Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of October 3rd)

Hi Carson Ward Family,

This month is Earthquake Awareness/Preparedness Month! Our October Weekly Challenges will be focused around this. Please see the Weekly Challenge after the Weekly Assignment.


"The wise in heart shall be called prudent, . . . ." Proverbs 16:21

Are we planning for the future or are we excepting others to provide for our needs?

Weekly Assignment:

72 Hour Personal Hygiene Kit:

This week add the following per house hold kit:

1. Small bottle of shampoo and rinse ( I found these at the 99 Cent Store and Dollar Tree. A great one to have is the type that does not require water. Water will be limited at this time.)
2. Small bottle of hand lotion

Many years ago a dam broke in Idaho flooding the area and homes. I read where one woman said she would have given anything for some shampoo and hand lotion.

If you have been following the 72 Hour Personal Hygiene Kit you should have the following, one item of each for each family member's kit (remember to keep these items in a separate large zip lock bag from the 72 Hour Food Kit:

1. tooth brush
2. small tube of tooth paste
3. comb and/or brush
4. small bar of soap (in pastic zip lock bag)
this week:
5. small bottle of shampoo and rise, or non-water type
6. small bottle of hand lotion

Weekly Challenge:

Get together with your family this coming week (either FHE or some other time) and discuss what to do during an earthquake. Check out the blog posting "What to do before, during and after an earthquake". Go to the section about what to do during an earthquake, discuss with your family, show them what to do and have an earthquake drill.

Google the California Shake Out and click on Drop, Cover and Hold On in the middle of the website. There is great information there.

Remember: This is the last week to post a comment for next Sunday, October 10th monthly Free Giveaway Emergency Preparedness drawing. If you post your name on all the September Weekly Challenge and Assignment postings you will have 4 changes to win. Call me if you do not know how to do this.

Sister Nancy Cuppett (310-835-0902)

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  1. Is it ok to win more than once, if it is here's our name again, The Romos. Question: what's the right amount of hand sanitizer per person per month?