief.

Comments: All your comments, ideas, suggestions and experiences are welcome! We all learn from each other. Thank you for your comments.


  1. Thank you Nancy! I have made a list of things that I don't have in my 72 Hr Kit. Like you said, just a little bit at a time and we can do it! This can be overwhelming, but best to be prepared then not at all. Like you said, when it happens, it will be too late!! :( Thanks again for the great info. Can we share the blog with non-members?

    1. Yes, please do. I have many non-members who view this sight all over the world. Nancy

  2. I attended a community disaster prepareness meeting a few days ago in Harbor City, the bottom line was that in a disaster like the one in Moore OK and the big one we're all waiting for, it will be up to us to help ourselves and our families out of the jam because most likely the emergency response entities won't we able to get to us in a timely manner, it could take as long as a week to get help. There is an opportunity to take some rescue training classes in the community which I'm planning to take advantage of to help me be better prepared.

  3. I once heard a speaker at church who was one of the Bataam Marchers. His last name was Thane. It was very moving to hear of his experiences. I believe he has passed on now.

    I think I will have to flatten the roll of toilet paper to fit better. Thankyou Sally

  4. Seems my replies from an ipad don't get through, I tried a few times the other day...

    Great info as usual !

    Thanks for the wonderful Memorial day thoughts

    Great tips about cell phone and using text during emergency, didn't think about that. And getting out that equipment to check for problems and try out, and practice using it. What good is a tent if you can't set it up, and a camp out is a good time to work out any bugs when there could be people around to help.

    I didn't know that about potatoes, good tip !

    tim holt