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Weekly Assignment, Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Ideas (Week of July 22nd)

Hi Carson Ward Family, Family and Friends,

What will you do if food prices sky rocket or become unavailable?

The midwest is experiencing a severe drought this season! As our daughter drives to work in Kansas, she lives on the border of Missouri and Kansas, she sees the dying drought corn fields. On the weather channel yesterday I saw the bleak pictures of corn fields, wheat fields and soybean fields, two thirds of the farmers fields throughout the midwest are destroyed due to the drought. They are trying to save as much of the soybean crops as possible, but the picture is bleak.

What does this mean for us? Extremely high prices on food in the grocery store. Some items may become unavailable. If you read the labels on most food products, you will notice most of them have some type of corn product in them. Live stock are feed corn and other grains too, which will make the cost of beef, pork and other meat products extremely high. What will you do when you cannot afford the prices, or no food is available at all?

Many I speak with, and things I hear on CNN, have great concerns for what is ahead, possible before this year is over, or the very beginning of next year. Some fear the stock market is going to crash. The presidential election is going to effect the economy greatly. What would we do if there was rioting, civil unrest, and maybe even a civil war in our own country? I strongly fear very tough days are ahead of us. The Spirit has testified this to me, and many others I have spoken with!

I have been saying, in this blog, for two years to get ready, get your food storage and water storage, get your emergency supplies ready! We all need to be as self-sufficient as possible. Who knows what is down the road? Who knows if food will be to expensive or unavailable? Who knows if we will have electricity, gas and water? The scriptures warn us over and over of the coming days and to be prepared.

It is never to late to start preparing for the day ahead! Start now! Protect your loved ones! Use the things in this blog to help you prepare. Read the information under "Postings" on the right side to see what you need to do to prepared, where you fall short. Make a plan for you and your family, set goals to accomplishment them. We have been counseled by our General Authorities to not go into debt when purchasing our Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Supplies!

If we are doing all we can to stay very close to the Spirit, Heavenly Father will guide us, but we need to do our part! We need to be prepared! We need to do it now!!!

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July Goals---Paper Products and Adding Condiments to our Food Storage:

Weekly Paper Products Assignment:

1) This week add silverware (forks, spoons, knives) to your Emergency Supplies. You will need to determine how many of each you will need per day, per family member for the number of months (3 months, 6 months, 12 months) you are working towards. The big warehouses like Costco and Sam's Club may give you a better price than the traditional grocery stores and discount places. Compare the prises.

Weekly Condiments Assignment:

1) Continue to add the condiments your family uses to your Food Storage. See previous blog postings for this month concerning condiment and how much to add.

Food Storage Ideas:

Tips using your Food Storage in daily cooking:

1) I find making soups and casseroles is a great way to rotate canned and dehydrated vegetables, tomatoes, tomato sauce, broths, beans and packaged rice, pasta and noodles.
2) Out of cooking oil? When baking a cake you can replace the oil by using the same amount of pureed beans in place of the oil. If the recipe calls for 1/3 cup of oil then use 1/3 of purred beans.
Note: If chocolate cake use pinto beans, black beans or kidney beans. If a white or yellow cake use white navy beans or butter beans. To puree take a can of bean with the liquid and puree in a blender. Use as needed. Also cuts down on fats and calories!
3) If you store dehydrated powdered eggs rotate them by using them in cooking recipes (cakes, nut breads, cookies, etc.). Follow directions on powdered eggs regarding how much equals one egg.
4) On a daily basis when the recipe calls for eggs or milk use your powdered eggs and powder milk to help rotate them.

Emergency Preparedness Ideas:

1) Good source of light: Olive oil and a wick in a glass or metal container is smokeless and a good source of light.
2) If you have no heat in your house and it is cold: You can take your mattresses and make a shelter in a room. All of you go in and it will conserve your body heat.
3) Block out harmful chemicals and cold in your home: Collect newspapers and get some industrial strength plastic and duck tape to cover and insulate your windows. Also cover all the doors that lead outside with plastic and duck tape. Stuff the newspaper between the windows and the plastic. You want to keep as much of the chemicals and cold out as possible. It will be dark after you do this, so get a light source before covering the windows. You can also stuff newspaper between your clothes and body to keep warn.

Remember: We love your comments, ideas and experiences. We all learn from each other. Please put your comments below.

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