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Weekly Assignment, Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness (Week of April 29th)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,

First, I apologize for this long blog posting, but I feel all these things are important and need saying. Please read all the way through.

Spiritual Preparedness:

The 10 Virgins

Spiritual preparedness will get you through those tuff times in life; when things seem like they will never be the same again, or life is closing in on you, or the world is falling apart, or Satan is attacking you from all sides, or when you feel there is no hope. There is always HOPE! Remember that. I hope these comments from talks given at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-days Saints 183rd Annual General Conference will help give you hope and help you become more spiritually prepared for whatever comes your way. These comments are taken from the Sunday morning session, April 7th...

"Some of us feel we are surrounded by darkness, we have lost a loved one, we feel alone and unloved, we have lost our job....God promises the hope of light....He shows us the way out of darkness....Faith, hope and charity will bring light to us....God's light is real, it gives light to all things, it will heal the loneliness of our souls, it can illuminate....The spirit of Jesus Christ is spiritual light....It takes an act of faith to open our eyes....How do we obtain light: 1. Start where you are. First step towards the light. Seek Heavenly Father. He will open and enlighten your soul. 2. Turn your heart towards the Lord. Acknowledge your short comings, pour your heart out to him, seek his light. 3. Walk in the light. We will make mistakes....Rise up and become the person you are designed to be....His son came here to give us the gospel, to know, to do and to be....The Savior illuminates light....Darkness cannot stand before the living light of Jesus Christ....Learn of him and his gospel....Participate and help each other....Walk towards the hope of God's light...." (President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, 2nd Councilor, 1st Presidency)

"Go into the world and teach the gospel to all.....All people, all earth, utter most parts of the world.....Faith over comes doubt....If not on your coat, paint a missionary tag on your heart....Every righteous member has thought about how to share the gospel, some it comes easy, some struggle, fall on your knees for help, pray for an opportunity to share, be ready....Follow Jesus Christ, not the traditions of our fathers....Jesus Christ will open doors and remove road blocks so we can share the gospel...." (Neil L. Anderson, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles)

"Love being a child, ok to not know, ok to grow, ok to stretch....Influence a child by increasing a child's faith in Jesus Christ through the words we speak....How we speak to a child can encourage them....If we speak to a child's heart we need to know their needs....Turn off technology and engage with our children and family....What would be say to our family if we could only write 25 words, not knowing you if would see them again...." (Rosemary Wixon, General Primary President)

"Watch and can learn so much by watching....marriages...strong, faithful ones....Steps to good marriage; 1. Happiest when both consider the relationship..., walk divine path, brings much joy, refinement and is priceless.... 2. Built on faith and the Lord Jesus Christ....We need to attend Sacrament and other meetings weekly, have Family Home Evening and prayer, pay tithing....Strengthening faith strengthens marriage.... 3. Repentance is a part of every good marriage relationship....Restores and maintains harmony and peace. Be one can change someone else, but with faith we can change ourselves, both should seek to bless, lift each other, build a happy marriage....4. Respect...equal partners, make decisions unanimously, focus first on home, shared responsibilities, cooperation, turn off technology....Be fearlessly loyal to each other, have a sacred trust for each other....5. Love, radiate obedience, live together in love, be completely devoted and love each other, leave behind single life....Seek after forming an eternal marriage.... Marriage a gift from God....Our love in marriage is a gift to God...." (L. Whitney Clayton, Presidency of the Seventies)

"Obedience to law is liberty...eternal law....God;s plan of agency is a gift from God....Next to life itself, free agency is God's greatest gift....Gospel of Jesus Christ never wavers....We cannot pick and choose which commandments to follow, all are important....Stand morally firm, stand as a beacon to the whole world...." (L.Tom Perry, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles)

"Many seek a place in mortal existence and happiness....Keep God's commandments, keep and seek truth and light....We learn obedience throughout our life....Obedience is required of us as well (like Abraham and Isac)....Obedience is first law of heaven....Obedience is the hallmark of the prophets....Obedience is readily available to us today....The greatest test of this life is obedience....The Lord learned obedience by the things he suffered, the Lord was always obedient....Are we willing to be obedient?...When we are willing to obey the commandments we received truth and light...." (Thomas S. Monson, President and Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

Being obedient and having the light of Jesus Christ in our lives will help us be spiritually prepared!

Weekly Assignment: 72 Hour Individual Emergency Personal Hygiene Kit...

This week add the follow...

