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Weekly Assignment, Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Ideas (Week of July 15th)

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"Prepare ye, prepare ye for that which is to come,...." (Doctrine and Covenants 1:12)

Why be Spiritually prepared?

Many times I have mentioned being spiritually prepared as well as being temporally prepared. Yesterday our daughter Heidi called to share a very interesting spiritually experience they had while driving back home from Missouri to California. Here is their story...

They stopped at a hotel in Amarillo, Texas that they had scheduled ahead of time. As Heidi entered their hotel room she did not have a good feeling. She did not know what it was, but things just did not seem right. She thought maybe it was just her, not saying anything to her husband they headed off to dinner. While driving back from dinner she had the same feeling and Jason mentioned it too. Neither wanted to say anything thinking it was just them. They got to the hotel and entered the room again, still feeling uneasy about it, they went to the front desk to see if they could get a refund for the room. They explaining that they are religious people, and they believe in following the Spirit, had nothing against their hotel, just knew they needed to change hotels. The man understood, and after some negotiating they were able to get a refund and change hotels. They left the hotel for a new one, and both understood from the Spirit that their son Bradley would have been seriously injured while in the swimming pool. Once they entered the new hotel they felt at peace. This is why we listen to the Spirit!

How does being spiritually prepared help us be temporally prepared? Being spiritually prepared will protect us and our family, just like in the story above, and guide us with what we need to do to become temporally prepared. The Spirit will warn us of impending dangers too, guiding us to a safe place. What if their was going to be a disaster, wouldn't you want to be in tune with the Spirit so you would know what to do? What emergency supplies and food should you store? The Spirit will guide you with that too, if you just pray and ask.

Weekly FREE Monthly Giveaway Drawing Question:

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July Goals: Adding Non-Food Items and Condiments to your Food Storage and Emergency Supplies

Weekly Non-Food Items Assignment:

1) This week add paper cups (for cold and hot drinks).
  You will need to determine how many paper cups you will need to store for your family. You will probably need 3 cups per day per person in your household. You may even want to store some extra ones too, but first get the amount you will need for the number of months you are working towards, then add extra ones later on. Great tip: One way we save on paper cups is to write the person's name on the cup with a permanent sharpie marker, that is their cup for the day. Keep some permanent sharpie markers with your paper cups.

Weekly Condiments Assignment:

1) This week add another type of condiment (ketchup, mustard, relish, etc.) your family eats for the Food Storage amount of months you are working towards.
Watch for sales. Remember to check the 99 Cent, Dollar Tree and other discount place for the expiration dates, you want the date to be at least a year away. The only way to determine the amount to store for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months is to keep track of how much you use for that particular condiment in a month, and then multiply by the number of months you are working towards.

Food Storage Ideas:

The best advise I can give you is ROTATE, ROTATE, ROTATE your Food Storage! Do not waste money by throwing away expired food! Inventory your Food Storage every 3 months. Food that is in your Food Storage about to expire should be moved to your everyday pantry. Replace the rotated food  from your Food Storage immediately.

Emergency Preparedness Ideas:

1) Here is a great idea I received from someone regarding gas in our vehicles...

One of things that we do to always be ready is to never let any of our vehicle fuel tanks get less than half full. This should include all large lawn and garden equipment that are completely refueled after each use.

This practice provides four benefits:
1.Wherever anyone of us happens to be we have the ability to drive a minimum of 250 miles.
2.We have a minimum of an additional 30-60 gallons of fuel for our generator.
3. This practice also reminds us each time we fuel at half-a-tank why we are doing it and keep preparedness in mind.
4. And the everyday bonus benefit of reducing condensation in the fuel tanks.

2) Toilet paper is a great bartering item for things you might need, keep extra on hand.

3) Always keep cash in your car and at home. ATM machines, banks and store cash
registers/monitors will not work if there no electricity.

Remember: All comments, suggestions, ideas and experiences are most welcome. Post them in the comment section below or email them to me at

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