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Emergency Preparedness, Food Storage and Monthly Assignments (Week of July 3rd)

Hi Torrance Stake Family, Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,

"No one can do everything,
         but everyone can do something."
                                                                                   Max Lucado

I love this statement above. It is impossible for each of us to do everything at once, but each of us can do something each day. I hear many people say I wish I had food storage, water storage and emergency supplies. Wishing does not make it happen. It takes setting goals and dividing the large goal into small goals to make it happen. If you want to have food storage then break it down into the different areas, vegetables, fruits, meats, soups, beans, wheat, grains, drinks (milk and juices), etc. and set goals to accomplish them.

Then figure out how much you will need for your family for the amount of months your goal is, 2-weeks, 1-month, 3-months, 6-months, a year. Remember, only store what your family already eats! Watch for sales at grocery stores, discount stores (watch the expiration dates), big box stores and long term food storage companies. I only buy when things are on sale. You can also follow the food storage monthly goals on this blog.

Albert Einstein said, "If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got." If you do not work towards for food storage goals you will never have any food storage or emergency supplies. Start now!

What are you doing to make it happen? Are you setting goals as a family or individual? Are you working towards them and checking them off the list. Are you adding to your food storage each week with canned and packaged foods? Are you adding to your emergency supplies monthly? What are you doing? Food storage is a life time process because you are always rotating what you store, especially commercially canned and packaged foods. Long term food storage will last for 15-30 years depending on what you are storing and how you are storing it. Be smart, be wise, and start doing!

New July Monthly Assignments

Summer time is a great time to work on condiments and paper products since they are usually on sale.

Food Storage . . . Condiments

This month we are adding condiments to our food storage, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, pickle relish, BBQ sauces, etc. Watch for sales in your local grocery stores and big box stores and stock up. If you purchase them at discount stores watch the expiration dates. Only store what your family uses. Remember to rotate them as needed and store in a cool, dry, dark place. Continually add them throughout the Summer while on sale. Before you know if you will have meet your goal.

Emergency Preparedness . . . 
                                 Paper supplies

Another great thing to add this time of year is our emergency paper supplies. If there is a disaster or emergency situation you do not want to use your valuable precious water to do the dishes. Store those paper items your family will use, large plates, small plates, bowls, cups, napkins or paper towels and plastic silverware. You can keep these in your garage, attic, or back yard storage shed. Keep them in a large plastic container so they do not get wet or rodents chew on them. Watch for sales throughout the Summer at your local grocery store, discount stores and big box stores. Store what you family will need for the number of months you have set your goal, 1-month, 3-months, 6-months, a year.

Note: When ever we order take out food and take it home, I save the plastic silverware and use our home silverware. It is amazing how fast it builds up. I then put them in large plastic zip lock bags and store them with the other emergency paper supplies in large plastic containers. 

Emergency Preparedness Ideas

Freeze-Dried verses Dehydrated . . . 

When it comes to long term food storage many think freeze-dried and dehydrated are the same thing, can be stored as long and reconstituted the same way. There is a difference!

Go to by clicking here and learning more about the differences between freeze-dried and dehydrated. You will probably store both types but it is good to know how to store them, how long they will store and how to use them. 

Comments and Questions: Please share your comment and questions below. Remember, we all learn from each others experiences and knowledge. You can also email me at Thank your sharing.

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