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Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness Ideas and Weekly/Monthly Assignments (Week of May 11th)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers throughout the world. Each of us owes our mothers a deep gratitude of thanksgiving for giving us an opportunity to come to earth and receive bodies so we can complete our eternal journey.  Some of you may feel you did not have had the type of mother you wish you had, but she is your mother, she gave you one of the greatest gifts, life. Each mother desires respect and honor. One of God's commandments states, "Honor thy father and thy mother". The hardest job in the world is being a mother, having the responsibility given to us by Heavenly Father to raise righteous and loving children. But it is also the best job in the world. Women were foreordained in the pre-existence for motherhood. Some have never been given the blessing of having their own children in this life, but they are given the ability to touch the lives all children here on earth by their kindness, love and example. Some of us have had women in our life who is not our mother but has been their for us like a mother. Every woman is a mother to someone! There is an old saying, "God could not be here so he created mothers".

I honor and cherish my mother. She has passed on but is always near. She was the most kind, loving, caring, beautiful and righteous woman I have ever known. Each morning we woke to her angle voice singing in the kitchen while she prepared our breakfast. She never yelled at us or hit us. She taught us to love life, to respect life and this beautiful earth Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have created for us, to treat each other with kindness, never judge others, to serve others, to honor our name, to make wise choices, to love, honor and respect our American flag and country and so much more. She also taught our grandchildren the same things. Thank you Mom and Grandmother for all you did for us, the many many sacrifices you made for us and for all you taught us. We love you!

New Weekly Assignments

Weekly Assignment: Water Storage

One of the most important things we can have in our Food Storage is WATER! We can live without food for several days (30-40 days), but we can only live without water for about 2-3 days. We use water in many ways; drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry, cleaning, watering our vegetable garden and gardens, re-hydrating our dehydrated and freeze dried food storage, etc. The next few weeks we are going to work on Water Storage.

Did you take The Water Challenge? How did your family do?
Let us know by putting a comment below or emailing us at We would love to hear how you did and what you learned from this challenge. If you have not done it yet, go back to last week's posting to the see "The Water Challenge".

This week do the following 3 things...

1)  Decide on how you will store water. Purchase 15/30/55 gallon water barrels, 5-10 gallon water barrels/containers, waterbricks (see below), cases of individual plastic 16 oz water bottles, or larger.

For local South Bay Californians USA--I purchase my 55 gallon water barrels from a fellow in Long Beach, California USA. They come from companies that sell Hawaiian Punch or juice concentrate. He cleans them out thoroughly. You will need to call Marion for the current price. Last time I purchased them they were about $22. Do not purchase them from survival stores, they are very expensive, about $80. One will fit in the back seat of a Honda Civic. When you get them home put in about 1-2 gallons of bleach and roll them around, do not forget to swish the top and bottom. If you have several barrels you can transfer the bleach to each barrel. This helps disinfect them. Then add the water.

M&M Containers
1700 Santa Fe Ave (between PCH and Anaheim)
Long Beach, CA 90813

Ask for Mario Salgado (nice fellow)

Cell: 310-489-4485
Office: 562-983-3155
Waterbricks: I love these. The small ones holds 1.6 gallons of water and the large one holds 3/5 gallons of water. They interlock and stack well, up to 4 feet high. You can even create end tables with them by placing a board on top and covering with a table cloth. Honeyville sells the small ones for $15.00 and the large ones for $19.99.They have a 10% off sale until May 9, 2014. Click here to see their website and read more about waterbricks. There phone number is 888-810-3212. If you live in Southern California USA there is a Honeyville in Rancho Cucamonga.
How long will the water last in the 55 gallon water barrels and how do you treat it to last longer? If you do not add bleach the water needs to be replaced every 6 months. If you add 1/4 cup of bleach to the water of each barrel the water will last 1 year. Or, you can purchase Activate Stabilized Oxygen (ASO, 10% strength formula). I purchased a 2 fluid oz bottle at Major Surplus and Survival Discount Warehouse on 435 W. Alondra Blvd in Garden,  California USA for about $12-$14 a few years ago. This bottle will protect two 55 gallon water barrels of water for up to 5 years. Personal I think this is a great deal not having to rotate the water every year. I also found it on for $20 (4 oz.). Remember: When you store your water, it needs to be stored in a shaded cool place. If directly in the sun you will need to replace the water more often. The garage is really not a good place to store your water, it gets to hot. If you do, the water will need to replaced more often.

Important: Sunday a sister asked me about storing water. If you store water in cases (like from Costco or Sam's Club), or in any type of light weight plastic, do not set them directly onto the concrete. The plastic will absorb the chemicals from the concrete and ruin the water. Place down 2 2x4 pieces of wood side by side with space in between them. Place the cases or plastic water bottles on the 2x4's. This also goes for those of you who fill their bleach bottles with water. If you fill your bleach bottles with water you do not have to add bleach to preserve the water, there is enough bleach left in the bottle to handle it.

2) Decide on how much water you will need to store for your size family. Do not forget your pets. See "The Water Challenge Test" on last week's posting. If you store the 55 gallon water barrels determine how many you will need. Remember: This is not only for drinking, but for cooking and bathing. I think one per family member is great, or more if you desire.  If you purchase other ways to store emergency water, determine what you will need for each family member. I would store enough for at least 2+ months if possible. If you live in an apartment or condo you could store the 55 gallon barrel on your patio or balcony. Cases of drinking water can be stored in closets, under beds, etc.

3) Start adding emergency water to your family emergency supplies. If you are using the 55 gallon water barrels, find a place for them and fill them immediately. One woman told me it took them 2 years before they filled them, a common problem. Fill them immediately! If you are storing cases of water, purchase some each week when you go grocery shopping until you sufficient for your family.

Remember to replace the water according to how you are storing it. If you use it, replace it immediately. For more information on Emergency Water Storage click here.

Next week we will work on water filtration, water pumps and siphons.

New May Monthly Assignment

May Monthly Assignment: Fire Safety

This month we are going to work on fire safety.  

How many of you have a fire escape plan in your home? Are you aware of the fire escape plan at work and how to get out of your building? Do you know how to put out different types of fires out? Do you know how to put out a car fire? This month we will be discussing all of these questions and the things you need to have in your home to protect your family and home.

See last week's blog posting, May 4, 2014, to find all the information on Fire Safety and the monthly assignments. Click on "Comments" below the posting and read the two comments regarding children and fire extinguishers. Click here.
This week do the following:

1) If you do not already have a fire extinguisher in your home and cars please add them. If you already do, check them to make sure they are charged and working properly. Your local fire department will do this for you.  

Emergency Preparedness Ideas:

May and the Summer months are a great time to stock up on and add condiments and paper supplies to your food storage and emergency supplies. It is a great time for sales with Memorial Day and Fourth of July just around the corner. Watch your supermarket sales papers you get in the mail and newspapers. Make a list of the types of condiments your family uses and calculate how much you use during a year. Then purchase them while on sale. Remember to store them in a dark dry cool place, like your pantry, under the bed or a closet.

Paper products--if there is a disaster or emergency situation who would not want to use their valuable water for doing the dishes. Paper products like paper plates, paper bowls, cups, plastic silverware and napkins go on sale during the Spring and Summer months. A great time to stock up!

Great Tip...How to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard...

Mosquitoes do not like the smell of Lavender or Marigolds. So to keep them out of your yard plant Lavender and Marigolds around your yard. Plus the Lavender smells good and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. If you live in an apartment or condo you can place planters on your patio or balcony.

Comments: Please post a comment.  All your comments, ideas, suggestions and experiences are welcome! We all learn from each other. Thank you for your comments. 

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