Thursday, October 29, 2015

How to prepare for your baby and young children . . .

Our babies and young children are a very important part of our emergency preparedness and very vulnerable during and after a disaster. If you have a baby and/or young children in your home you need to prepare for them differently than older children, teenagers and adults. Evaluate each of your children's needs and prepare for them.

1) New babies need formula, even if you are breast feeding your baby, what if you became ill or die and can no longer breast feed your baby, the baby will need milk. You will need baby bottles too. Remember to rotate as needed, do not let it expire. Give to a mother who can use it before it expires. 

2) You will need to store baby cereals and food (vegetables, fruits, meats) for different stages of life and ages. Possibly a baby food grinder if you prefer to make your own baby food.

3)You will need to store diapers in different, and wipes. I would also store cloth diapers, if you run out at least you will have them and can wash them. 

4)You will need to consider their clothes, store them in different sizes. If you have children of all ages, store their old clothes, the younger ones will eventually grow into them. Check babies and children clothes often to make sure they still fit. You will need to consider seasons too if you live where it gets cold, snows or is hot.

5) You will need to store any medications they might need, children's Tylenol, Motrin,  Orajel for teething, diaper creams, peroxide for cuts and wounds, neosporin, Vick's, vitamins for different ages and any other medications they may be taking.

6) You will need to store hygiene products for them, baby shampoo, baby bath soap, baby lotion, wipes, children's tooth paste, fluoride mouth wash, tooth brushes and other hygiene products as needed.  

7) Stress relievers--babies and young children feel great stress during and after a disaster. Put together a Stressor Kit or them, which should include activities for the ages of children you have in your family, activity books, card games, their favorite reading books, small toys, writing tablet with pencils, pencil sharpener and crayons, coloring books, a small toy, a picture of the family in case you are separated, what ever your child enjoys doing that will bring them comfort.

8) And of course the right size car seat and stroller if you need to evacuate.

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