Thursday, June 6, 2013

Weekly Assignment, Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Ideas (Week of June 9th)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,

Congratulations! The Omar and Tanya Ramil Family and the Helen Trefflich Family each won a one burner Butane Stove with two cans of Butane fuel for the April and May Carson Ward FREE Monthly Giveaway Drawing.

Trials of Faith...

The last few weeks have been "trials of faith" for our family and many more in the Mid-west area with tornadoes and flooding, and for families not living close by knowing if their family is alright. Our daughter's family, who live in Carl Junction, Missouri, USA, were threatened by tornadoes last week as well as one of our friends daughter's family in Oklahoma, USA. It was a very scary situation for several hours when I saw Carl Junction, Missouri, USA come up on the weather channel, that the tornado was upon them. My Aunt, who lives a block away from our daughter, said the tornado went over them this time. It was a scary time for them. The people in the areas take shelter either in a basement, tornado shelter or the safest place in their home or business for several hours. First they hear the tornado siren. Then they hear things like "the tornado is 10 minutes away". Our friend tried to get hold of his daughter by calling her, but no answer, as did we, but he remembered some times texting works. There was a delay with them being in their tornado shelter but he was able to hear back from her. His daughter asked him, "What should we do?". He told her it all comes down to "faith". Thank goodness our daughter and her family are alright, as well as our friend's family.

FAITH is a very powerful word! We all need faith in our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ to get through these trials of our faith. We need to know and believe that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are there watching over us. We do not always know in this life why we lost a loved one, our home or our precious things. We need faith to believe and trust in God. Most material things can be replaced, and having a knowledge of eternal families and that we will see them again can bring comfort.

"There is nothing that we are enduring that Jesus does not understand, and He waits for us to go to our Heavenly Father in prayer. I testify that if we will be obedient and if we are diligent, our prayers will be answered, our problems will diminish, our fears will dissipate, light will come upon us, the darkness of despair will be dispersed, and we will be close to the Lord and feel of His love and of the comfort of the Holy Ghost". (Elder Robert D. Hales, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints)

"I will never forget thee, O house of Israel. Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; they walls are continually before me." (1 Nephi 21:15-16)

Our lives are not without trials and challenges, but if we are prepared both spiritually and temporally it will make it a little easier to get through them. Faith in our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ will get us through them.

Texting: I am always saying texting works in emergency situations and is best to use. Here I say that all the time, but I forgot myself when trying to get hold of our daughter. I kept calling their land line getting a busy signal and their cell phone with no answer. I totally forgot about texting her. Texting works as in the case of our friend trying to reach his daughter. Always use texting in an emergency situation to keep the cell phone and other phone lines open for emergency personnel.

Weekly Assignment: 72 Hour Individual Emergency Personal Hygiene Kit

This week add the following:

Rain poncho per family 72 Hour Individual Emergency Personal Hygiene Kit. You can find these for a $1 and one for $3.50 at These can also be found at Target, Kmart, WalMart, sporting good stores and other department stores in their camping area.

Note: Next week we will be adding the Emergency (Space) Blanket. You can also purchase these from for $1.75 and $3.75 each. If you are ordering the rain poncho you might want to order the emergency blanket to save on postage.

Place these items in the large plastic zip lock bag for each household family member along with the other items we have already added: tooth brush, a small tube of tooth paste, a bottle of "no rinse" shampoo (one per every two people in the family), a small bar of bath soap with a wash cloth, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, heavy work gloves, roll of toilet paper, feminine hygiene items or diapers, and 3 respirator masks. Note: I placed the toilet paper in a medium size plastic zip lock bag separate from the other items, and then put it in the backpack.

Emergency Preparedness Ideas:

Road Trips and Vacation Trips: Many of you will be taking vacation road trips or renting cars in areas where you fly. Be aware of the weather in those areas and use extreme caution while driving in those weather conditions. Review the warnings in "Disaster Situation and What to Do" on the right side of this blog under "Postings". Be cautious and do not take any chances when it comes to your safety and your family's. Always keep food, water, a blanket, a First-aid kit, flares, flashlight with extra batteries, radio with extra batteries or a solar radio, and a road map of the area you will be traveling in while traveling in our car.

Comments: All your comments, ideas, suggestions and experiences are welcome! We all learn from each other. Thank you for your comments.


  1. I agree, faith is very important in every thing, but we must act on that faith, the Lord has promised many blessings including the blessing of safety if we do what He wants us to do if we don't, we have no promise, we should always remember that.

    1. Very true! Thank you for your comments. Greatly appreciated.