Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of October 24th)

Hi Carson Ward Family,

This is the last week to post your comment and name for our Monthly FREE Giveaway Drawing for October, to be held this Thursday, October 28th at our Ward Halloween Party. How do you post your name?

Go the bottom of this Weekly Challenge and Assignment posting
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Go to the white box, put in your name and comment (if you would like to leave one)
Click on the drop down arrow "Select Profile"
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The item for this month's drawing is something every family should have as part of their Emergency Preparedness items. You will be grateful you have this if an Emergency situation strikes.

Important: I have set up an easier way to get to each Emergency Preparedness posting in this blog. See the right hand side and scroll down until you see "Postings". If you click on the subject you need help with or want to learn more about, just click on it and it will take you directly to the posting. We will be continually adding new subjects and updating the postings as new or more information is discovered.


“Many more people could ride out the storm-tossed waves in their economic lives if they had their . . . supply of food . . . and were debt-free. Today we find that many have followed this counsel in reverse:they have at least a year’s supply of debt and are food-free.” President Thomas S. Monson

Weekly Assignment:

We are continuing our 72 Hour Personal Hygiene Kit. Please add the following this week. One for each Personal Hygiene Kit.

1) Respirator Mask (I found really good ones on "Emergency Essentials" 10 for $11.99. You will only need 1-2 per person. I think you can also get them at WalMart.)

2) Emergency (reflector) Blanket (I also found these at for $1.25 each.)

Note: The above items are on sale at the website mentioned. Great time to buy them. Their shipping is very reasonable. These are light weight items so the shipping should not be more than $6-$9 depending on how many you order. Their highest shipping amount no matter how much to buy or how heavy is $12.

3) Plastic rain poncho: If you order the above items from them you might want to include their plastic yellow or orange rain ponchos at the same time to save on shipping. They are $0.75 & $2.95 each.

So far you should have the following items in your 72 Hour Personal Hygiene Kit (one for each kit):

1. tooth brush

2. small tube of tooth paste

3. comb and/or brush

4. small bottle of shampoo and rinse, or non-water type (great if water is limited)

5. small bar of soap or bottle of liquid soap

6. small bottle hand lotion

7. hand sanitizer

8 heavy work gloves

9. deodorant (only for those that need it)

10. small container of baby wipes

This week:

11. respirator masks

12. emergency (reflecting) blanket

13. plastic rain poncho

Only 3 more items to go next week.

Weekly Challenge:

This is the last week of Earthquake Preparedness Month:

Go to the posting "Before, During and After an Earthquake". Review the posting and make a list of things you and your family need to do to be as earthquake safe as possible. Discuss these with your family and make a plan to accomplish them. Have earthquake drills in your home once a month if there are young children, older children quarterly.

3 Month Food Supply:

Continue to add items each week, even if only one can or one package of food, to your 3 Month Food Supply. It does add up over the weeks!

It is so great to hear from each of you and how you are working on setting up your 72 Hour Emergency Kits, your home food storage and water and working on the weekly challenges. As long as you are trying, Heavenly Father will bless you with what you will need. Keep up the great work! If you have any questions you can post a comment below or email me at If I do not have your email please email it to me. Sister Nancy Cuppett


  1. Where is everybody. I
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  2. I hope I'm doing this right. Help:) Great info in here Nancy. Thank you.

  3. This sight helps us to prepare for the storm.