Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sanitation--Emergency Portable Toilet Supplies and Instructions

What will you do during an emergency situation or disaster and you cannot use your conventional toilet and use the water to flush the toilet? I know this is icky thought, but one that needs addresses and prepared for.

Every house hold should have an emergency toilet. Here are the supplies you will need and instruction on how to use one . . .

What you will need to purchase (The supplies will be determined by the number in your family):

1) An emergency toilet ( has a great price for these, $15.96 which includes 2 Enzymes packs.)
2) Heavy large plastic trash bags (You will need several of these, enough to last for 3-6 months. Best price for a large box is Costco or Sam's Club)
3) Cat Liter (You will need several large bags, enough to last for 3-5 months)
4) Enzymes or Rid-X Septic Tank System Treatment (This breaks down the waste in your emergency portable toilet. You can purchase the Enzymes from for 60 cents a packet or the Rid-X. WalMart offers the Rid-X for about $14.00.
5) Ex-large plastic tarp, nails, rope, hammer (To put up for privacy if outside)

Instructions how to use:

1. If outside, construct a privacy screen with the ex-large plastic tarp, nails and rope.
2. If inside you can use the conventional toilet in the same way you use the portable one, just do not flush due to no water.
3. Line the portable toilet, or your conventional toilet, with the heavy black plastic trash bag, leaving enough hanging over the sides to tie.
4. Place about 3 inches of cat liter on the bottom.
5. Securely place the lid on top of the bucket. When not in use keep the lid closed to cut down on flies and insects.
6. Each time someone has a bowel movement sprinkle Enzymes or the Rid-X over it. Then add a little more cat liter. The Enzymes and Rid-X help break down the human waist so you can bury it in the trash bag. It is against the law to bury human waist in California due to disease. In an emergency situation you really have no choice but to bury it, but bury it in the heavy black plastic trash bag.
7. Do not let the trash bag get to full, it will be heavy and hard to remove without ripping the trash bag.
8. Once full enough, tie and bury the trash bag.
9. Continue the process until you no longer need to use the portable toilet or your conventional toilet in this manner.

Note: This is also great for camping if there are not bathroom facilities.

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