Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of May 22nd)

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"The principle of the fat and lean kine is applicable today (even today) as it was in the days when, on the banks of the Nile, Joseph interpreted Pharaoh's dream. Officials (even today) now warn us, and warn again, that scant days are coming." (President Herber J. Grant, J. Reuben Clark, Jr., David O. McKay (First Presidency, Conference Report 1942)

You may say 1942 was long ago, but this counsel from the First President at that time is still as true today as it was then. We never know when our food and emergency supplies may become impossible to get or maybe even afford. I heard on the news this past week that food prices are going up again due to the many natural disasters in the mid-west. They cannot get the barges that carry vegetables and grains up the Mississippi River due to the flooding and heavy currants. Droughts in other areas are destroying crops. Members I speak with in Idaho and Utah are having a hard time getting their vegetable gardens started this year due to the cold and snowy weather they are continue to have. Even our Spring has been cooler than normal which can effect growing a garden.

If possible, we need to grow our own vegetables and fruits, even if we get a couple of large pots and plant some tomatoes or other type of vegetables. We are blessed to live in California with a long growing season. It is still not to late to plant some vegetables. The garden shops are still selling plants and seeds.

We need to be adding to our food storage each week, when we go grocery shopping put in one or two extra cans to store. Watch for great sales items and stock up. Add a little each week, and before you know it you will have one week, one month, two months, three months, and before you know it , you will have a year's supply. You do not need to store everything you eat, just the items that will sustain life. But remember the important rule, rotate what you store. Read the expiration dates, canned and packaged items only last a couple of years, and some less, like fruit juices.

Did you know you can freeze butter/margarine and even eggs? Eggs: To freeze eggs take a cupcake pan, line each cupcake section with plastic wrap, break the egg and mix gently (you do not want to get air into the eggs) before placing in the cupcake section (they do not freeze well if not mixed up), and place one egg in each cupcake space. Place the cupcake pan in the freezer and let freeze, take the eggs out of the cupcake pan, wrap and place the frozen eggs into a freezer container or freezer zip lock bag, mark the date, place in the bottom of the freezer where the coldest, not the door. Make sure you use only fresh eggs. They will keep frozen for one year. Make sure to thaw them in the refrigerator the day before you will use them. Good to use in receipes and for scrambled eggs. Butter/margarine freeze in the original package, freezes for one year. I rotate mine every time I buy butter.

Weekly Assignments:

First Assignment--72 Hour Emergency Food Kits (remember 3 of each item for each individual kit)

Add the following:
1) Beef Jerkey (snack)
2) Dried fruit or fruit rollups (snack)

Congratulations! You have just finished the 72 Hour Emergency Food Kits. Place all the items in a large zip lock bag, I double mine for safety and protection against water. All the items will fit, it takes some work, but they will fit. You should have 3 of each item below in your kit. Place the 3 day menu (below) inside facing out so you can see the items to eat each day. It will not fill you up but will sustain your life for a few days, high in calories. Place the food kit in your 72 Hour Emergency Backpack.

You should have the following in your food kit:
food items:
granola bars
fruit juice box drink (if you use a mix you will need more water)
hot chocolate mix
raisins (small box)
instant oatmeal
fruit cups
peanut butter crackers
dry soup mix
trail mix (if you buy a large bag, after opening only use 1/3 of it, save rest for next 2 days)
water (keep separate from food items, check often, may leak after a few months)
snacks--you only need one of each item (I put these items in a separate zip lock bag)
gum--1 pack
hard candy--about 10 pieces (if mint, put in separate plastic bag before putting in with other snack items)
beef jerky--1 small package
fruit snacks (1 package of dried fruit or 3 fruit rollups)

3 day menu (same menu each day):
Breakfast: instant oatmeal, raisins (small box), instant hot chocolate
Lunch: Peanut Butter crackers, Fruit Cup, Trail Mix
Dinner: Soup mix, Granola bar, fruit drink mix
Snacks: Fruit (dried, fruit rollup), gum, hardy candy, beef jerky)

Note: Watch the children, they may try to eat more than allowed for each meal or snack. Be careful purchasing food items from discount stores like the 99 Cent or Dollar General Stores. Their items usually expire quickly. The item expiraton date should be at least a year from the purchase date. Check your food and snack items and water often thoughtout the year to assure freshness and leakage. If you do not have a mess kit in your family bag then you will need to add 3 styrofoan cups and 3 spoons.

Second Assignment:

Never let you gas tank get below half a tank! Yes, this means you are filling up more and it takes time, but better to be safe than sorry. What if you needed to evacuate and your gas tank is almost empty and the electricity is out (the gas pumps do not work when there is no electricity)? Gas lines will be crazy and people will panic. Always be prepared! If you have at least a half tank of gas you would be able to get as far away as possible. If possible, store gas in authorized gas cans, out of the heat, for emergencies. If you have a generator you will need to store some gas for it. Try to store 4 five gallon cans of gas, or at least one. Do not store in your car! The best price I have found for the five gallon gas cans is WalMart. They are are about $10 each.

Week Challenge:

Procedures to follow if someone is injured during an emergency situation:
1) Are they in danger in their present location? If yes, move them quickly and as safely as possible. If not, keep them where they are.
2) Restore breathing and heart beat
3) Control bleeding
4) Prevent shock
5) Treat for burns, breaks, poisons
6) Examine carefully and seek medical help as soon as possible
7) Keep checking individual until help comes
Important: Be alert, calm, positive, give directions to those disoriented, dazed, disorganized. Read your first-aid book and know the first-aid procedures above.

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  1. What kind of vegetables can be grown in a pot? I know tomatoes can be grown in a pot, any others?

  2. Just about anything you can grow in the ground you can grow in a pot. Large vegetables like yellow squash and zucchini need larger pots. You can grow carrot, radishes, green onions, brown and yellow onions, celery, bell peppers, broccoli, string beans, pole beans, etc. See the February postings bclow for more ideas. The posts need to be deep enough for the vegetables and roots to grow.
    Please leave your name when you leave a comment so your name can be put into the drawing. Sister Nancy Cuppett