Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of October 10th)

Hi Carson Ward Family,

Hope everyone enjoyed General Conference. Wasn't it great?

Congratulations to the Levi and Marie Lei family--They won the September monthly Free Giveaway drawing today. They won 2 72 Hour Food Kits with water. We were a little late with the drawing due to conference.

Since this month is still Earthquake Preparedness Awareness Month our Challenge will be focused around what to do before, during and after an earthquake. Please check out the Blog Posting section. There are some really great ideas there that will help protect you and your family. See the challenge after this weeks Assignment.

Also, see the great find at the bottom!

Remember: Post your name in the comment section below for our October Free Monthly Giveaway drawing. This time we will have the drawing at our Ward Halloween Party. If you are not sure how to do this please all Nancy Cuppett (310-835-0902) and she will talk you through it. The next Free Monthly Giveaway item will be very important to you and your family in an emergency situation.


“Maintain a year's supply. The Lord has urged that his people save for the rainy days, prepare for the difficult times, and put away for emergencies, a year's supply or more of bare necessities so that when comes the flood, the earthquake, the famine, the hurricane, the storms of life, our families can be sustained through the dark days. How many of us have complied with this? We strive with the Lord, finding many excuses: We do not have room for storage. The food spoils. We do not have the funds to do it. We do not like these common foods. It is not needed -- there will always be someone to help in trouble. The government will come to the rescue. And some intend to obey but procrastinate.” The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, p.375

Weekly Assignment:

72 Hour Personal Hygiene Kit:

This week add the following items per house hold kit:

1. Small bottle of hand sanitizer (I found these at Carson Target on Sepulveda for $.98 in the travel size bins along the wall . There are all kings of small personal hygiene items there for 98 cents. The 99 Cent and Dollar Tree may also have them.)

2. Heavy work gloves (These will protect your hands if you need to move objects. I found them at the 99 Cent store, get the gray ones, they are heavier. Even your children need them.)

So far you should have the following in your 72 Hour Personal Hygiene Kit:

1. tooth brush
2. small tube of tooth paste
3. comb and/or brush
4. small bar of soap (in a plastic zip lock bag, this may not be practical since water will limited, the small bottle of hand sanitizer may be better)
5. small bottle of shampoo and rinse, or non-water type
6. small bottle of hand lotion
the week:
7. Hand sanitizer
8. Heavy work gloves

Note: Regarding the hand bar soap. Myra Alboa made a comment about this on this posting. It is really up to you which you want to use, bar hand soap or liquid soap. I am just concerned about rinsing it off since your water will be limited to drinking and preparing some of your food in the 72 Hour Food Kit. I would have both, the bar hand soap or liquid soap (which ever kind you prefer) and the hand sanitizer soap.

Weekly Challenge:

Go through your house to make it is earthquake safe. Make a list of items that need your attention and make a plan to correct them as soon as possible this month and check off the items you have completed. See the blog posting "What to do before, during and after an earthquake". See what things you need to do to make your home earthquake safe for you and your family. Get the whole family involved.

If you do not already have one, you can purchase an Earthquake Gas Value Shut-off tool to turn off your gas at the main line by Googling "Earthquake Survival Tool". Make sure you get the one that has the shut-off tool attached to a yellow cardboard and says "Earthquake Survival Tool" on it. This one handles both sizes of values. Go to: has a Quake Hold Gas Shut-off Tool for $6.25. (Top right corner on their home page.) has one for $7.97.

**********Great find!************

Water Filtration Bottles (28 oz bottle):

I just found the ones that are offered through Seychelle, mentioned on the Water Storage blog posting, for a lot less money. Our church bought a lot of them and is offering them for the following price on the "" website. (Some of you may have received the Family Resources cataloge in the mail with your Ensign about the Temples this month, they are listed in there.) :

With one filter $16.50
With two filters $22.00

They filter out 99.99% of the bad things in the water, no matter how bad the water is, 100 gallons per filter.


  1. I hate bar soap. I don't allow it in the house because of the scum it leaves on the tub and sinks. Maybe just a small size liquid hand soap or even a hotel shampoo sample bottle. You could even use a small bottle and fill it with any liquid hand soap for really dirty hands. The sanitizer is good for germs but not for heavy dirt.

  2. Sorry if the "I hate bar soap sounds harsh". It's one of those homemaker pet pives. It's a personal choice.