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Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness and Weekly/Monthly Assignments (March 23rd)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,

"Faith is weathering the storm, and believing that everything will work out. Stand strong in the face of adversity, and watch your faith and trust in God begin to grow." 
(Quentin L. Cook, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

Are you in tune and ready?

Are we in tune with the Holy Ghost and are our houses in order so when the natural disasters and trails come into our lives we are ready? We have been admonished so many times in the scriptures and by our church leaders we need to be close to the Holy Ghost to receive inspiration and revelation for our self and our own family and we need to have our houses in order so when the disasters and trails come we can take care of our own.

"For if there be no faith among the children of men God can do no miracle among them;.... (Book of Mormon, Ether 12:12)

"Let all things be done decently and in order." (1 Corinthians 14:40)

"And now a commandment I give unto you---if you will not be delivered you shall set in order your own house, for there are many things that are not right in your house." (Doctrine and Covenants 93:43)

"Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing, and establish a house ..., a house of order,.... (Doctrine and Covenants 109:8)

When the storms come we will be able to weather them by being in tune with the Spirit and having our house in order. 

The Greatest Generation, Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness...What we can learn from them!

Many of us have parents and grandparents that come from the Great Depression and World War II. They understood the importance of living on a strict budget, food storage and emergency preparedness. They very seldom used credit to purchase anything, only using cash. If you could not afford it you did with out and found a better way and saved until you could afford it. They new what it was like to not have food and to be on food rationing coupons. They learned how to live on very little, work hard and produce as much as they could themselves. We can learn so much from them.

My mother was a great example of this! She saved until they could afford things they needed, usually not what they wanted, and always paid cash. She had a deep freezer that was always filled with meats, and vegetables and fruits she had purchased on sale. She had a vegetable garden and froze vegetables we could not eat right away. She purchased vegetables she did not grow and fruits when on sale and froze them for latter. She was very frugal with their money. She stored canned foods and other items for emergencies.

My husband's Aunt Edith introduced me to food storage when we were first married and me only having been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for three years. In her bathroom there was a pantry filled with 50+ each of tooth brushes, tooth paste, mouth wash, bath soap, deodorants, other personal hygiene products and medical supplies. She had a deep freezer in her garage filled with frozen foods like my mother, her kitchen cupboards and laundry room cupboards were stuffed with canned foods. This was my first glimpse at food storage and the beginning of ours.

An elderly sister I visit each month hates waste. She remembers what it was like to go without food and other necessities during the Great Depression and World War II. She has fruit trees in her yard and cans the fruit each season. She has a pantry full of canned foods and other items. She is very frugal and grateful for all she has!

We never know when we might be in these same circumstances! There is so much turmoil in our world today and more natural disasters and interesting weather than before. Any time we could also be without food, at least enough to sustain us, and other necessities of life. What can we do? Store canned and packaged foods, have long term food storage items, plant a vegetable garden and fruit trees and lean how to can and freeze them properly for future use. Learn basic first-aid and have some extra medical supplies on hand. Have emergency supplies on hand like lanterns, cooking equipment, shelter, tools, and other items we might need.

It is not hard to have food storage and other necessities. Each week just add a little extra when you go grocery shopping, when you see canned and packaged foods on sale, stock up as much as you can. Remember to rotate your canned and packaged foods so you do not have to throw them out, a waste of hard earned money. Try to save for things you want and not go into debt, pay by cash. All the time we are hearing in the news how a stores credit card system has been compromised. Some people are starting to go back to a cash paying basis. Our church admonishes to not go into debt for our food store and emergency supplies.

You can do it! A little at a time and before you know it you will be prepared for things that may come your way and have peace of mind, the greatest feeling!

Weekly Assignment: Emergency Cleaning Bucket

Have you ever thought about needing emergency cleaning supplies? For the next few weeks we are going to work on setting up an Emergency Cleaning Bucket. Each week we will add 1-3 items. Most of these items can be found for a dollar each at a discount store (99 Cent Store, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc.). You want to purchase small-medium bottles so all of it will fit in one bucket. Watch the video below. As we add each item place it into the bucket. Mark the bucket with a permanent marker--Emergency Cleaning Bucket. You can keep this in your garage or home storage shed.

This week add the following items: (You can purchase all these items at any discount store like the 99 Cent Store, the Dollar Tree, Dollar General, etc. )

1) Laundry soup (small-medium size)       



2) 2 packages of clothes lines ropes (100 feet)



3) Package of clothes pens

Note: To see the entire list of items in the Emergency Cleaning Bucket and the video on how to place all the items in the bucket go to the March 16th posting. 

Monthly March Assignment: Sanitation

This month add items for sanitation in case you cannot use your regular toilet...

