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Weekly Assignment and Food Storage Ideas (Week of July 24th)

Hi Carson Ward, Family and Friends,


"Build a small supply of food that is part of your normal, daily diet. One way to do this to purchase a few extra items each week to build a one-week supply of food. Then you can gradually increase your supply until it is sufficient for three months....For longer-term needs, and where permitted, gradually build a supply of food that will last a lot longer and that you can use to stay alive, such as wheat, white rice and beans." ("All is Safely Gathered In", February 2007)

The secret to Food Storage--store only what you and your family will eat, rotate, rotate, rotate, and purchase a little at a time. Do not go into debt for your Food Storage!

Weekly Assignments:

Temporal--add the following to your Family Emergency Medical Supplies:

1) Ace bandages--2", 3" & 4" (2 each size) (I found some sizes at the 99 Cent Store)
2) surgical needle with suture string (I purchased my at
3) regular aspirin (if you get bit by an insect it will take the sting out, crush the aspirin, dissolve with a little bit of water and apply to the insect bite)

Spiritual--This week study about the importance of Faith in our lives. Read scriptures and church magazine articles. Discuss as a family or with a friend.

Food Storage Ideas:

Someone recently asked me how much would they need to store per person for a year.

For many years the church has asked us to store the Basic Foods that would sustain life.

Basic Food Storage for a year:

Grains (wheat, rice and/or cereals)--- 300 pounds
Powdered milk (nonfat)--- 75 pounds
Sugar and/or honey--- 60 pounds
Beans and legumes--- 60 ---
Cooking oil and/or Shortening--20 pounds
Salt--- 5 pounds

I would also include a multi-vitamin for each day (appropriate for the age) and, of course, water.

In any emergency situation you want you and your family to be as comfortable as possible to lessen the stressful situation. The Basic Foods would not help me feel comfortable, especially children, even though I know it will sustain my life.

A few years ago the church came out with a new program, to store at least 3 Months Supply of Food (what your family will eat). They still emphasize storing the basics above. After you have obtained your 3 months supply, then work towards a years supply, adding as you did before, gradually.

How to determine how much you need for 3 months:

Most of us eat everything we buy or make within a month. Keep track, put the list on your refrigerator or pantry, of everything you use in a dish you make for your family for a month, including all ingredients in the recipe, including spices, etc. Once you have done this, then multiply by 3 and you have what you need to store for you or your family for 3 months. This also includes packaged pre-made items you purchased. Everything your family eats in a month.

Another way is to pick your 14 (2 weeks) of your favorite dishes you make for 14 breakfasts (you many only want to use 7 for breakfast), 14 lunches and 14 dinners. Figure out all the ingredients to make that dish and then multiply by 6 (weeks), now you have a 3 Month Supply. For the 7 breakfast recipes you will need to multiply by 12 (weeks).

Hint about using wheat:

If you do not know, using whole wheat without having used it before in your diet will really upset your digestive system. You have to add it in gradually into your and your family's diet. Here is a tip found in the August 1990 Ensign:

"Use wheat in recipes your family already likes. Then it is not totally unfamiliar and you know the recipe is good. Try wheat in desserts first--who can turn down a cookie? Do not feel you must use 100% whole wheat. Half white (all-purpose) flour and half whole-wheat flour gives excellent results." (Rosalie Farnbach, "Whole Wheat--in Disguise," Ensign, Aug. 1990, pg 71)

Purchasing wheat from the church Dry Pack Cannery and packaging yourself:

Our son just purchased 500 pounds of hard winter wheat for $220 in 25 pound sacks from the church Dry Pack Cannery (we have one in Los Angeles). You have to call them to order it ahead of time, they do not keep a large amount in storage. You should have a variety of the red and white hard winter wheat. The white hard winter wheat is best for baking. He said the people at the cannery said that the price of wheat has increase quite significantly in the past year. I think it may go up even higher due to the farmers losses in the mid-west this year because of severe weather conditions and flooding.

After you purchase your wheat in the 25 pound bags, you can either put them in the #10 cans at the Dry Pack Cannery, or you can purchase the large 5 gallon buckets, which holds 35 pounds of wheat, from Home Depot for about $3.50 each (the white food grade buckets, which are the best to use, or you can use the Home Depot orange ones, but not as good for food storage). You can also purchase them from with lids for $7.50 each.

If you choose to use the 5 gallon buckets, you will need Mylar Metallized Storage Bags. At EmergencyEssentials they are 20.5" x 30", holds 5 gallons ($2.50 each), or 50 for $10 at some emergency supply stores. You will also need the Oxygen Absorbers ($3.50 for a package of 10, 500 cubic centimeter, or $7.99 for a package of 10 of 2,000 cubic centimeters at Also check local emergency supply centers.

First fill the Mylar Metallized Storage Bag, leaving enough room at the top to seal the bag. You can seal the bag with a hot iron or curling iron. Place the Oxygen Absorbers in side the 5 gallon bucket (see chart below for how many). Seal the lid tightly, should store for 30 years if the Mylar Metallized Storage Bag is not opened). has a video you can watch on how to fill and seal the Metallized Storage Bag.

Oxygen Absorbers Chart:

#10 Cans:

0-2.5 pounds-- 2 (500 cc)
2.5+ pounds-- 1 (500 cc)

5 gallon bucket:

0-15 pounds-- 3 (2000 cc)
16-35 pounds-- 2 (2000 cc)
35+ pounds-- 1 (2000 cc)

Remember: If you store wheat kernels (not whole wheat flour), you will need a wheat grinder. I purchased a non-electrically, hand grind type at for $60. I also have the electrically type. But what if you have no electricity?

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  1. On vacation I was fed good tasting pancakes and I was happy until I started throwing up. I ran to the toilet and spent about 30 minutes throwing up in a trash can and at the same time I was sprewing out the other end. I( was very sensitive to anything for 4 days.
    I was able to get down one v-8 juice a day but that was all. It turned out the reason was freshly ground white wheat. Now some 5 weeks later I still have a sensitive digestion system. i couldn't tolerate even small ammounts of celery and any other vegetables not cooked though and very soft. I lost 11 pounds and my doctor is going to check for why the reaction. Linda Guyan