Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of April 10th)

Hi Carson Ward Family,

Congratulations to the Stan and Rata Hannemann Family who won the March FREE Monthly Giveaway Drawing today during Relief Society. They won 5 small 3 LED hand squeeze flashlights.

They are great to put in each family individual 72 Hour Emergency Kit, one under each mattress in your house hold in case the lights go out, and to have in your purse or desk at work. A sister in our Ward many years ago who was at work when an earthquake hit this area, causing things to fall from the ceiling, walls and off shelves. The room was pitch black. She had to crawal over broken glass, mental and other objects cutting her quite badly. If she had had a flashlight with her she could have seen were she was going and avoided possible injures.

You can currently purcahse the 3 LED Squeeze Flashlights on sales for $2.79 at I am not sure how long the sales will last. Just put in the name in the search box at the top right and hit enter.

Sunday, April 24th will be the next Drawing.


"How on the face of the earth could a man enjoy his regilion, when he had been told by the Lord how to preoare for a day of famine, when, instead of doing so, he had fooled away that which would have sustained him and his family." (Elder George A. Smith--Journal of Discoures, vol. 12, page 142)

"The time will come that gold will hold no comparison in value to a bushel of wheat." (Brigham Young in Journal of Discources, vol. 1, page250, 1943 ed., page 298.)

Brothers and Sister, how true this last quote is becoming! I just read in "LDS Living", "Prices of LDS Food Canneries show food inflation up 11-49%." It also said they are one of the last commercial food producers that increases their products. The president of "Food for Health" in Utah said he had to raise his emergency food bucket prices significantly due to higher ingredient prices increasing 25-49%. Wow! As things go on in the world around us and within our own economy, I feel food price will continue to rise. Who knows how high prices will go.

I know from my own experience at the grocery stores, food continues to cost more and more. A few months ago I order the 2oo serving bucket from "Food for Health" and it was $54, now it is up to $115. I am also finding it takes longer to get food from the emergency food suppliers like "Emergency Essentials" and "Shelf-Reliance" because people are starting to take notice of higher food prices and concerned the food might not be there in time. Many things are on back order due to a high rise in orders. And what will happen to our food sources if there was a major disaster? Look at the shelves in Japan, they are empty!

We need to get our Food Storage in order the best we can. Even if you buy just one can or package/bag of something your family eats each week, especially when on sale, you will be continually adding to your Food Storage. Before you know it you will have a month's supply, 3 month's supply, 6 month's supply and even a year's supply. All it takes is one can or one package/bag at a time. If you can buy more when on sale, even better. See the blog positing on "Food Storage" (right side of the blog under "Postings") for ideas.

Another way to get food for our family is to produce our own by having a vegetable garden, no matter how small it is, and fruit trees if possible. You have until May to plant more vegetables for a fall crop. Some either need to be plantes earlier in the Spring or early Fall. Check the seed and plant instructions for planting. time. See the last few blog postings on planting a vegetable (and container) garden and also the blog posting "Vegetable Gardening". This summer I hope to have a class at one of our Relief Society Meetings to show how to can and freeze what you have grown (both vegetables and fruit).

I am sorry to come down on everyone so hard, but we need to change our habits of buying wants to needs. Buying "things" will not provide food in times of need. Talk to any person who lived during the "Great Depression", times were very hard and food was scarce. Most people went without for a long time.

Let's be prepared so we will not fear what may lie ahead!

Weekly Assignment and Challenge (there are three):

1) Continue to work on planting a vegetable (or container) garden. With most summer vegetables you have until May to plant them. Check the vegetable seed packages and plants for last month to plant.

I am going to start the 72 Hour Emergency Individual Kits again. I am also giving you another weekly assignment for those of you who already have your Kits completed. Those who do not have them completed are also encouraged to do the other weekly assignment.

Weekly Assignment and Challenge: 2) Gather all your important documents and papers together in one place.

One of our daughters has put together a great notebook with sheet protectors holding all important documents and papers. Each family member's identification papers are in one sheet protector; Social Security Card, Passport, Certified Birth Ceritifcate, copy of Driver's License, copy of Immuization Record, Medical alter inforamtion (if they wear a bracelet or necklace), a small school picture from each year, health information (alergeries, height, weight, blood type, color of eyes, any disquishing marks like birth marks or scares, swatch of their hair in a small zip lock bag), list of their doctors, address and phone nubmer, and copy of their medical card.

It is also a great idea to add all insurance policies, property deeds, car lienholders/leasing companies, wills/trust, life insurance policies, copies of all bank cards (front and back), bank names, address, phone, bank account numbers for any bank you have accounts with, list of family contact information, emergency contact list, extra set of keys to your house, cars, etc., prepaid phone cards (you never know when your may need them), and a USB flash drive with important things and photos on your computer.

Keep this notebook in a safe place, easy to access and let other family members know where it is in case of an emergency and you are not home.

3) 72 Hour Emergency Kit (Food Kit), add the following:

I am doing the same menu for each 3 days, makes it easier. You will need 3 of each items for each house hold family member kit. Watch the experation dates on the food, especially if purchasing at a 99 cent/discount store. You want the items to be good for at least year. Put the items in a large zip lock bag and continue to add the items as we add them, put the family person's name on the zip lock bag.

1) Granola Bars

2) Fruit juice box drinks

Remember: Post your name and comment at the end of this blog posting for the April 14th FREE Monthly Giveaway Drawing.


  1. Jack & Pat keep the info coming, Thanks

  2. thank you. Threesa Cummings

  3. It is so true food prices keep going up. We spend more it seems each week on food than the last week. Now you gave us the statistics.Thanks, Sally Salcido

  4. Thank you so much for this information. I am learning so much about the importance of having the food storage and other supplies tucked away for safe keeping. I have started growing green onions in the front yard so I hope that will work out for a starter. Thank you.
    Daun Craig