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Weekly Assignment and Food Storage Ideas (Week of March 11th)

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"The degree of our preparation will be equal to the extent of our obedience, which will determine the measure of our peace of mind." Neil H. Leash, LDS Author

Just a few days ago I was speaking with one of our daughters regarding Emergency Preparedness and Food Storage. We discussed how many people question why they should store extra food and emergency supplies if a disaster is going to wipe it out? Why, because we are an obedient people and we have been counseled by our church leaders, and in the scriptures, to be prepared with extra food, water and emergency supplies in case we do need it.

It does not matter how much we have, one week's supply or a years supply, what does matter is that we are being obedient and striving to be as prepared as possible. Even if we add just one can or one package of some type of food to our Food Storage each week we are striving to be obedient and Heavenly Father will watch over us. If all our Food Storage and Emergency Supplies are wiped out by a disaster, Heavenly Father will provide a way for us to provide for our families. I truly believe this and testify of it!

March Goals--Plant a vegetable garden, a herb garden and a fruit tree, and add dry beans and legumes to your Food Storage

Check out last week's , March 4th, posting for great ideas on planting a vegetable garden and the "Postings" on the right under "Vegetable Gardening" for more ideas.

Monthly Goal--Plant a Vegetable Garden and/or Herb Garden and a Fruit Tree:

1) Make a plan-decide what you want to grow
2) Dig up a part of the yard that gets 6-8 hours of sunlight, or purchase large containers to plant in
3) Purchase the plants and seeds you want to plant
4) Purchase containers if doing a container garden

5) Involve the whole family
6) Plant your vegetable garden and tend it regularly
7) Plant at least one fruit tree, if no yard or space, in a large container

Problem with ants inside your house: Because we have not had as much rain as last year, many may experience a larger annoyance of ants this Spring and Summer. Here is a safe, economical way to control them. It really works, we have done this each year!

1. Take a personal size plastic drinking water bottle, once empty,
2. Put 2 cups of water in a sauce pan with 1 cup of sugar and boil until the sugar is dissolved, let cool slightly
3. Put one tablespoon of boric acid in the bottle, fill part way with the sugar water, shake with the lid on it
4. Push paper towels into the bottle until about half full
5. Place another tablespoon of boric acid in the bottle with more sugar water, shake
6. Push more paper towels into the bottle until full, add more sugar water if needed to reach the top, and shake
7. Take off the lid, place the bottles along the outside of your house in a shaded area where you see ants, place a small twig or stick in the bottle so it touches the ground, tip just enough so the water mixture covers the twig
8. The ants will take small pieces of the soaked paper towel back to the ant nest and it will kill all the ants, including the queen ant. It will take awhile for it to work, but it should get rid of your ants. If you see more ants later on in the Spring or Summer, repeat the process.

1. Weekly Assignment--Add dry beans to your Food Storage (We will work on legumes the next two weeks)

1) Buy a variety of beans--navy beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, black beans, black-eyed peas, Lima beans, garbanzo beans, etc. (store only the kinds your family will eat). You can purchase them in bags in the grocery store, Costso, Sams Club by different amounts and #10 cans and/or Mylar bags from food storage companies. Our LDS Dry Pack Cannery has pinto beans, black beans and navy beans to can in either the #10 cans (about 5+ pounds) or the Mylar pouch (about 6+ pounds). You can can them yourself or purchase them in #10 cans already canned. If you can them yourself the cost is $4-$5 per #10 can or Mylar pouch. Prepackaged #10 cans of pinto beans are about $4.70 each (5.2 pounds each can).

Note: See the chart on last week's posting for how much to store per person in your family.

2. Weekly Assignment--Emergency Family Medical Supplies (for those working on this please add the following this week)

Note: Add as many of the pads and tape as you think you will need for your family in an emergency situation, which could be for several months:

1) Sterile gauze pads (various sizes)
2) Adhesive bandage tape, hypoallergenic, 1 inch
3) Visine eye drops

Emergency Preparedness Tips:

Sturdy shoes, flashlight and eye glass: Something we learned at the American Red Cross CPR/First-aid Class was to keep our sturdy shoes and flashlight under our bed in case of an earthquake, or we have to evacuate in hurry, in an extra large plastic zip lock bag tied to the bed leg. If you wear glass, keep an old pair in the bag. This way if there is an earthquake, you will be able to find the items quickly.

Crowbar: Our daughter said they were advised to "keep a crowbar in their bedroom". You may need to use it to open a blocked door, move a heavy item, open a blocked window and get into your child's room. I would keep it under the bed also. Remember: during an earthquake at night, while in bed, stay in your bed, cover your head with your pillow and your body with your blankets. Stay there until the earthquake stops.

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