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Weekly Challenage and Assignment (Week of January 2nd)

Hi Carson Ward,

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their family and friends. May you, this new year, plan, prepare and organize your year's supply of food, clothing and other necessities. Make it a part of your 2011 Goals. The next few weeks we will be working on putting together the 72 Hour Family Emergency Pack/Bag.

Congratulations to the Cummings Family! They won the Butane Portable One Burner Stove with two Butane cans of fuel.


"As long as I can remember, we have been taught to prepare for the future and to obtain a year's supply of necessities.... I believe the time to disregard this counsel is over. With the events in the world today, it must be considered with all seriousness.... Create a plan if you don't already have one, or update your present plan... We are not in a situation that requires panic buying, but we do need to be careful in purchasing and rotating the storage that we're putting away." (Elder L. Tom Perry, in Conference Report, October 1995 or Ensign, November 1995, page 36.)

Weekly Assignment:

72 Hour Family Emergency Pack/Bag: (You will need one for home and one for your car, in case your are away from home during an emergency situation. You should have a small one at work too.)

This week add the following:

1. Purchase a small duffel bag or gym type bag

2. First-aid kit and First-aid book (If you all ready have one put it into your home/car/work 72 Hour Family Emergency Pack/Bag.)

Weekly Challenge:

Are you safe in your car? Is you child safe in the car? Parents, grandparents and anyone who drives with a child in the car, please read the following:

Working in the insurance business, one of my greatest concerns and that I am adamant about, is children being safe while their parents and others are driving. I have take several accident reports where children were injured due to unsafe car seats or restraints, one was very bad.

The mother was driving a Suburban in the diamond lane on the freeway. Her 7 year old daughter was in the back seat behind her restrained by the adult car seat belt. A car next to her lost control, spun around and hit her head on, they were both traveling about 65 miles an hour. The impact of the car hitting her, threw the mother against the steering wheel and her head hit the windshield. She reached behind her and called her daughter's name, there was no response and she could not feel her daughter's legs. She panicked and called for her again. One of the other cars who had stopped to help told her there was no one in the seat behind her. Her daughter had been thrown from the adult car seat belt, through the front windshield, over the car that hit them head on several feet down the freeway. Her daughter spent several weeks in a coma with a fractured skull and several months recovering in the hospital. Her daughter has permanent brain damage and will never be able to do the things a 7 year or other little girls do.

We often think our children are safe in the adult seat belt. The adult seat belt does not fit them correctly and will not hold them in the seat. The California law regarding children in the car is as follows:

A parent or legal guardian or any driver may not permit his or their child or ward or any child to be transported upon a highway in a motor vehicle without properly securing the child or ward in a rear seat in a child passenger restraint system meeting applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards, unless the child or ward is one of the following:

1. Six years of age or older.
2. Sixty pounds of more.

(I find this may not be enough either, look what happened to the little girl in the story above. A child booster seat would be better.)

VC Section 27360 & 27315

A child or ward may not ride in the front seat of a motor vehicle with an active passenger airbag if the child or ward is one of the following:

1. Under one year of age.
2. Less than 20 pounds.
3. Riding in a rear-facing child passenger restraint system.

I strong feel they should not be in the front seat at all, there is not enough protection for them.

Children under 12 years of age:

No child should sit in the front seat of a car, even if the airbag is turned off, if they are under 12 years old and at least 100 pounds, the adult seat belt will not hold them in and protect them from hitting the dashboard. They need to sit in the back seat in the middle if possible. Check the sun visor on the passenger side in your car for instructions.

The best type of child restraint systems and safety:

1. A 5-star lock child car seat gives a child the best protection. Check to make sure there has not been a recall of the type you are buying. Please make sure the car seat or booster seat is secure in the seat, does not move around easily. Check the instructions on how to properly install the car seat and booster seat. You can also go online for help in how to properly install a child car seat or booster seat.
2. Booster seats should have the same type of 5-star restraint.
3. Never buy a used child car seat or booster seat, you do not know if it has been in an accident.
4. If the child car seat or booster seat has been in an accident do not use it, destroy it and then throw it away, do not sell it or give to DI or a thrift store. Most insurance companies will give you the money to replace the child car seat or booster seat.
5. Make sure you properly install the child car seat or buster seat. There are several websites that will help you with this. I found a great one at

Adult safety while driving:

1. Before you get into your, walk all around your car to make sure no one is hiding inside.

2. If you are at a hospital late at night and by yourself, have the security guard walk with you to your car.

3. Be aware of who is around you while getting gas, going to your car. If someone approaches you to sell you something tell them no thank you and quickly get into your car and lock the doors.

4. Always have your keys out and ready before getting to your car.

5. Try to park in a well lighted area.

6. Keep your doors locked. If you sit in your car to review a sales receipt or use your cell phone, lock your doors.

7. Always wear your seat belt.

8. Do not talk on your cell phone or text while driving.

9. Keep a small flash light on your key chain or in your purse or pocket.

Please be safe and keep your child safe while driving!

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