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Weekly Assignment and Food Storage Ideas (Week of September 11th)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,


"Your spiritual foundation will depend on your food storage!" (Wendy Dewit, Food Storage Specialist)

What would you do if you had no electricity? This is what part of Orange County, San Diego County and all the way to Mexico residents experienced this week. Homes were without electricity, stores and business had to close, you could not get gas due to the pumps do not work without electricity, you could not get money from the ATM machines without electricity, the freeways and roads were jammed due to signal lights and street lights not working.

Ways to prepare for no electricity:

1. Have propane or battery operated (with extra batteries) lanterns available.
2. Have candles and candle holders.
3. Have flashlights with extra batteries.
4. Always carry a small flashlight in your purse or have a small one on your key chain, and keep one in your desk at work so you can see your way out of places. Also store extra batteries.
5. Keep a flashlight with extra batteries in your car. You should have one in your 72 Hour Emergency Family Bag and/or 72 Hour Individual Emergency Kit in your car.
6. Have a small portable generator that will run at least your refrigerator and one light. You will need to keep gas stored in gas cans to run the generator.
7. Keep cash in small bills on hand at home, in your car and in your wallet.
8. Keep a battery operated or solar radio (with extra batteries) for instructions on road conditions and emergency information.

Being prepared ahead of time is the key to any situation you might find yourself in at any time!

Temporal Assignment (we are continuing the 72 Hour Individual Food Kits for your Backpack):

Please add the following (Remember, 3 of each item for each family member. Add these items to the items you put in the large plastic zip lock bag you started last week. Make sure you the expiration date is a year from now.):

1) Hot chocolate instant drink mix
2) Small box of raisins

For those of you who already have your 72 Hour Emergency Food Kits, replace any expired items, or purchase a portable toilet (good for everyone to do).

Portable Toilet--purchase options:

1) You can purchase the whole toilet kit (bucket, toilet seat with 2 Enzyme 300 Packets) from for $14.95 plus $6 shipping. I would also purchase more of the Enzyme 300 Packets, probably 5-10 (60 cents each at

2) Or, you can purchase the items separately, 5 gallon bucket from Home Depot (about $5) and then purchase only the toilet seat ($8.95 plus $6 shipping from 5-10 Enzyme 300 Packets (60 cents each from

3) Or, Majors Survival Warehouse in Gardena may have them too.

4) For the 4 above you need to purchase several bags of cat liter and heavy duty black plastic trash bags (large size).

How to use the portable toilet? Check out the "Sanitation" blog posting under "Postings" on the right of this blog for the information.

Spiritual Assignment:

The most important thing any of us can do is to stay close to the spirit for guidance by reading our scriptures and praying individually and as a family daily.

Read the article in this month's Ensign, "Preparation of all Kinds Blesses Saints in Joplin, Missouri", page 74-75. Discuss as a family or with a friend. If you do not get the Ensign, you can look up the article on the church website,, under church magazines. Click on the Ensign for September 2011, scroll down to the article. Share this article with neighors and friends.

Food Storage Ideas:

An important part of our food storage is vitamin and mineral supplements.

"It is recommended that 365 vitamin or vitamin/mineral tablets or capsules be stored for each family member per year (store according to ages) to help compensate for possible deficiencies in the diet due to a lack of variety of foods, and because of vitamins lost during food processing, storage, and preparation. Shelf-life is about 3-5 years is stored in a cool, dry and dark location.

Despite careful food planning, women may still need an iron and calcium supplement, particularly if they are pregnant or nursing (or plan on becoming pregnant). Storage of iron and calcium should be carefully considered."

(The above information came from the Magna Utah Central Stake Emergency Preparedness Plan)

If you take other supplemental tablets or capsules, considering storing them also and in the same manor as above.

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