Monday, July 12, 2010

Car Emergency Kit

You should have one for each car. Remember to rotate the food items every 2 years and maintain the other items in the kit. Keep the items in a plastic storage container.

Why is this important? Let me share a personal story about what happened to our daughter while on the freeway.

She was on her way home on the 605 Freeway when the traffic started to slow down and then came to a complete halt due to an incident on the freeway, there was no way off. She spent the next 6-8 hours stuck on the freeway with all her 4 small children in the car. She only had a little water, one diaper and a few fishy crackers for the baby in the car. After this horrible experience she realized the importance of keeping a Car Emergency Kit in each of her cars. Because she had done this she has been able to take care of her family's emergency needs and help many people.

It is also important to keep a 72 Hour Kit in your car for each person. You never know when you might have to abandon your car and walk to a safe place or home.

Always maintain at least 1/2 tank of gas (when the electricity goes out the pumps do not work)

Car Emergency Kit:

First-aid Kit and manual
Class ABC fire extinguisher
Portable radio with extra batteries
Flashlight with extra batteries
Non-perishable food items (canned, dehydrated, snacks)
Bottled water
Special needs (medications, diapers, infant formula, etc.)
Tools (screwdriver, pliers, wire, crowbar, rope, etc)
Paper & pen, maps of area and your most traveled routes
Personal needs (tissues, toilet paper, baby wipes, toothbrush & tooth paste, soap or hand santilizer, etc.)
Blankets (or space blanket for each person in family)
Reflectors and flares
Jumper cables
Waterproof/windproof matches
Utility/pocket knife
Work gloves
Short rubber hose for siphoning
Sweater or jacket, spare clothing (should be in your 72 Hour Kit)
Comfortable walking shoes (in case you wear heels to work and have to walk)
Money ($20+ in small bills and change)
Scriptures, favorite book, crossword puzzles or small car board games.
If you travel with your pet (water and food)

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  1. We have our emergency kits in the car for many years now, but I didn't know about some of the items you mentioned like work gloves, candles and matches. Thank you for all this good information.

    Alexia Saunders