Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of November 28th)

Hi Carson Ward Family,

Congratulations to the Tim Holt family! They won our November Monthly FREE Giveaway Drawing. They won a Seychelle Water Filtration System Bottle. The bottle removes 99.99% of contaminants. It will filter 100 gallons of water per filter. I have seen them filter out very durty contaminated water into crystal clear drinking water. The church has distributed thousands of these to our missionaries throughout the world where the drinking water is not safe.

You can purchase these bottles at the church catalog website "" or from the "Family Resources" catalog that comes with your Ensign magazine once a year. If you go to the church website you will need to set up an account. You may need your membership number to do so.

Here is the item, item number and prices:

Water Filtration 28 oz Bottle (from Seychelle--will not say the company name in the catalog or website)

Bottle with 1 filter (item # 08381951) $16.50 each
Bottle with 2 filters (item # 08381000) $22.00 each
Replacement Filter (item # 08381951) $9.00 each (website has same # as the Bottle with 1 filter)

These are great to have 2 or more in your Family 72 Hour Bag we will be start putting together in two weeks.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends. How blessed we are to live in this country and share the freedoms which we enjoy daily. In many countries they are not allowed to store food, or are limited in what they can store. In the United States we are blessed to store as much as we want along with water and fuel (where possible).


"As we have been continuously counseled for more than 60 years, let us have some food set aside that would sustain us for a time in case of need. But let us not panic nor go to extremes. Let us be prudent in every respect. And, above all, my brothers and sisters, let us move forward with faith in the Living God and His Beloved Son." (Gordon B. Hinckley, in Conference Report, October 2001, page 89 or Ensign, November 2001, page 73.)

Weekly Assignment:

72 Hour Stressor Kit (one for each family member's 72 Hour Backpack)

1) Book of Mormon (soft cover, the one the Missionaries hand out)

So far you should have the following in your 72 Hour Stessor Kit:

1. paper pad and pen
2. 5-in-1 survival whistle
3. copies of insurance
4. family photo(s)
5. activity book
6. list of family contact names and phone numbers
7. favorite reading book (soft cover for adult books)
8. small travel size board game or playing cards (different one for each family kit so have different ones to play)
Added this week:
9. Book of Mormon (soft cover)

Next week we will finish up the 72 Hour Stressor Kit. Only one more item to go.

Weekly Challenge:

Add 5 cans of vegetables and 5 cans of fruit to your 3 Month Food Supply.

Inventory your 3 Months Food Supply to see how you are doing following the chart you created in the 3 Months Food Supply posting (see right hand side under Postings and click on it if you need help with the chart.)

Remember: Post your name and comment (if you wish) at the end of the this posting for the December Monthly FREE Giveaway Drawing.

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