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Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of June 19th)

Hi Carson Ward, Family and Friends,

A few years ago Bishop Hansen and Sister Carol Hansen were in the Carson Ward. I have always admired Sister Hansen knowledge and understanding of the scriptures. I recently emailed her about the Carson Ward website and she emailed me back the following:


"When I was teaching the Gospel Doctrine class with the Book of Mormon, the manual stated that the things that happened before the coming of the Savior to the Nephites is a type of what will happen when he comes again. The secret combinations are getting bad. We could have to leave our homes for reasons of safety, just as the Nephites had to. I sure hope not. But I want to be prepared. Most of all I am so grateful for our valiant Church leaders who are not out for power or greed, who are guided by the Lord. They are watching over us." (Sister Carol Hansen, May 28, 2011)

I have been thinking a lot about her comment ever since she emailed it to me. A few days ago I received another email from Brother Jim Case in our Stake about being prepared and the last days. I will forward his email to you if I have your email address. For years our Church leaders have warned us and warned us about being prepared with having a year's supply of food and storing water, things to sustain life. The warnings have pretty much stopped. Most of my quotes about Preparedness are from years ago, only a few are recent ones. Now at our General Conferences they focus on Faith, Hope and Charity. Read Ether in the Book of Mormon. It talks about the secret combinations and warnings before the destruction. Then in Chapter 12 it talks about Faith, Hope and Charity. Read President Uchtdorf's April General Conference talk, "Waiting on the Road to Damascus", he talks about Faith, Hope and Charity, as did many of the talks given.

We need to be more than just temporally prepared, but also spiritually prepared for what may come our way. As an individual and as a family we need to be reading the scriptures daily and praying. We need to help our children learn the scriptures so they can help themselves when things are tuff. They need to understand, as well as us, the importance of Faith, Hope and Charity in our lives. We need to understand why things are happening around us, how to cope with them and also how being temporally and spiritually prepared will help us in these last days. As we speak with our daughter in Missouri, we hear how the people are coping with the devastation in Joplin. The members of the church seem to be handing it a little better than the non-members because of their understanding of Faith, Hope and Charity. These three little words are so important to us. Let us not only be prepared as an individual, as a family, as a Ward, as a Stake, as member of community temporally, but also spiritually.

Weekly Assignments:

Temporal Assignment:

Add the following to your Family Emergency Preparedness Medical supplies:

1) eye wash solution--you can get this at CVS, Rite-aid or any pharmacy. different than eye drops.
2) a couple of old magazines & 4-6 sticks (like the ones you stir paint with, you can get them free from a paint supply hardware store)--These items make great splints in an emergency situation if someone has a broken leg or arm. You place the magazine or 3-4 sticks around their leg or arm and secure it with your triangle bandages or medical tape until you can get medical help.
3) stool softeners--can also be purchased at CVS, Rite-aid or any pharmacy. I think I have seen them at the 99 cent stores too, but be careful. Usually when someones diet is changed or their schedule they can become constipated. These will help greatly. Check with our doctor for the dosage to give your children and write in on the cap or bottle.

Weekly Challenge:

Spiritual Assignment:

If you are not already, pray daily and read the scriptures daily as a family. Family Home Evening will help tremendously too! Make a schedule to read them the same time each day, before school, after dinner, or before bedtime.

Hint regarding storing wheat:

We have had our hard red winter wheat stored in treated metal cans in our garage on platforms for 30-35 years. We recently decided to open one of the cans to make sure it was ok. As you know, wheat stores for years if stored properly. When we opened the can we notice a white powder on the wheat. This of course, brought some concerns. It turns out the wheat is ok. The white powder is from weevils. All wheat has weevils. Weevils eggs are inside the wheat. When not stored right, to much humidity, they hatch and they eat their way out of the wheat. As they eat their way out they bore wholes in the wheat, causing the wheat powder, just like sawdust when you drill a piece a wood. Weevils are very small, it takes a microscope to see them. They will not hurt you if you consumed them, extra protein they say. Sounds gross, I know!

The way to get rid of weevils before using the wheat, first rinse off the wheat and let dry. Then put a layer of the wheat on a baking sheet, bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. Then grind the wheat and use. Once the wheat is ground you need to keep the wheat flour in a tightly sealed container and use within a month. Once you open a can of treated wheat you have to use it within a year. The best assurance is to rotate your wheat like any stored food item. I would say at least every 20 years.

One way to tell if your wheat is ok is to sprout it. Put a few wheat grains in a wet paper towel and place it in a zip lock bag. Wait about 10 days and wee if the wheat has sprouted. If is has it is ok. Another way to is to put the wheat in your month for a few seconds. If it taste bitter, you can use it, but the bread may taste bitter too, or whatever you use it in.

If you store wheat, use it. You need to introduce it to your family slowly. If you are not use to eating wheat it will cause a very upset stomack!

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