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Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of May 8th)

Hi Carson Ward, Family and Friends,


"How on the face of earth could a man enjoy his religion when he had been told by the Lord how to prepare for a day of famine, when, instead of doing so, he had fooled away that which would have sustained him and his family." Elder George A. Smith, Journal of Discourses, Volume 12, page 142

"There is a wise old saying 'Eat it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without'. Thrift is a practice of not wasting anything. Some people are able to get by because of the absence of expense. They have their shoes resoled, they patch, they mend, they sew and they save money. They avoid installment buying, and make purchases only after saving enough to pay cash, thus avoiding interest charges. Frugality means to practice careful economy." James E. Faust

It is our responsibility to provide for ourselves and our family, not the church, the government or the community. We all need to be self-reliant. I love to two quotes above. They remind us of this very thing. Do we continually say, "I have no time to get my food storage and emergency supplies together", but we seem to find time for the things of the world? Do we say, "I have no money for food storage", not even one can or package, but we have money for frivolous (wants not needs) things?

We need to change our priorities and waist no time in getting together as much food storage and emergency supplies as possible. The time is going to come when it is to late, just like the 5 Virgins without enough oil in their lamps. I know it can be overwhelming and some have small finances in which to purchase food and emergency supplies. May be leave out the chips, expensive cereals, junk food, fast foods (sodas add up, leave them out), etc. Take that money to purchase your food storage and emergency supplies. We need to re-budget our finances and needs. I promise you it will work and you will have money for your food storage and emergency supplies.

Weekly Assignments and Challenge:

1) Those working on their 72 Hour Emergency Food Kits, add the following (remember, you need 3 of each item for each food kit. If you missed the other items, go back through the first 4 blog postings):
a) dry soup mix (like Lipton's package Chicken Noodle Soup or Cup of Soups)
b) hard candy (at least 8 pieces per person per day, if you purchase mint candy, store it separately in a couple of zip lock bags, the mint flavor will be absorbed into the other food items)

2) Review your medical and medication supplies and add items you are lacking. You should have (besides your first aid kit) these items at home. Put them all together in a large plastic container with an air tight lid.:
1) Band-Aids (many assorted sizes)
2) Antiseptic/alcohol wipes
3) hand sanitizer bottles (2)
4) topical antibiotic ointment
5) hydrogen peroxide
6) Petroleum jelly (tube)
7) Sunscreen
8) Thermometer
9) Latex gloves (several pairs)
10) sterile gauze pads (various sizes)
11) adhesive bandage tape, hypoallergenic, 1 inch
12) triangular bandages (3)
13) bandage scissors (EMT scissors)
14) Maxi sanitary pads (5+) (for major wounds)
15) irrigation syringe
16) eye wash solution
17) Ace bandages--2", #' and 4" (2 each size)
18) two tweezers (one regular size, one small)
19) needle (consider including suture material and set--I got this from
20) scalpel with extra blades
21) Pepto-Bismol (check with your doctor for children's dosage and write on the bottle)
22) antacids
23) pain relievers (non-aspirin type, acetaminophen, ibuprofen for both adults and children)
24) stool softeners
25) anitfungal ointment/cream
26) Visine eye drops
27) cough and cold medications (for adults and children)
28) contact lens wearers: extra pair, solution
29) Diphendyramine (Benadryl) (This is an antihistamine used for hives, allergic rhinitis, etc. Check with your doctor for children's dosages)
30) Epi-Pen for sever allergic reactions (insects, food) (requires a prescription)
31) Ophthalmic antibiotic (requires prescription)
32) lighter or matches (to sterilize items like needles if you have no gas burner)
33) alcohol
34) any prescription medications family member take (high blood pressure, insulin and extra needles, etc)
Note: Do not go out and buy all this at once, add to it gradually

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