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Weekly Assignment and Food Storage Ideas (Week of March 18th)

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"In mercy the Lord warns and forewarns. He sees the coming storm, knows the forces operating to produce it, and calls aloud though His prophets, advises, counsels, exhorts, even commands---that we prepare for what is about to befall and take shelter while yet there is time. But we go our several ways, feasting and making merry, consoling conscience with the easy fancy of 'time enough' and in idle hope that the tempest will pass us by, or that, when it begins to gather thick and black about us we can turn back and find shelter."
James E. Talmage, The Parables of James El Talmage, page 50


What if there was a fire in your home or work place?
What if there was a huge earthquake while at home or work?
What if you had to evacuate immediately?
What if there was a Pandemic and you could not leave your home for several weeks?
What if you had no running water and all the stores were out of water for a month?
What if there was no food to purchase, the store shelves were empty?
What if food prices were so extreme you could not afford them?
What if you had no extra food stored for emergencies?
What if you had no electricity for a month?
What if you had no candles, no batteries for your flashlight and portable radio?
What if you had no portable radio so you could hear what to do if there was an emergency situation?
What if you had no way to contact someone for help?
What if you could not get out, roads and streets were blocked?
What if no emergency response teams could get to you and your loved ones?
What if you had severe emergency medical needs? Could you take care of them?
What if you were not prepared?




March Goals--Plant a Vegetable and Herb Garden, Fruit Tree and add dry beans and legumes to our Food Storage

Weekly Challenge:

1. Vegetable Garden, Herb Garden, and Fruit Trees--

1) Have you made a plan for your vegetable and herb garden?
2) Have you thought about what type of fruit tree you are going to plant? If planting it in a container, have you purchased the container?
3) Have you purchased your containers if you are doing a container vegetable and herb garden?
4) Have you started to purchase the vegetable seeds? Do not purchase the vegetable plants until you are ready to plant them.

In just a few more weeks it will be time to plant your vegetable and herb garden.

Vegetable Gardening Tip--Natural Way to get rid of snails in your garden:

Save your egg shells. Let them dry out, then crumble them into pieces, not to small. Once you plant your vegetable garden, sprinkle the broken egg shells around your vegetable plants. When the snails crawl over them it cuts them and they dry out and die. No need for chemicals and very economical. They are also good for the soil!

2. Add beans and legumes to your Food Storage--

The past couple of weeks we have been adding different types of dry beans to our Food Storage.

This week and next week please add legumes (dry spilt peas and lentils) to your Food Storage. They are very economical and good source of fiber and protein!

Remember: You need a mixture of dry beans and dry legumes, 60 pounds per person for a year. First work on getting at least 5 pounds per person for a mouth. Then continue to add until you have a years supply for each family member.

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  1. thank you for the tip on snails. We currently our egg shells, but I will try this. We certainly eat enough eggs at our house. Threesa Cummings