One package of baby wipes per each family member's 72 Hour Individual Emergency Personal Hygiene Kit. You can find these at most discount stores like the 99 Cent store, The Dollar Tree and The
Dollar General. Each family member should now have a tooth brush, a small tube of tooth paste, a bottle of "no rinse" shampoo (one per every two people in the family). Place the baby wipes in the large plastic zip lock bag along with the other items.

Someone recently asked me for the entire list of items in the 72 Hour Individual Emergency Personal Hygiene Kit so they could purchase other items they find while shopping. most of these items can be found at dollar discount stores. Here is the list...

72 Hour Individual Emergency Personal Hygiene Kit List

Tooth Brush with a small tube of tooth paste
No rinse shampoo (one bottle should be enough for every two people in your household)
Small package of baby wipes
Small bar of soap in a small baggie
Wash cloth
Small bottle of hand sanitizer
Small bottle of hand lotion
Heavy work gloves (found these at the 99 Cent Store)
Deodorant (only for those that need it)
Respirator masks (good price is at, box of ten $12.95, need 3 per family member)
Emergency (reflecting) blanket (space blanket)
Plastic rain poncho (good price is at, $1-$3.50)
Roll of toilet paper (I do not put this in my kit but separate in my backpack in a small baggie)
Feminine hygiene items as needed or diapers for a baby
Bottle or tube or sun screen (usually 1-2 per family in the family emergency bag is enough)
Medical gloves, about 5 pairs (good price at, one box will supply the whole family)
Extra pair (old pair) of prescription glasses if case yours break
Sun glasses
Prescription medications (3-3+ days supply)

Vegetable Gardening Tip: I love this idea!

Vegetable gardening could not be easier. New from Miracle-Gro Miracle-Gro Growables Seed Pods Salad Garden Kit. The Salad Garden Kit plus Herb Garden Kit includes 18 seed pods, which includes vegetables and herbs: tomatoes, cucumbers, bush beans, snap peas, loose-leaf lettuce, butterhead lettuce,smooth-leaf spinach, romaine lettuce, sweet peppers, basil, cilantro and dill. Click on the link above to learn more about this great idea. Anyone can plant a small vegetable garden using this method in the soil, a raised bed or large containers. Click on the how to link below to view the video.

Miracle-Gro Growable Seed Pod video

Emergency Preparedness:

Please read below and be better prepared in protecting your children while in the car. Everyone should know this, even if you do not have children. It may save a child's life...

What is wrong with the picture above?

Child Car Seat Safety: Having worked in the auto insurance business for over 10 years I have learned how important the proper car seat or booster seat is for a child. Recently I saw a young boy about 10 years old and less than 80-100 pounds riding in the front seat of his parents car using just the regular adult seat belt. Not only is the adult seat belt not going to protect him but if the air bag implodes he may be killed. I had to restrain myself from going up to the parents and asking them "how much their son's life meant to them?". I really should have done it anyway. I see this so many times. Please protect your priceless children!

California Law: Did you know if you are pulled over in California and a child is not in a proper child car seat or booster seat it is 2 points on your Motor Vehicle Record, and you loose your California Good Driver Discount, for 3 years?

Personal Story: While working for an insurance company I took an auto accident claim from one of our policyholder family members. Wow!!! I did not expect to hear the words I did. Our policyholder was driving down the 405 Freeway in Torrance, California, USA in the Diamond Lane (used for cars with 2 or more passengers in the car). She was going the correct speed, 65 miles an hours, she was driving a Suburban. Suddenly, a car in a lane next to her lost control and spun around into her lane hitting her head on. The sad thing, this very type of accident had happened to her husband a couple of years before and killed him. Her car came to a sudden stop. As other drivers stopped and got out to help the victims, she was conscious and felt behind her for her 7 year old daughter who was being restrained by an adult seat belt behind her. She could not feel her daughter's legs. She screamed in panic to those trying to help her, "Where is my daughter?". Everyone around her looked in the back seat and could not find her daughter. Rather than tell her she was not there, they tried to calm her down and help her with her serious injuries. Those tying to help her before the Fire Department got there, realized something had gone through her windshield. After further investigation it was discovered her daughter had flown out of the adult seat belt, through the windshield and 25 feet down the freeway. Her daughter was in a coma for several months and has permanent brain damages from the accident, now she is mental and physically handicapped. The mother had a serious concussion and has a gash in her head from her injuries. If the daughter had been in the correct type of booster car seat  with the 5 star restraint system for her age, height and weight she would have probably have not been thrown from the car and had such serious injuries.