1) Portable toilet (emergencyessentials.com for $14.95)
2) Enzyme Packets (You will need several. You can purchase them at emergencyessentials.com, 60 cents a packet). The odor is quite strong, keep them in a large plastic zip lock bag. I store ours in the zip lock bag in our portable toilet.
3) Cat Litter (You can purchase them discount stores like the 99 Cent Store or other stores, you will need several bags.)
4) Large heavy black trash bags (Costco or Sam's Club size)
5) Toilet paper & paper towels (Costco or Sam's Club size)
6) Baby wipes (You can purchase these at discount stores like the 99 Cent Store, Costco or Sam's Club. You should have several stored)
7) Disinfectants--Clorox bleach, Lysol, hand sanitizer, etc. 
8) Privacy Shelter (you can purchase this at emerencyessentials.com for $89.95 or construct your own with a large blanket or ex-large plastic tarp, rope, clothes pins, duct tape, nails and hammer) 

Keep all of these items together in your garage or a home storage shed.  Some of these items will fit inside the portable toilet to keep them organized and together.  Keep those items that will not fit into the portable toilet together with the toilet.
Important Information: Check out the posting "Sanitation" under Postings on the right for more information, why you need these items, how they work (example: enzyme packets), how to use the portable toilet correctly and how to dispose of human waste. 

They did it right!

Many made fun of this news team, but they did it right. As soon as they felt the earthquake they took cover under their desk. We all should do this when we feel an earthquake, take cover and hold on. It does not matter how small the earthquake is, it is great practice and you never know when it might be the "big one".

To see more information about what to do before, during and after an earthquake click here. It could save lives!


In the Garden...

How to naturally get rid of those pesky ants

Here are the most popular and effective home remedies in eliminating ants...

1) Apple cider vinegar: Make a mixture of 50/50 water and vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the surface several times a day. Ants hate the smell and will run away.
2) Black pepper: Sprinkle the black pepper where you see the ants the most. Fi9nd out where they're exiting and sprinkle the pepper at that spot also. Since it's safe, you can sprinkle it in your cabinets and around food.
3) Cinnamon: Another spice that ants hate. Sprinkle it around your window sills and cabinets. It also will give a pleasant cinnamon smell to your home. You can also sprinkle it at the base fruit trees and vegetable plants. It works as a barrier, ants will not cross it.
4) Bay Leaves: Set on your counter and floor where they are coming in. Also gets rid of moths in your pantry. Place in an old panty hose, place on the shelf or hang by a thumb tack on the side.
5) Peppermint spray: Fill a spray bottle with water and add 10 drops of peppermint essential oil. Ants hate the smell of peppermint also. Another great sent for your home.
6) Plant mint: Works for keeping ants from coming into your house. Plant all around your house.
7) Boiling water: Boil some water and sneak up on to the ant mounds and pour the boiling water down the hole. 
8) Coffee grounds: Sprinkle used coffee grounds around the outside of your house (this will also keep other critters away too)
9) Boric acid: This works for outdoors too, if you don't to have around children. Mix with sugar, peanut butter, or grease. Ants bring it back to the hill and they are all poisoned by it. Another way is to take a regular size plastic drinking bottle, push paper towels inside it. Boil in water 2 tablespoons of boric acid with sugar. Pour into the bottle, place outside where you see ants around the house, keep in a shaded place, place a small stick from the bottle cap opening to the ground, pour a little of the mixture down the stick onto the ground to attract the ants. They will take pieces of the soaked paper towel back to the ant colony and they will all die. 
10) Cucumber/Citrus Peels: Leave the peelings in areas of activity or by doorways. The peels are toxic to ants, so they avoid them. 
11). Cornmeal: Sprinkle cornmeal around fruit trees, vegetable and other places you see ants. Also pour it around their ant colony. They take it back to their colony, eat it and die.
12) Lemon: Cut a lemon in half and rub along the window ledge and where you see ants. They will not cross the lemon juice. 

Important Warning: Never use chemical poisons around your vegetable garden or fruit trees. The poison will be absorbed into the vegetables that you consume. 

All Natural Weed Killer...

Warning: Do not spray on plants or vegetables, will kill them. It will kill anything you spray it on.

1 gallon of vinegar
2 cups Epson salt
1/4 cup dish soap (The person who posted this uses Dawn, the blue original, but any dish soap should work)

Mix and spray in the morning, after the dew has evaporated. Walk away. go back after dinner and look at the dead weeds.Works just like Roundup but saver since uses no harmful chemicals. If kept in a container make sure you marker it.

Emergency Preparedness Ideas

Money, Where does it come from for Food Storage and Emergency Supplies?

A part of emergency preparedness is budgeting so you can purchase the things you need for your food storage and emergency preparedness supplies. The idea below may help you in budgeting your money better give you left over money to use on your food storage and emergency preparedness supplies. It goes back to way our grandparents and parents did things, cash only basis. This take discipline and work, but you can do it. It really does work!

Dave Ramsey, "The Envelope System Explained"

Unique way to start a fire...

Bottle of water

This works like a charm as long as the sun is shining, even on a cold, sunny day. At night or on a cloudy day,
never mind. But a partially full clear plastic water bottle can serve as a lens to focus the suns light and ignite tinder or even paper. If your paper is white, darken an area with ink or dirt so the light/heat will be absorbed and not reflected.  Fill your bottle with clear water, and tilt it top down an inch or two from your tinder until you find where the light coming through the bottle is the most focused. Within several seconds, you should see smoke, when you see smoke start blowing gently while keeping the bottle in position.

Power Outage...some great advise

Click here to learn how to "Prepared For and Respond to a Power Outage" and here for "Attack on the Power Grid". 

Comments: All your comments, ideas, suggestions and experiences are welcome! We all learn from each other. Thank you for your comments.   

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