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Emergency Preparedness, Food Storage and Monthy Assignments (Week of April 26th)

Hi Torrance Stake Family, Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,

Have we heeded the counsel and the warning?

For many years The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has counseled its members to be prepared both temporally and spiritually. It has counseled its members to produce and store food. The past few years our federal and local governments and communities have also counseled us to store food, water and emergency supplies. Have we heeded their counsel, or just ignored it thinking it will never happen to me?

So many think it will never happen, but the tornadoes come, the hurricanes come, the earthquakes come, the tsunamis come, the volcanoes come, the chemical spills and water contamination come, the civil unrest and riots come. You never know when they will strike. Does the storm have to be on top of you to prepare? Then it is too late!

We need to be self-sustaining through adequate preparation. We should not expect the Lord, or others, to do for us what we can do our ourselves. "The revelation to produce and store food may be as essential to our temporal welfare today as boarding the ark was to the people in the days of Noah.... Plan to build up your food supply just as you would a savings account. Save a little for storage each pay-check. Make your storage a part of your budget." (Teachings of Presidents of the Church, Ezra Taft Benson, "Principles of Temporal and Spiritual Welfare", pages 263-274)

Have you ever stopped and thought what would happen to your community or nation if transportation were paralyzed or if we had a war or depression? How would you, your family and your neighbors obtain food? How long could the local supermarkets, or corner grocery store, sustain the needs of the community?

It seems most people I speak with and hear on television or radio feels and knows something big is coming. They are not sure what or when it will happen, but they "know in their bones", in their spirit, it is coming. Even our federal government is storing food and supplies. What do they know we do not know? Why not be prepared for what ever it might be or when it might be? What would it hurt? Do not procrastinate! Start today before it is too late! Stay close to the Spirit for guidance!

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April Monthly Assignments

Food Storage:  Rice . . .

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Emergency Preparedness: 
       Vegetable and Herb Gardening . . . 

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Emergency Preparedness Ideas 

Be aware of and prepared for your family's unique needs . . . 

Every household is different. 

Do you have an infant or small child?
Do you have elderly parents or grandparents that live with you?
Do you have family members with special medical  needs, medications, etc.?
Do you have a pet(s)?

Before a disaster strikes sit it down as a family and discuss your family's unique needs. 

Identify your family's unique needs.
Make an emergency plan for them.
Make a list of special items you might need for that person in your family with unique needs.
Purchase those items. 
If you or someone in your family has a disability, create an evacuation plan that works for them. 
Some local communities have a website were you can register family members in your home with unique needs. This way emergency response teams will know where they are and need assistance.(For the Los Angeles County SNAP click here. Click here for Orange County. Or, check out your local county website how to register special needs family members.)
If you have pets make a plan for them in a disaster.
If you have pets make a list and purchase items you will need for them. Have a pet emergency bucket.

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