Thursday, July 1, 2010

Paid Family Leave Benefits Act

Did you know you may be eligible for Paid Family Leave Benefits through the State of California if you need to take time off from work to care for a serioursly ill child, spouse (even for major surgery recovery time) or to bond with a new child or to bond with a child in connection with the adoption or foster care placement of that child?

Yes, the State of California offers this to a caregiver or new mother (and father) when they need to take time off from work and are not getting paid during that time. This a great blessing to help out with the lost income while off work.

Go to Paid Family Leave on Google. You can either request the forms online or call and they will be mailed to you. You, the person you are caring for (adults only), and the doctor (if an illness/surgery) need to sign the forms.

"There is a seven-day waiting period before benefits are paid. In addition, your employer may require the employee to use up to two weeks of vacation leave or paid time off (PTO) prior to receiving benefits. The first week of vacation or PTO will be applied to the waiting period."

Check other eligibility requirements on their website.

It takes about a month or so to get the claim benefit check in the mail.

NOTE: Make sure you make copies of everything for your records, and in case it is lost, before mailing the forms.

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