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Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of May 15th)

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"Consider the important (ford storage) program which we must never forget nor put in the background. ... we feel sometimes that we do not need the supply that has been suggested by the Brethren... We must remember that conditions could change and a year's supply of basic commodities could be very much appreciated by us or others. So we would do well to listen to what we have been told and to follow it explicitly." (Spencer W. Kimball, in Conference Report, April 1976, 170 or Ensign, May 1976, page 124)

The home production and storage program is an integral part of the Church welfare services but is undertaken individually, according to the needs of each member of the family. Each family is different and their needs and eating habits are different. Remember, it is our sole individual responsibility as a family to store and produce items needed to sustain life. We need to prepare for adversity, be it loss of a job (financial), illness/accident, or natural disaster. If we do, we will enjoy the blessings of peace and security. (D&C 38:30-31)

Our Church leaders have realized it might be difficult for an individual and a family to acquire a year's supply of food and emergency supplies. This is why President Hinckley addressed this concern and admonished the Church members, and tell our neighbors, that we should first strive for at least a 3 months supply of food and emergency supplies. Once we have this we can work towards 6 months, 9 months and then a year. One step at a time, precept upon precept.
If you are not working towards a goal of food storage and emergency supplies, then set a goal and diligently work on it. If you have a goal and are not working on it then do so. If you have food storage, continually add to it and rotate what you have stored. As President Kimball always said and sat on his desk, "Do it".

Weekly Assignments:

1) Assignment #1--72 Hour Emergency Food Kit (remember you need 3 of each item for each individual food kit)

This week add the following:

a) Peanut Butter crackers (They usually come 6 to an individual package)

b) water (2 Liter bottle for 3 days, personally I think you need a gallon. We are told you need a gallon per day, but you will be limited in how much each person can carry. If you have the Seychelle Water Filter bottle you can purchase on the church store website, 2 Liters will be plenty since you will be able to filter other water, even muddy contaminated water.)

So far you should have the following, 3 items of each for each individual food kit placed in a large zip lock plastic bag. (Place this kit into your backpack as you add the food items):
1) granola bars
2) fruit juice box drink
3) hot chocolate mix
4) small box of raisins
5) instant oatmeal
6) fruit cups
7) trail mix
8) gum
9) dry soup mix
10) hardy candy

11) peanut butter crackers
12) water

2) Assignment #2--Vegetable Garden

For those of you have planted a vegetable garden, remember to weed regularly, you do not want the weeds taking over your garden and nutrients from the vegetables. If the vegetable seeds you planted have germinated and are growing well, plus the vegetable plants you planted, this is a good time to fertilize. I use Miracle Grow Tomato, Vegetable and Flower fertilizer. I buy the one you attach to your hose and spray. I used this last year and it worked well.

3) Assignment #3--First-aid Book
If you do not have a first-aid book purchase one. Review the book from time to time to familiarize yourself and other family members with emergency first-aid techniques. Practice them with a friend or as a family for Family Home Evening. The more familiar you are with them, the more you will remember them and how to apply them in an emergency situation.
Weekly Challenge:

Rotate food storage items into your kitchen pantry that need eaten soon. Replace those items rotated with new items.

Schedule and plan a trip to the Church Dry Pack Cannery in Los Angeles with friends or as a family, or with another family, to can food items for your food storage. Call the cannery to see how old your children must be to go. The Dry Pack Cannery number is 323-265-8051, Budd Fox is the manager. Address is 2730 E 12 St, Los Angeles., behind the Deseret Industries thrift store.
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