Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of August 8th)

Hello Carson Ward Family,

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"Obedience to the council of our General Authorities brings with it peace of mind and an assurance of well being to face the future calmly." Jocie B. Tenney

This weeks weekly Challenge and Assignment---

Weekly Assignment:

72 Hour Kit:

From the 72 Hour Kit Blog purchase the following 2 items for each person's 72 Hour Kit in your family. Remember, if you are following the same menu for each day you will need 3 hot chocolate and 3 small boxes of raisins per 72 Hour Kit. If you are following one of the other menus then purchase enough for that 3 day menu.

Hot chocolate instant drink
Small box of raisins

Car Emergency Kit:

$20 (or more) in small bills and change in a zip lock bag. (Important: If you use any of it remember to replace what you use.)

3 Month Supply:

Purchase extra rice for you family this week.

Weekly Challenge:

Discuss with and teach your family the information on the "What do to Before, During and After an Earthquake" blog. This would be a great Family Home Evening discussion.

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  1. I really appreciate the detail to have raisins, hard candy and bars included.