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Emergency Preparedness, Food Storage and Monthly Assignments (June 2017)

"If you do what you have always done, 
      you will get what you have always gotten!"

The other day I heard this old saying. I love old sayings, they are so true!  I started this blog July 1, 2010, 7 years ago, to help others become better prepared and to teach them the easiest way I know how, step by step. We are told in Isaiah 28:10 (KJV), "For precept, must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little and there a little:" What great advise from our Heavenly Father. There is no need to feel overwhelmed with starting your food storage and emergency preparedness. Just start, one thing at a time, 1 can or package of food at a time.

If you started following the monthly assignments on this blog in January you would have started your 72 Hour Individual Emergency Preparedness Backpacks for each family member in your house hold. You would have already completed the Food Kit for each family member and now be working on the Hygiene Kit. Each week I have given you an assignment to add to the Food Kits and currently the Hygiene Kit. If you have not started then start now. "If you do what you have always done (procrastinate), you will get what you always gotten (not being prepared)". "Do not cry over split milk", but start today. Change how you do things so you can get better things, like being prepared for whatever may come your way. Having peace of mind knowing you are prepared and are striving. Heavenly Father will bless you.

Did you know it is a commandment from God to be prepared and our responsibility to take care of our own families? In 1 Timothy 5:8 (KJV) we read, "But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel (unfaithful, unbeliever in the gospel of Jesus Christ)." It is no one else responsibility, not our church, not our local or federal government, no one else but ours.

We all need change, we all need to be better prepared!

  June Monthly Assignments

Emergency Preparedness . . .
  72 Hour Individual Emergency Preparedness
         Backpack . . . The Hygiene Kit  

Updates . . .  
Backpacks: Several people have asked me where I got my backpack from. I found that the ones from emergencyessentials.com are really good. They have 3 different size, small, medium and large. I purchased the medium size one. It is great and has enough room for your 3 kits (food kit, hygiene kit and stressor kit), extra clothing and other needed items I will list after we complete the 3 kits. There backpacks are now black. Click here to see them. 

Food kits: When you purchase the food items make sure they have a least a year before they expire. Be careful in purchasing any of the food items from a discount store like the 99 Cent Store or Dollar General. Many times the expiration dates are in just a few days, weeks or months. If you store your backpack in your car the food needs to be rotated every 6 months due to the heat.  In your home or at work in your office, every year. 

The Hygiene Kit . . . 

The past 3 months we have been working on the Food Kit. If you have not started or missed any of the assignments go back to January 2017 and follow through to March.  Now we will start the Hygiene Kits. You will need to adjust some of the items according to age and needs. This is just a suggestion. 

Why a Hygiene Kit? When you are in an emergency or disaster situation it is good to have things that will help you feel better, like being able to wash your hair, hand lotion for your dry hands and skin, etc. 
Each month I will give you a weekly assignment until we have finished the hygiene kit, just like the food kit.  You can purchase most of these items at a discount store like the 99 Cent Store or Dollar General or on the discount shelves in stores like Target and pharmacies like CVS, etc. 

Instructions: You will need one item for each house hold member's hygiene kit. Remember to adjust according to ages. Place all these items in a large zip lock bag, write Hygiene Kit and their name on the bag. Place in their 72 Hour Individual Emergency Preparedness Backpack. Each time you purchase an item for the hygiene kit add it to the zip lock plastic bag.

For June add the following . . .

1) Deodorant (only for those who need it)

2) Baby wipes (small container, found at 99 Cent and Discount Stores)

3) Respirator masks (3):I found these at Walmart for about $12.99, 20 in a pack.

4) Roll of toilet paper

Emergency Preparedness Ideas

Family Emergency Notebook . . .

Every family should have a Home and Food Emergency Preparedness Notebook. In it will be dividers for Food Storage, Emergency Supplies, Recipes (ways to use your food storage, especially your long term), etc. You create and add what is relevant to your family.

Food Storage Inventory Chart . . .

Click on the link below and you will see a long term and short term food storage chart I created. It will help you keep track of what you have and what you need, how much you have of each item listed and when it will expire. You can also add in where it is stored in your house. Print out the document, inventory your food storage and keep it in your Home and Family notebook. It is best to inventory your food storage every 3 months, to see what needs to be used soon, what needs to be replaced and where you need to add items. You can add items you use that are not on the chart.

You will be amazed at how much your have, where you need to improve and a reminder of what you need. 

It is good to keep track and have a chart of your emergency supplies too.

Long Term and Short Term Food Storage Chart

Great time to purchase camping equipment . . .

This is the time of year you can find great sale prices on camping equipment, like tents, sleeping bags, stoves, lanterns, etc. Big 5 in our area has some great sales. The end of the summer season is a great time too. Watch for sales in your area, check out the sporting goods stores and big box stores. In an emergency situation you might need shelter, why not prepare for that now!

Next posting, July 2nd.

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