Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of June 12th)

Hi Carson Ward, Family and Friends,


"We suggest that members concentrate on essential foods that sustain life." (First Presidency letter, June 24, 1988)

What does the above quote mean to you?

We should not purchase items like snacks and junk foods. First, we should purchase items that will keep us and our family healthy, like wheat, grains, sugar, beans, oil, vegetables and fruits, both packaged/canned and dehydrated/freeze-dried. Then, once we have those items, at least enough for 3 months, then we can add the fun things, like cake mix, items to make cookies, candy, etc.

Weekly Assignment:

Family Emergency First-aid supplies (this week add the following):

1) triangular bandages (3) (You can make these from an old dress or shirt, cut a 24" square and hem. These can be used as a sling, a wrap for a spring, etc.)
2) bandage scissors (EMT scissors) (You can purchase these at CVS, Rite-aid or any store that carries medical supplies for about $5.)
3) Visine eye drops (or another company brand)

Weekly Challenge:

Add some more canned or packaged items to your food storage. Or, go to the church dry pack cannery and can some #10 cans of wheat, rice, beans or dehydrated vegetables. Or, purchase them from an emergency preparedness supply company like This month they have #10 cans of Carrot Dices for $8.99. If you buy 6 cans they are $8.69 each. Shipping is from $6-$12 depending on how much you order.

Hint-- How to use dehydrated apple chips:

Combine equal parts of apples and boiling water (for example 1 cup of dried apples and 1 cup of boiling water). Let stand for at least 5 minutes.

Tips for Using Dried Apples Slices in Your Favortie Recipes:
1. Eat them dry as a healthy snack.
2. Make your own applesauce. After hydrating the apple slices, put them in a blender and pulse until applesause reaches the desired consistency. Season with sugar and cinnamon. Use can also use applesauce as a subsitute for oil in recipes.
3. Use rehydrated apple slices in your favorite apple pie, cobbler, apple cake, cookies, etc..

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  1. Thank you, I had forgotten about the apple slices.

    Threesa Cummings

  2. Keep an spare can opener near by. (a manual one if coarse) If there is an emergency and our canned storage items become a necessity that can opener will bet lots if use.