Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weekly Assignments and Food Storage Ideas (Week of September 18th)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,


I have used this quote before, but it best explains what I want to say. It is a Latin Proverb--"While we consider when to begin, it becomes too late." What a bold statement and so true. This month is National Preparedness Month. What a great time to start, if you have not already, or review what you have and need, preparing.

This Family Home Evening, sit down with your family, a friend or just yourself, and review your emergency preparedness supplies and goals. Set up categories like; 3 Month Food Supply and/or Years Food Supply, Water Supply, 72 Individual Emergency Backpack Kits, 72 Hour Emergency Family Bag, Car Kit, Emergency Medical Supplies, Sanitation Supplies, Shelter Supplies, Cooking Supplies, Lighting Supplies, and other Emergency Supplies you feel our family needs to be prepared. See the categories under "Postings" on the right side of this blog and go through them to help you with your "haves" and "needs list".

In each category set up two columns, "What you have" and "What you need". Under "What you have", assess those items and list them (and how much you have). Under "What you need", list them by using the idea above and set goals to purchase them. Make realistic goals, set up an emergency prepared budge/fund, either have a jar you put money into, loose change and dollar bills, or a special Emergency Preparedness savings account at the bank, add to it as often as you can. Put a label on the front of the jar, "Our Emergency Preparedness Plan". When you get a raise, do not think you have more money to buy things you really do not need, but save it and put it into your Emergency Preparedness savings account. When you have enough money, purchase one or more of the items on your list.

This can be an overwhelming task it you only see the whole picture at once. Take small steps and you will be successful! It is all about setting goals, setting up small steps, and before you know it you will have your Emergency Preparedness Plan and Supplies completed! We are reminded, "If you are prepared, ye shall not fear!"

Temporal Assignment (72 Hour Emergency Food Kit):

Add the following, remember, 3 of each item for each family member. Add these items to the last two weeks items, place them in the large plastic zip lock bag for each family member with the other items.

1) Instant Oatmeal
2) Fruit Cups

Spiritual Assignment:

Last week I used a quote from Wendy Dewit, a Food Storage Specialist, "Your spiritual foundation will depend on your food storage!" Have you pondered that statement? When Jesus went to speak to the people on the mountain, what did he do first? He feed them fishes and loaves of bread. He knew that if they were lacking physically (temporally), they would probably not hear him spiritually. It is a known fact by many churches that minister to the poor and needy in other countries and here in the United States, they need to fill their bellies before they will hear their spiritual messages.

My challenge is, start preparing temporally, if you have not already, and being obedient to the counsel of our leaders about being prepared both temporally and spiritually, and the Spirit will be with you continually and bless you and your family.

Food Storage Ideas:

Emergency Water Supply--the most important thing you can store! You can live without food for a month or more, but you can only live without water for a few days.

"The required amount of drinking water per person is two quarts and up to one gallon of water is needed per day, depending on the size of the person, the amount of exertion, weather, and perspiration loss. A minimum of seven gallons pure water per person would be needed for a two-week survival supply. With careful rationing, this amount would be sufficient for drinking, food preparation, brushing teeth, etc. (not bathing). Fourteen gallons per person would allow for hygiene care.

Keep an emergency supply of drinking water in plastic containers. Commercially bottled drinking water is available. It stays pure for months (not years), and has the expiration date clearly marked on it." (Magna Utah Central Stake Emergency Preparedness Plan)

There are several other sources for water in an emergency situation:

First, turn off your water supply to the house at the main water shut-off value located somewhere just outside the house.

1. You can drain the water from your hot water tank, that will five you 30-50 gallons of usable water depending on the size of your tank. You can filter the water using your Sycehelle Water Filtration Pump and drink the water or use for cooking. Without filtering you can use for bathing. Note: You should never use hot water from the tank for cooking during regular times, non emergency situations, due to sediments in the bottom of the tank.

2. You can use clear water from the toilet flush-tank, but not from the bowl.

3. You can melt ice cubes.

4. You can use the water/juice from canned fruits and vegetables, and liquid from other canned foods.

Water storage, containers, purifying water--see the blog under "Postings" on the right, "Water Storage", for more great ideas. has "Aquamarine Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment" on sale this month for $13.99 (plus $6 shipping). This solution keeps water in a 60 gallon water container, in a properly sealed container, for 5 years. You can also purchase a similar one at Majors Survival Warehouse Store in Gardena for about the same price.

All comments and ideas are more than welcome! We all need to help each other be prepared.

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  1. I'm interested in getting a generator since the black out in San Diego last week, it doesn't have to be too expensive, as long as it keeps the refrigerator going and maybe a light too

  2. We found a generator at Harbor Freight in Lomita on PCH on sale, with a coupon, for about $90 (about 700-800 watts) that will run a refrigerator and a light or two. Go online to or check the newspaper or your mail adds for a sale and coupon. Of course, there are others with higher wattage that will run more items. We just bought a 4000 watts generator on Craig's List for $300, about 2 years old. When buying used, make sure it runs well. Remember, you will need to store gas in the specialized gas can containers. Add a gas additive to the gas to make it last longer. Should be good for about 6 months with the additive. Try running the generator with a full tank gas with one light to see how long it will run. Do not store the generator with gas in it. Nancy Cuppett