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Weekly Assignment and Food Storage Ideas (Week of July 31st)

Hi Carson Ward, Family and Friends,

Congratulations to the Hannemann family! They won a Portable Toilet with a bag of cat liter, box of heavy black large plastic trash bags, Enzymes (break down human waste).

How to use: Line the portable toilet with one plastic trash bag and cover the bottom with a layer of cat liter. After each use sprinkle with a little of the Enzymes to break down the human waste. When the toilet is full, about half way, remove the black trash bag and put in a trash container with a lid.

Where to purchase: or possibly Majors Survival Supply Store in Gardena.

One Year Anniversary!

This week marks one year since I started the Carson Ward Emergency Preparedness Blog. I hope this has helped you become prepared, or more prepared and given you insight to the things you need to do to become more prepared. I promise you, if we follow and are obedient to the counsel of our General Authorities and Stake and Ward Leaders we will be blessed. I saw this in the Joplin tornado disaster. Many lost their 72 Emergency Backpacks and Food Storage and many lost their homes, but Heavenly Father has blessed them greatly because they were obedient and heeded the counsel of our Leaders. I have learn much from the Joplin disaster, we need to be both prepared temporally as well as spiritually!

Ward Emergency Teams:

Within the next few weeks we will be setting up another part of our Ward Emergency Preparedness Plan. We will be organizing teams that will be responsible for families in our Ward. If there is a disaster, they will go out to each family assigned them and account for those in the house hold, assess the injured, their needs and damages, and then report promptly back to the Priesthood leaders in our Ward. Each team will be assigned 3-5 families close to their own location. They will only do this after the needs and care of their own families have been meet first.

Temporal Assignments:

1) Family Emergency Medical Supplies (This week as the following):

a) Pain relievers (non-aspirin type, acetaminophen, ibuprofen for both adults and children in your home)
b) Instant ice packs (3-4)
c) Instant heat packs (3-4)

I found both #3 & #4 on EmergencyEssentials. com for 95 cents each. Or, you can find them at CVS, Rite-aid or Walgreens.

2) 72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Food Kits and Water:
If you set your up last years in August/September, please check all items for expiration dates and replace as needed. You should check the expiration dates at least twice a year and the water to make sure it is not leaking.

Spiritual Assignment:

This week evaluate your testimony and faith. Have a Family Home Evening on the importance of our testimony and faith and how it can help us through trails. Both of these helped the Joplin members get through a horrific experience. Because of their testimonies and faith they, even though very difficult, were able to push forward do what they needed to do. Please read below what Sister Higginson (Joplin Relief Society President) and Elder Jonathan C. Roberts, Area Seventy said about how this helped the members of Joplin:

“We’ve had hard experiences before, and the gospel is what sustains you through everything,” Sister Higginson said. “So although this is a shock and a trauma … it didn’t change anything. You revert to your gospel roots, your spiritual roots, immediately.”

Elder Jonathan C. Roberts, Area Seventy stated:

“People who had lost everything—their homes, their workshops, everything—stood up and said, ‘We’re some of the most blessed people.’ How does that happen?” How could anybody in those circumstances have the courage and the backbone to square their shoulders, lift their chins, and say, ‘We’re fine’? Well, it only happens one way. They have a perspective of the gospel of Jesus Christ."

"In this case, the 72-hour packs, as important as they were, the food storage, as important as it was, went away because of the calamity. And yet the things that were deep-rooted, the foundational things of priesthood keys, of testimony, stood strong. And as the Saints gathered together, it was spectacular to watch the preparation that came from spiritual roots that had been set deep; that windstorm, tornado, or hurricane weren’t going to take away; and that extend beyond mortality and to eternity.”

“That’s not to say there haven’t been lots of emotional ups and downs and tears shed, but you see that members really understand the plan of why we’re here. This is just a moment.’ ‘It’s just stuff.’ ‘We’ll rebuild.’ I’ve heard that many times. It’s a testimony and a testament to their preparation and their understanding of the gospel and how they live their lives.”

How prepared are you and your family spiritual?

Food Storage Ideas:

Store what you eat and eat what you store! Rotation is the key to successful Food Storage!

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