Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of November 21st)

Hi Carson Ward Family,

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"You do not need to go into debt to obtain a year's supply. Plan to build up your food storage just as you would a savings account. Save a little for storage each paycheck. Can or bottle fruit and vegetables from your gardens and orchards. Learn how to preserve food through drying and possibly freezing. Make your storage a part of your budget. Store seeds and have sufficient tools on hand to do the job. If you are saving and planning for a second car or a television set or some item which merely adds to your comfort or pleasure, you may need to change your priorities. We urge you to do this prayerfully and do it now. I speak with a feeling of great urgency." (Conference Report October 1980, Ensign November 1980, page 10)

Brothers and Sisters, As I read this quote from the 1980 General Conference I wonder how long do we have to be warned and counseled by our General Authorities to be prepared for whatever might come our way, natural disasters, financial hardships, loss of a job, and an accident or illness of the head of the house who provides financially for our family, before we heed their words. Many LDS families are already facing financial hardships and loss of a job. Wouldn't a years supply of food (even three to six months) help in that situation and ease the burden of how to pay bills and provide for the family?

So far we have been blessed not to have had a major earthquake hit this area which would cause great devastation, injury to others, and loss of resources. Look at the Katrina Hurricane, Hattie and other countries who have suffered major natural disasters. It took not just days, but weeks to get fresh water, food and medical help to those people. Even our local community government is telling us to be prepared to take care of ourselves for at least two weeks (food and water and may be even medical help). Our Bishops Store house in Los Angeles only can store so much food. Even though the Church is very well organized and can bring food, fresh water and medical supplies to the area, it may be impossible for trucks to get into the area to deliver those items due to damages, just like with Katrina. We must be prepared and be able to take care of our own family for at least two weeks, I think better for a month.

Let's all make some plans, change our priorities, and if we have not already, start purchasing food and water for storage. Just start somewhere!

Weekly Challenge: (See the Weekly Assignment, the 72 Hour Stressor Kit, after this.)

My Weekly Challenge this week is to consider not buying your children or family members those expensive Christmas gifts this year, but put that money into Food, Water Storage and Emergency Preparedness. Yes, buy them gifts for Christmas, but cut back on the expensive ones. May be buy everyone a sleeping bag, if they do not already have one. You can get them at a very resonable price at Big 5 ($20 or so). Do not forget the gifts from Santa, just explain even Santa is on a budget this year and working on his Years Food Supply!

One year when money was very tight due to some unexpected medical and other bills, we decided to have a Home Made Christmas. Knowing of our circumstances the children came up with the idea and presented it to us. We were so proud of them. We determined how much we had to spare for Christmas gifts and determined each family member would get $25 to spend on each family member. As you know their are eight in our family, so each person had $25 to spend on seven people. As a family we decided to make our gifts. The older children helped the younger ones. Each one made a plan as to what they were going to make and the supplies they would need (Michael's craft store is a great place for some items). The excitement in the house was wonderful! Wonderful things were going on behind closed doors. When Christmas morning came everyone was so excited to share their Home Made Christmas Gift with each family member. Their imaginations and thoughtfulness of each family member about the things they liked was unbelievable. One daughter made hand painted T-shirts for everyone. Each T-shirt represented something that person liked, they were beautiful. Heidi painted a wooden box for her Dad to keep his keys, wallet and change in at the end of the day (he still has it and uses it). One of the children made cookies with Certificate Booklets for each person offering their services throughout the year for back rubs, shoes shines, clean their room for them, etc. Many of gifts are gone now, some are still around, but the memories of that Christmas are with us forever. When you ask our family their favorite Christmas, it will usually be that one. Of course, we managed to have a small gift from Santa and a Christmas stocking filled with candies, fruit, nuts and some small inexpensive things.

I know of one Ward member who is putting together 72 Hour Food Kits for her family members this year. I also know of another family, who one year only bought Emergency Preparedness items for each other (they have older children and they all agreed to ). The items were then organized into their Emergency Preparedness shelves. What great ideas!

Weekly Assignment:

72 Hour Stressor Kit: (one for each family member)

As you purchase the 72 Hour Stressor Kit items put them into a large zip lock plastic bag.

This week add the following:

1) A copy of your or your child's favorite reading book (Adult books, soft cover if possible to cut down on the weight.) Not the Book of Mormon, we will be added that next week.

2) A small travel size board game like checkers or playing cards like Fish or Old Maid. (Put a different kind in each kit, that way you will have several different ones for your family to play if you are all together.) You can find these at the 99 Cent Store, the Dollar Tree, the $1 bins at Target, any department store like Target, WalMart, CVS, Walgreen. Watch for great sales right now due to the Christmas holiday.

So far you should have the following items in your 72 Hours Stressor Kit (see the previous blog postings for these items):

1. paper pad and pen
2. 5-in-1 survival whistle
3. copies of insurance
4. family photo(s)
5. activity book
6. list of family contact names and phone numbers
Added this week:
7. favorite reading book (not the Book of Mormon, will be adding that later)
8. small travel size board game or playing cards

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  1. Sally Salcido, I never thought about putting a book or a game.

  2. Nancy, thank you for patiently encouraging me to get online with emergency preparedness. I'm now on with my smartphone. Sis. Pat Lawson