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Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness and Weekly/Monthly Assignments (Week of October 5th)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Torrance Stake Family, Family and Friends,

Be spiritual prepared! 

This weekend

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
184th Semi-Annual General Conference
Saturday, October 4th, 9:00Am and 1:00PM (USA Pacific Standard Time)
Sunday, October 5th, 9:00AM and 1:00PM (USA Pacific Standard Time)

You watch it at LDS church Stake Centers and some chapels near you, on and on satellite or cable television.

Do not miss out on being spiritually feed and prepared!

How can I motive people to be prepared for what may come their way?

Many times I find it takes a natural disaster for someone to be motivated to prepare. Then it is usually too late, the disaster has already happened. Some times it takes a close family member or friend who has experienced such an event. It amazes me, and I have said this before, how many people who live in season weather like hurricanes and tornadoes are running to the stores for boards and nails to board up their windows, food, water, flashlights, batteries and other emergency supplies due to the on coming storm, and how up set they are when they get there and supplies are out. Why not always be prepared for these types of conditions?  Then there are those who feel a small earthquake and are reminded they are not prepared, but in a few days they go on with their lives, forgetting about the possible danger. Then their are those who loose their electricity or water for several hours, sometimes days, and do the same thing. They all say they need to be better prepared for these types of events, but once again forget and go on with their lives.

Emergency preparedness needs to be a part of our everyday lives just as many other things like our family, our spiritual growth, our health, our jobs, our finances. We need to always be mindful of the things we need to survive a natural disaster or other events in our lives, like canned and packaged foods, long term food storage, water storage and emergency supplies. Each time we go grocery shopping we should watch for sales items we need for food storage. We can sign up for emails from companies like Emergency Essentials to received sales notices of long term food and emergency supply items, or sign up to receive their monthly catalog in the mail.

The best way is to set goals, do inventory of what you have and what you need. Keeping the list in our purse or wallet. Then each time you go shopping you will know what you need and how much.

Put a note on the refrigerator reminding you of being prepared.

I guess there is really no way I can motive people to be better prepared for the storms and disasters in our lives. When we are gently reminded by small earthquakes or near by disasters we remember for awhile, but soon quickly forget. Some how we need to keep those gentle reminders close by and strive each day to be better prepared that we were the day before. 

Hopefully this blog will help you set goals, hopefully it help motivate you and give you vital information that will help you become better prepared so you are not one of those scrambling to the stores for supplies when the storm is approaching. And remember, some times there is no warning!

Let us all strive to be better prepared so we can take care of our loved ones and our neighbors if needed.

Some quotes I love . . .

"It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark." Brigham Young

"Your life can change in just a second."

"Haste makes waste." (Benjamin Franklin)

If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear."(Doctrine and Covenants 38:30)

Weekly Assignment: Emergency Family Medical Kit  

The past few weeks we have been working on our Emergency Family Medical Kit. We are almost done with it. To go back to the beginning go to the week of  June 1st. Follow through each week to see what items we have added and why it is important to have this kit as part of your emergency preparedness supplies.

This week add the following: 

1) Scalpel with blades     

2) Lighter or matches: To sterilize items like needles if you have no gas burner.

3) Needles: Regular sewing needles and consider including suture materials.

New October Monthly Assignment

October Monthly Assignment: 
          Food Storage . . . Fruits

This month we are adding fruits to our food storage. 
1) Purchase canned fruits each week or as you go grocery shopping. 
2) You can also purchase freeze-dried or dehydrated fruits  for long term storage from companies like,,, etc..
3)  They can be commercially canned, home canned, freeze-dried or dehydrated or even frozen. 
4) Only add the types of fruits  your family will eat. It has been proven, even in an emergency situation and
people are hungry, especially children, they will not eat things they do not like. Do not waste your hard earned money by storing fruits your family will not eat.
5) Store all commercially or home canned fruits in a cool, dry, dark place. Store them in your cupboards, under beds, enclosed lamp and bedside tables, and in closets. The garage is too hot! 
6) Most commercially canned and home canned fruits will last for about 2-3 years if stored properly. Dehydrated and freeze-dried fruits will store for 20-30 years if stored properly. Frozen fruits usually only last about a year or less.
7) Replace any canned fruits in your food storage as you use them. 
8) As always, the key to any food storage is rotation!

Monthly Assignment: 

Figure out how much fruit (canned, frozen, fresh) your family eats in a month. You should have done this when we kept track for a month of how much our family eats and what they eat in a month. Determine how much you need to store for the number of months you have set you food storage goal, 1-month, 2-months, 3-months, etc. 

1) Each week when you go grocery shopping add canned and/or jarred fruits to your food storage. Watch for sales.
2) During the month add dehydrated or freeze-dried long term food storage fruits to your food storage. Watch for sales.
4) If you have fruit trees, during their harvest season, can the fruit. This is usually done by the water bath canning method.

Emergency Preparedness Ideas

Great items to have in your food storage/emergency supplies. 

Did you know that there are many uses for common household items like Epsom salt, baking soda, vinegar, mayonnaise, coffee, Petroleum jelly, dryer sheets and lemons? Click here to read about them. Print out a copy of each and keep them in your emergency preparedness folder for future use.You an also Google other ideas on how to use Borax, salt and other household items.

Comments: Your comments below are greatly appreciated. We all learn from each others experiences, ideas and knowledge.

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