Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of April 24th)

Hi Carson Ward, Family and Friend,
Congratulations to the Perkins Family! They won the April FREE Monthly Giveaway Drawing. They won a Butane One Burner Portable Stove with 2 Butane cans of fuel.
"We encourage families to have on hand this year's supply; and we say it over and over and over and repeat over and over the scripture of the Lord where he says, "Why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?" (Luke 6:46) How empty it is as they put their spirituality, ..., into action and call him by his important names, but fail to do the things which he says. A man should not only be prepared to protect himself physically, but he should also have on hand sufficient supplies to sustain himself and his family in an emergency. For may years the leaders of the Mormon Church have recommended, with instructions, that every family have on hand at least a year's supply of basic food, (now they recommend at least 3 months, but more is better if possible), clothing, fuel (where possible), and provisions for shelter. This has been most helpful to families suffering temporary reverses. It can and will be useful in many circumstance in the days ahead. We are need to get out of financial bondage's, to be debt-free." ("God, Family, and Country" by Ezra Taft Benson, page 331.)

Notice: There is a rumor going around and on the Internet that FEMA has bought a billion dollars worth of #10 cans of freeze dried foods from major emergency supply companies, like Mountain House, and there are no #10 cans of this food available. This rumor and the article on the Internet are not true. I checked with Mountain House and checked out there company on the Internet. They are not selling the #10 cans of freeze dried foods right now due to they have shipped all their supplies to major emergency preparedness companies like Emergency Essentials to fill their stock and they are in production to fill their own stock as soon as possible. Due to the recent disasters and high demand for individual orders for the #10 cans of freeze dried foods they supplies are exhausted for the time being. Go to Google and put in, go to the 4th one (Mountain House: Freeze Dried Food, Food Storage, Camping...) and read their notice regarding this matter. I went to and was able to order the Mountain House brand on their website. There may be a back order due to the high demand right now, but you will get your freeze dried #10 cans.

Weekly Assignments:

1. Those working on their 72 Hour Emergency Individual Kits, this week add the following (remember, you need 3 of each items for each kit you are working on):

a) Instant oatmeal (3)

b) Fruit cups (3)

2. The week purchase, if you do not already have, some type of lighting source like a propane with the propane, Coleman or battery operated lantern and/or candles. You should have a least two types of lighting source. Check out the blog posting on the right side under "Cooking, Heating and Lighting" for more ideas.

Weekly Challenge:

I was listening to a program on TV about earthquake preparedness and learned some things that might keep you from being seriously hurt and your life during an earthquake. Discuss these with your family this week and have an earthquake and fire drill. The more you practice, the more you and your family will know what to do, act quickly and be protected.

At home:

1. If in bed, stay in bed, cover your head with your pillow and cover your body with your blankets. Keep sturdy shoes under your bed and a flashlight (life the LED hand squeeze ones the Hannemann's won last week) between your mattress. Stay in your bed until the shaking stops. If you have objects above your headboard, make sure they are secure and will not fall on you. Once the shaking has stopped, grab your flashlight, put on your shoes (there may be glass over other harmful objects on the floor and in your way) and evacuated.

2. Do not get in a doorway or lie down next to a piece of furniture (the triangle theory). Get under a sturdy table or piece of furniture and hold on.

In the car:

1. Stop and move over as soon as possible. Stay away from tall buildings, trees and other objects that could fall on you. Stay in your car until the shaking stops. Keep a sturdy pair of shoes in your car in case you have to walk a distance. If there are live wires down around your car, stay in your car until someone can help you. If they are hitting the car, avoid touching anything metal in your car. Keep emergency 72 Hour Kits in your car. You may be a long ways from home and may need to leave your car.

In tall rise buildings:

1. Move away from windows.

2. Get under a sturdy desk or table and hold on.

3. Once the shaking has stopped evacuate the building as soon and as safely as possible, do not take the elevator, use the stairs. Move away from the building as far as possible.

4. Know your surrounds, evacuation procedures and escape routes.

Movie/concert theatre/spots arena

1. Get under your seat the best you can, protect your head. Stay there until the shaking has stopped.

2. Leave the theatre as soon and as safely as possible. Move as far away as you can from the building.

3. Know your surrounds, evacuation procedures and escape routes.

In a place like Costco or Sams Club (warehouse stores)

1. Be aware of open areas or areas you can access for protection and an area you can duct into.

2. Know your surroundings, evacuation procedures and escape routes.

Check out for more helpful information.

Important: You should always keep a small flashlight (LED hand squeeze type) in your purse or on your key ring so you can see where to go if the lights are out. Know your surrounds, escape route, and evcauation procedures.

Remember: Post your name and comment at the end of this blog posting for this Sunday's FREE Monthly Giveaway Drawing. Sunday, April 24th by 9am is your last chance to enter this drawing. Or send me an email if you are not able to post your name.

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