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Weekly Assignment and Food Storage Ideas (Week of April 22nd)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,

Spiritual Preparation

Last Sunday in our Sacrament Fast and Testimony Meeting several of the members who shared their testimonies spoke about the trails they have been going through and how the gospel of Jesus Christ has helped them. I sat in Sacrament Meeting, and this week, thinking a lot about this. I mostly talk about Temporal Preparation on this blog, which is very important, but Spiritual Preparation is much more important!

Once again the tornado season is upon the Midwest, the tornado season has started earlier than usual. I knew there were strong tornadoes in our daughter's area, Missouri, Sunday morning. I checked the Weather Channel as I prepared for Church. I called our daughter to make sure they were alright before leaving for Church. She said there were tornadoes in the area, but they were getting ready for Church and were going. I thought about this for awhile. I think many of us would stay home due to the concern of tornadoes. Remember, this is the area that was hit by the huge devastating tornado in Joplin last year in May on a Sunday shortly after the 1pm block meetings.

Our daughter has very strong faith, and knows if she and her family are doing what is right they will be protected. Because of their Spiritual Preparation of daily personal and family scripture reading, daily personal and family prayers, weekly Family Home Evening, church and temple attendance and striving to keep the commandments, they were able to get ready and go to Church, even though there was great turmoil around them. She and her family were Spiritually Prepared for what ever might happen!

How many of us have great turmoil around us these day with all that is going on in our personal lives, our community, our country and our world? How many of us feel not only Temporally Prepared, but Spiritually Prepared?

Yes, in a disaster we may loose our Food Storage and Emergency Supplies, but if we are Spiritually Prepared, and our testimonies and faith are strong, no one can take that away from us and we will be able to face what ever is thrown at us.

As our son sat on a cold concrete floor with only his backpack and scriptures, soaking wet, with his companion and other Hondurans, he realized he may have lost everything he owned while on his Mission from Hurricane Mitch, but he also realized, no one could take his faith and testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ from him! His Spiritual Preparation help him through the next several months of hardships and helping others.

Our Temporal Preparation can be washed away in an instant, but our Spiritual Preparation will be with us as long as we are striving to keep the commandments of God, staying close to the Spirit, keep our Temple covenants and following our Prophet! It is our Spiritual Preparation that will get us through the toughest trails and challenges.

Please watch the video below.

April Goals: Sanitation and Add Grains, Rice and Cereals to your Food Storage

Portable Toilets: Remember: If you want to sign up for a Portable Toilet, which includes 6 Enzyme Packets and a bag of cat liter, see Sister Nancy Cuppett for the sign up sheet at Church on Sunday, April 22nd and April 29th (last Sunday to order). If you signed up for the Portable Toilets (with 6 Enzyme Packets and a bag of cat liter), I must have your $20 by no later than next Sunday, April 29th. If I do not have your money I will not order your toilet.

Weekly Assignments:

1) Add more toilet paper and/or baby wipes for your Emergency Sanitation Supplies. Figure out how much toilet paper your family uses in a month. Store at least 1 month to a year's supply. Same for baby wipes. These items can be stored in your garage, attic or a shed, no need to worry about the heat.

2) Add more grains, rice and cereals to your Food Storage. See all the April postings to find out how much to store per person in your family and what types there are. Only store what your family will eat! Remember, put the grains and rice in the freezer for 24 hours to kill any moths, their eggs or larva. Let cool to room temperature and then store in containers. Wheat needs to be stored in Mylar bags or sealed cans with oxygen absorbers for long storage.

Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Ideas:
Start a Food Storage Recipe Notebook: Each month I will have a display with the monthly goals. I will also have recipes for those food items we are adding for the month. A suggestion would be to start a notebook and put all the recipes I give you each month into the notebook and mark it Food Storage Recipes. Keep it with our Food Storage. That way when there is a need to use your Food Storage you will have recipes to rely on. Try the recipes a head of time so you will know how to make them when an emergency situation arises.

Buying grains and beans from market bulk bins: Many markets now have a section of bins brimming with scoop-it-yourself grains and beans. Because of no flashy packaging and brand names, this means savings to you. Organic goods can cost up to 89% less than their packaged name brand counterparts per Portland State University. Most bins are emptied once a week, making the food possibly fresher than what's on the shelves. Remember to put the grains and bean in the freezer for 24 hours. Then cool to room temperature and store in containers.

Remember: Post your name and comments and suggestions to have your name entered into our FREE Monthly Giveaway Drawing to be held Sunday, April 29th.

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