Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weekly Assignment and Food Storage Ideas (Week of June 3rd)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,

New Month....New Goals!

June Goals: Shelter and Adding Pastas and Tomatoes to your Food Storage

This month we will be adding items to our emergency shelter and adding pastas and tomato items to our Food Storage.

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Having emergency shelter is an important part of our emergency preparedness. What if you could not stay in your and needed shelter, what would you do? Each family should have a tent big enough for the family, or some way to construct some type of shelter, a sleeping bag for each family member, and a space blanket in each 72 Hour Individual Emergency Preparedness Kit/Backpack. June is a great time to add these items because most stores and sporting good stores have tents and sleeping bags on sale. Another great time to purchase them is at the end of the summer season when they are getting rid of their summer inventory gearing up for winter sports. I find Big 5 has great sales this time of year. Check out the display and handouts at our June Goals display table by our chapel.

Pastas and Tomatoes:


Pastas are an inexpensive item to add to your Food Storage. The only way you can determine how much to store is to keep track for a month of how much you use to feed your family for one month. Then multiply it by the number of months you are working on for your Food Storage, 1 month supply, 3 months supply, 6 months supply or a year's supply.

As all other food items, store in a cool, dry, dark location. I store several bags/boxes of pastas in an extra large plastic zip lock bag with the purchase date on the bag. Then I put them in a large plastic container by type with a tight lid. These containers can be easily stored in the bottom of a closet and then you can sit shoes on them. You should rotate the pastas yearly. I rotate mine each time we purchase new pasta. The close to expiration date ones go into the pantry and then the new ones replace those. Fresh stuffed tortellini and ravioli can be stored in the freezer, watch the expiration dates and rotate as needed or replace when used.

Different types of pastas: Long form or strand pastas (spaghetti, angle hair, fettuccine, linguine, etc.), ribbon pastas (lasagna, etc.), shaped pastas (elbow and shell macaroni, bowtie, spiral, orzo, risi, etc.), tubular (penne, rotini, etc.), and stuffed pastas (tortellini, ravioli, etc.). If you Google "different types of pastas" you will be amazed at how many there are and there different uses. You can also purchase some whole wheat pastas. I found the cheapest place for whole wheat spaghetti and spiral pasta is Trader Joes, about $1.25 a one pound bag. Costco and Sam's Club also has them in large quantities. Discount stores like the 99 Cent Store also carries pastas, important to watch the expiration dates. What for sales and stock up.


Store in a cool, dry, dark location. Check the expiration about every 3-6 months to make sure they are not expiring and need used right away. Rotate as needed.

You can purchase tomatoes fresh, in commercial cans (7oz.-14 oz. cans of dices, stewed, whole, tomato sauce, tomato paste), #10 cans of dehydrated tomatoes dices, chopped or powder, tomato soup, marinara and other spaghetti sauce, etc.

Their shelf life is: commercially canned or jarred, 2-3 years (check the expiration dates on the cans); dehydrated/freeze dried, 20-25 years; canned in Mason canning jars, 1-2 years (check every 6 months); fresh peeled and frozen, 1 year.

Google this website for great ideas on storing and using tomatoes---"Tomatoes: Safe Methods to Store, Preserve, and Enjoy". I will have this handout at our June Goals display table next to the chapel.

Weekly Assignment--Shelter:

1) This month purchase a tent big enough for your family or two smaller ones that will accommodate your family. If you already have a family tent then I would suggest, and this goes for every one, purchase a tent to keep in your car. You never know when you might be caught away from home and cannot get back. This way you will have your 72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Backpacks, Family Bag and a tent to protect you and your family. You may not be able to get a large tent in your car, but a 3-4 man tent should fit.  Also put a large tarp and rope in your car. This will provide additional shelter.

2) If you have a tent and have not used in it in awhile, get it out and inspect it for any damages. Repair or replace as needed.

3) Keep all your Emergency Preparedness Shelter items together in your garage or storage shed.

Weekly Assignment--Add Pasta and Tomatoes to your Food Storage:

1) This week add 3-5 bags of any type of pasta your family eats.
2) Add 5-6 cans of some type of canned tomatoes. Watch for sales!

Food Storage Ideas:
1) Never purchase canned foods that are damaged or dented for your Food Storage. Air can get into the cans and spoil the food inside.
2) Discard all food from cans that are leaking, rusting, bulging or severely damaged.
3) Never store opened canned tomatoes in their original cans in the refrigerator, store in a glass or plastic container.
Emergency Preparedness:
If you have not had a fire, earthquake or evacuation drill with your family in several months, have them this week. Practice will keep them from panicking when a real fire, earthquake or evacuation comes. Remember--"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear."
Comments: Your comments, experience and ideas are always welcome! Thanks


  1. I checked some of the deals at the 99 cent store but their package is usually less than a pound so when you take that into account it's not such a good deal.

  2. I do not buy my pastas at the 99 Cent Store. I buy most of them at Trader Joes since they have the whole wheat pasta for a very good price. Others I buy on sale at regular markets. When I was at the 99 Cent Store this weekend I noticed they had tomato sauce 3 for 99 cents, but they expired in April. Not a good buy since your Food Storage is for a long time. Good if you are using them right away. Nancy Cuppett