The type of car seat or booster seat you use for your children does matter!!!

Car Safety Rules for Children:

1. Know how to properly install and use your child's car seat and booster seat. Many times people do not properly put them in the car, they are to loose, the car seat rocks back and forth and forward. Follow the instructions in each car seat or booster seat manual.

2. Babies at a certain weight and height should face towards the seat. Check your baby car seat manual.

3. All car seats and booster seats should have the 5 star restraint system.

4. Use the proper car seat or booster seat for your child's weight, height and age.

5. Follow the guide lines for your states or countries laws regarding the weight, height and age for car seats and booster seats.

6. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use a car seat or booster seat in the front seat of a car! The child will be seriously injured and possibly killed. If for any reason, like an emergency, a child has to ride in the front seat make sure the air bag is turned off.  But only put them in the front seat if it an emergency situation.

7. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER ride with a child in your lap or in the front seat. They need to be restrained in the proper car seat or booster seat.

8. The 2011 Recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics suggest as best practice: all children whose weight or height is above the forward- facing limit for their CSS should use a belt positioning booster seat until the vehicle lap-and-shoulder belt fits properly, typically when they have reached 4 feet 9 inches and are between 8 and 12 years of age.

9. When using a booster seat, be sure to position the lap belt low on the hips and the shoulder belt across the chest and onto the shoulder or collar bone. Adjust the shoulder belt guide to assure a proper fit.

Important: The picture above shows an improper booster seat for this child. It should not go across his neck, but across his shoulder and collar bone.

10. No child under 12 years old and less than 100 pounds should ride in the front seat of the car. There is not enough protect for them and if the air bag implodes it could kill them. See the safety warning on the sun visor in front of the passenger side seat.

11. The most common form of misuse for all child restraints included loose safety belt attachment to the child restraint and loose harness straps securing the child to the child restraint system.

12. Only use the adult seat belts if your child can pass the Safety Belt Fit Test below..

The Safety Belt Fit Test (Safe Kids Worldwide)

Have your child sit in a back seat with her bottom and back against the vehicle’s seat back. Do the child’s knees bend at the seat’s edge? If yes, go on. If not, the child must stay in a booster seat. If yes, go on. If it
rests on the soft part of the stomach, the child must stay in a booster seat.

Buckle the seat belt. Does the lap belt stay low on the hips or high on the thigh? If yes, go on. If it rests on the soft part of the stomach, the child must stay in a booster seat.

Important: The picture on the right is an example of how bad an adult seat belt fits a child. This child should be in booster seat with the 5 star restraint system.
Look at the shoulder belt. Does it lie on the collarbone and shoulder? If yes, go on. If it is on the face or neck, the child must remain in a booster seat. Never put the shoulder belt under the child’s arm or behind the child’s back. Do not allow children to play with the shoulder portion of a seat belt. Treat it like any cord.

Important: The picture on the left is an unappropriated booster seat. It does not have the 5 star restraint protect. The adult seat belt will not protect him.

Can the child maintain the correct seating position with the shoulder belt on the shoulder and the lap belt low across the hips, or high on the thighs? If yes, the child has passed the Safety Belt Fit Test. If no, the child should return to a booster seat and re-test in a month.

Seat belts generally fit a child when they are at least 4’9” tall (57 inches) between the ages of 8-12 and who weigh between 80-100 pounds. Have all children pass the Safety Belt Fit Test before moving them from a booster seat into the adult seat belt.

NHTSA recommends that if the seat belt does not fit properly, the child should use a belt positioning booster (BPB) seat.

(The above information comes from Safe Kids USA)

California Law Regarding Child Safety Seats (Effective 01/01/2012):

1. Children under the age of 8 must be secured in a car seat or booster seat in the back seat.
2. Children under the age of 8 who are 4' 9" or taller may be secured by a safety belt in the back seat.
3. Children who are 8 years and over shall be properly secured in an appropriate child passenger restraint system or safety belt.
(, the California Highway Patrol)

Please, let's protect our children! Use the correct child car seat or booster seat with the 5 star restraint system!

Comments: All your comments, ideas, suggestions and experiences are welcome! We all learn from each other. Thank you for your comments.

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  1. Thank you for this great information. I so appreciate it! I would be one of the virgins who wasn't prepared for an emergency. I would love to start a garden. Help lol!