Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekly Assignment and Food Storage Ideas (Week of February 19th)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,

I apologize for the delay this week, I have been ill with a very bad cold.


We all know the story of the Pharaoh's dream and Joseph's interpretation of it. If you do not remember it then read Genesis Chapter 41, share it with your family, friends and neighbors. I have been thinking about this story for the past few days and a warning I personal received from the Holy Ghost a couple of years ago. Let me share them by paraphrasing Joseph's interpretation of the Pharaoh's dream and my warning.

Joseph's interpretation of the dream was a warming to the Pharaoh and his people to store up grains while in the seven years of plenty to prepare for the seven years of famine. "And he gathered up all the food of the seven years, ..., and laid up the food in the cities:... And the seven years of dearth (famine) began to come, according to Joseph had said: and the dearth was in all the lands,...." (Genesis 41:48, 54) Many laughed at Joseph and did not heed his warning. When they were without food they came to Joseph to purchase his grains. What if there was not money to purchase the food? What would they have done?

A couple of years ago I had a dream and woke up startiled and set up in my bed. I was told time was short, something great was going to happen and I needed to be ready and warn my family. I needed to build up our year's food storage and emergency supplies, which had diminished some, to take care of our family. The feeling was so strong I could not get it out of my mind. I knew I need to warn others, but not sure how to go about it. I made a plan and started to build up our year's supply of food and emergency supplies. I also knew I needed to warn others. Then a year later I was called to be the Emergency Preparedness Leader for our Ward. The Lord had provided a way for me to warn others. Then I was inspired to set up this blog, another way to warn others and reach more than just our Ward.

Brothers and Sisters, I do not know what is coming, when it will come, but I know it is coming. We need to be doing all we can to prepare for very difficult times ahead. We need to change our priorities and use our money wisely. We already see the unrest in the world, strange weather and stronger storms, we hear about shortages of food and water, and how our own Consititution is struggling. We are in the "last days". What are we waiting for, when will we start preparing? Someday it is going to be too late! You may have the money to purchase the food, but there may be no food to purchase. There may be food to purchase, but you do not have enough money. What will it take for you start preparing? Just one can or package at a time is better than doing nothing. Make a plan and goals to accomplish your plan.

You may think I am crazy, and sometimes a little over the top, but I know the time will come when you will have wished you had listened to our Church Leaders and prepared!

American Red Cross CPR & First-aid Class: Just a reminder, this Saturday, February 25th, is our Ceritified CPR & First-aid class from 9am-3:30pm in the cultural hall. There will be a Pot-luck lunch, please bring a salad or dessert to serve 10 people. Sandwiches will be provided. We will have fruit and muffins at the morning 15 minute break. Please be prompt! See you there.

Weekly Temporal Assignment--Emergency Family Medical Supplies:

Please add the follwing this week:

1) 2 bottles of Hand sanitizer
2) Antifungal ointment/cream (tube)
3) Pain relievers (non-asprin type, acetaminophen, ibuprofen for both adults and children, if in your family)
4) Asprin

# 1,2, & 3 you can purchase at the 99 Cent Store or Dollar Tree, but watch the expiration dates.

You should have the following items now:

1. Different sizes of bandages, regular to extra large
2. Package of Sanitary Pads
3. Antibiotic cream
4. 2 Ace bandages
5. Sharp Scissors
6. 2 bottles of Peroxide
7. 2 bottles of Alcohol
8. Petroleum Jelly (1 large or 2 small)
9. Eye wash solutions 10. Two tweezers (1 regular, 1 small)
10. 2 bottles of Hand sanitizer
11. Antifungal ointment/cream
12. Pain relievers (non-asprin tyupe, acetaminophen, ibuprofen for both adults and children)
13. Asprin
***Place all these items in a large plastic container marked Family Emergency Medical Supplies. Keep in a convenient place, like a closet. Make sure your family knows where it is and it is only used for emergencies.

Food Storage Ideas: website has a list of "14 great tips for Food Storage shopping". Cut and paste the link below on Google and read them. Print out for future use.

Costco is having a great online sale for Food Storage items. You have to belong to Costco to purchase the items. They are offering items from Shelf-Reliance-Thrive and Food for Health.

Here is the link to cut and paste on Google:

1) Food For Health Emergency Garden Seeds: $42.99, save $7. 5 year shelf life. Enough seeds to plant an acre of vegetables. These are great to have in your Food Storage. You never know when you may not be able to purchase seeds.
2) Food For Health 275 serivings of Vegetarian Meals: $99.99. 20 year shelf life. Come in mylar pouches in a bucket. At the Food For Health International website it is over $150.
3) Shelf-Reliance-Thrive 270 servings of Vegetable Variety Pack Emergency Food Kit: $79.99. 20 year shelf life. One of each #10 can-Corn, Chopped Onions, Broccoli Pieces, Carrots Diced, and Potato Chunks.
4) Shelf-Reliance-Thrive Premium Cheese Pack: $169.99. Save $30. 6 #10 cans of different types of cheese. 20 year shelf life.
5) Shelf-Reliance-Thrive Premium Meat Variety Pack: $159.99, save $40. 6 #10 cans fo different types of meat. 20 year shelf life.

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