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Weekly Assignment and Food Storage Ideas (Week of May 27th)

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What is one thing we must do to spiritual prepare and why do we need to be temporally prepared?

May Goals: Emergency Cooking and Add Oils and Fats to your Food Storage

Weekly Assignment--Emergency Cooking:

1) Continue to add some type of cooking equipment (Gas or Charcoal BBQ, Butane Stove, Dutch Oven, Wood Fire Pit, etc.) in cas
e you cannot use your regular stove/oven
2) Continue to add the type of fuel (propane, gas, charcoal, Butane, wood, etc.) for the type of cooking equipment you have
3) Put all your emergency cooking equipment and fuel in one place, easy to access
4) Store as much fuel as you will need for your family for at least 3 months

Weekly Assignment--Adding Oils and Fats to your Food Storage:

1) Continue to add cooking oils (Olive, Corn, Vegetable, Canola, Sesame Seed, etc., whatever type of cooking oils your family uses).
2) Continue to add fats (butter, margarine, shortening, mayonnaise, salad dressings, dehydrated butter powder, dehydrated shortening powder, etc, whatever types of fats your family uses).
3) Remember to store them in a cool, dry, dark location.

Note: For more information on storing Cooking Oils and Fats and how much to store, check the previous posting for May 2012 and the "Postings" on the right under "Cooking, Heating and Lighting".

Emergency Preparedness Ideas:

Spiritual Preparation

Spiritual Preparation is just as important as Temporal Preparation! Why? We live in the last days! I would like to quote from President George Albert Smith, "Teachings of Presidents of the Church, George Albert Smith", Lesson #24, page 255-263. A great lesson to read.

"In the midst of these difficult times,...many people had (have) becomee discourgaged. ... that they (we) can escape much of the distress of these perilous times by living the gospel and resisting temptation.

No matter wheather the clouds may gather, no matter how the war drums may beat, no matter what conditions may arise in the world, here in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, wherever we are honoring and keeping the commandments of God, there will be protection from the powers of evil, and men and women will be permited to live upon the earth until their lives are finished in honor and glory if they will keep the commandments of our Heavenly Father.

...we must take stock of ourselves, and our homes should be the abiding place of prayer and gratitude and thanksgiving. Make your homes the abiding place of the spirit of the Lord; let them be holy places, where the adversary cannto come; listen to the still small voice prompting you to works of righteousness."

In order to prepare temporally we must prepare spiritually too, and stay in tune with the Spirit at all times! Spiritual and temporal are inseparable, they are intertwind.

Temporal Preparation

How many of you watched the KCET program "Surviving a Disaster" on Monday night? It was not quite what I thought it would be, but I still learned some important things from it.

(1) When there is a disaster like the 1989 San Francisco/Oakland earthquake causing the double freeway collapsing, once the emergency response teams (Fire Department and Police Department) arrive and assess the situation, they are told and trained to first rescue the easiest trapped and injured people.
Then the next easiest. The hardest ones to rescue and attend to will be the last ones to be removed and assisted, unless bystanders decide to help. I was shocked at this! I thought they would help whoever they came across and in that order. You may be on your own! This is why I want everyone to have an Emergency Family Medical Kit in your home and a good First-aid Kit in your car with a crowbar, and fire extinguisher. Each bedroom in your house should have a crowbar under your bed, tied to the bed leg, in case your are trapped and cannot open the door or window.

(2) As suspected, 911 was over loaded with emergency calls. Those on the double freeway and bystanders could not get through to 911. 911 did not know anything about them until one of the 911 dispatchers saw it on the television. This will most likely be the situation we will be in, no one will be aware of our situation. We need to be able to take care of ourselves and our families.

(3) There were many fires due to broken gas lines and downed electrical wires. Many of the water pipes had been crushed or broken due to the earthquake and there was no immediate water to put out the fires. What will you do it this happens? Keep a working, fully charged fire extinguisher in your home and a small one in your car. Of course, it will not put out a gas fire, but it will put out the fire caused to your house structure. 

June Goals: Next week we will start our June Goals. Watch for the June blog postings, FREE Monthly Giveaway questions, and the display table and handouts by our chapel door in the foyer.

Comments: Your comments, ideas and experiences are always greatly appreciated.

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  1. I did watch the Monday night program with the same comments, but the next day in the morning they had the same program and right after that they had another program that had very good hints of thing to do around the house to minimize the effects of an earth quake, things like putting latches on the kitchen covers and also provinding something similar for the open book shelves and seveal other interesting things.