Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekly Challenge and Assignment (Week of January 16th)

Hi Carson Ward Family,


"Too often we bask in our comfortable complacency and rationalize that the ravages of war, economic disaster, famine, and earth quake cannot happen here. Those who believe this are either not acquainted with the revelations of the Lord, or they do not believe them. Those who smugly think these calamities will not happen, that they will somehow be set aside because of the righteousness of the Saints, are deceived and will rue the day they harbored such a delusion." (Ezra Taft Benson, October General Conference, 1980 Ensign, November 1980, pages 32-33)

As I think about the quote above from President Ezra Taft Benson I realize how true this statement is. How many of us think there are months, years before we need to work on our Emergency Food and Water Storage, our 72 Hour Emergency Kits and other emergency supplies our family will need, and procrastinate getting started or completing our goal? It is so easy to get involved with the temporal daily task at hand. Emergency Preparedness should be at the top of our goals for our self and our family. Not only is Emergency Preparedness temporal, but it is also spiritual. We have been counseled and warned by our General Authorities and our Stake and Ward Leaders to be prepared. We may never need our emergency supplies, like food, water, and our 72 Hour Kits, but I do not want to be left without them if something does happen. I want peace of mind knowing that I am trying my best to prepare and are working towards a goal of Emergency Preparedness for my family. I can testify to you that if we are truly trying the Lord will bless us and our families with the things we will need. The main thing to do is just get started, set some goals, even if it is an extra can of vegetables or soup each week, it is a start.

Weekly Assignment:

72 Hour Family Emergency Duffel Bag:

This week please add the following:

1) Extra large waterproof tarp--maybe 10x14(can be used to make shelter along with the nylon rope and masking tape below) (cost $5-$15 depending on where you go.)

2) 50 foot nylon rope/cord

3) Roll of masking tape (about $8 at Home Depot or Lowe's)

Note: Harbor Freight in Lomita on PCH sometimes has great prices. Check out their weekly add in the sales papers you get in your mail, newspapers, or go online.

So far you should have the following in your 72 Hour Emergency Family Duffel Bag:

1) Duffel bag to put the items in

2) First-aid kit

3) Portable small radio, or solar one, with extra batteries (the free ones we handed out at church, or you received earlier, are great for this)

4) Hand can opener (not electric)

5) Extra large waterproof tarp

6) 50 foot nylon rope/cord

7) Roll of masking tape

Weekly Challenge:

I found a new easier way to determine what you should store for your family for 3 months, 6 months and/or a year. Do the following:

First make a list of all your family's favorite dishes you make to eat, including breakfast and dinner, with the ingredients and amounts for each one. Next week I will tell you what we are going to do with them.

Great News! I finally got them. I work with a company through my work that does fire and water damage restoration. I have been trying to get these for months. They were able to get me 50 red main water shut-0ff tags. These tags are to be put on your main water shut-off valve to let others know where to turn off the water to your house from the main line if there is an emergency where water is coming into your house, or if the neighborhood is alerted to shut off the water due to contamination. Please place the tag on the main water shut-off valve (handle). If you do not know where it is, ask your Home Teacher or a member in the Ward to help you. I only have one per family in the Ward. I am sorry, but they are not for other family members in other areas or your neighbors.

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  1. Thank you, this is a part of my 72 hour kit that is a little weak.

    Threesa Cummings

  2. I keep getting in trouble with my wife because every time I try to clean-up the mess in the car, I end up taking the emergency kit away not knowing what it is, and storing it in the garage somewhere until she notices. I hope next time our car kit is labeled and I hope to be more aware of it. Brother Romo