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Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of December 5th)

Hi Carson Ward Family,


"For over forty years, in a spirit of love, members of the Church have been counseled to be thrifty and self-reliant; to avoid debt; pay tithes and a generous fast offering; be industrious; and have sufficient food, clothing, and fuel on hand to last a least one year. Today there are compelling reasons to reemphasize this counsel. " Ezra Taft Benson, October Conference 1980

Brothers and Sisters, this counsel is as important now as it was when given in 1980, may be even more so now. All I ask, is that you just start somewhere, if you have not already done so, to prepare for whatever lies ahead, it may be around the corner. If you need help, please ask me and I would be happy to help you make a plan for your family. The 72 Hour Emergency Kit is the best way to start, while working on your 3 Months Food Supply at the same time (just a couple of extra cans of food a week).

Weekly Assignment (72 Stressor Kit--one for each family member)

This week we will add the last item:

1) $3-$5 in change (coins) for each kit (You need change in coins because if you only have a $5 bill and you need food or water, the person may say it cost $5, they will say they do not have change.) Put the money in a small zip lock bag.

You should have the following items in your 72 Hour Stressor Kit:

1. paper pad and pen
2. 5-in-1 survival whistle
3. copies of insurance
4. family photo(s)
5. activity book
6. list of family contact names and phone numbers
7. favorite reading book (soft cover for adult books)
8. small travel size board game or playing cards (different one for each family member kit so you have different ones to play)
9. Book of Mormon (soft cover, about $4 on church catalog website)
Added this week:
10. $3-$5 in coin change in small zip lock bag

Put all the above items in a large zip lock bag and put in your 72 Hour Emergency backpack for each family member in your household.

Congratulations! If you have been following along the past 19 weeks you have finished the 72 Hour Food/Water Kit, the 72 Hour Personal Hygiene Kit and the 72 Hour Stressor Kit for each family member in your household.

The next step is to put all these 3 kits into a backpack for each family member in your house hold. Over the month of December I want you to add the following to complete your 72 Hour Emergency Backpack kit:

1) change of clothing (shirt, pants, underware/garments, socks) (remember to chage these as your children grow)
2) a sweater (if you do not have extra ones, then get one from a discount center like the Discount Center on Avalon and Sepulveda or the Good Will)
3) a hat
4) if you want, a sturdy pair of shoes (change as your children grow)

Once you have completed the kits, put in a place that will be easily accessable in the house or your car. You should also have one at your work place under your desk. We keep kits in the house and kits in the car. Reason for this: You may be in an earthquake while in the house and not able to get them out of the car. If away from home and you keep them at home, you will need them if you cannot get back home. Or, you can keep one family size one in the car with food, water, first-aid kit, some hygiene items like diapers (see the list what you would want to have), activity books/games/scriptures.

If you have not started your 72 Emergency Kit then go back to the "Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of August 1st)" and start there. It is great to have the complete list of items because you can buy them while on sale, try to buy 1-2 items, or more, each week.

Due to the holiday season we are going to take a break from the Weekly Assignments. Continue to put your 72 Hour Kit(s) together if you have not finished them. We will start the 72 Hour Family Kit in January. The 72 Hour Family Kit will enclude items like a hatchet, mess kits to cook with, items to heat food with, first-aid kit, etc. You will only need one of these kits for the house and one for the car (if you have 72 Hour kits in your car too.)

After the first of year we will also be setting up First-aid and CPR classes for those who want to attend. We will be setting up Emergency Preparedness Committes and Teams and have an Emergency Preparedness Workshop.

Weekly Challenge:

Continue to purchase extra cans of vegetables and fruit and other items your family eats in 3 months. Keep inventory as you go along. See the 3 Month Food Supply posting for help and ideas.

Remember: Post your name and comment (if you wish) at the end of each December Weekly Challenge and Assignment for the December 28th Monthy FREE Giveaway Drawing.

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